Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Update Patch Notes (Hotfix) – Dec 4, 2021

    A new Team Fortress 2 (TF2) update (Dec 4, 2021) released for PC (Steam) players. According to the official TF2 patch notes, the latest update resolves various issues with the game.

    Previously, a major update added the Winter 2021 Cosmetic Case,  3 new community-contributed taunts to the Mann Co. Store, and much more.

    Unfortunately, since the last major update players are facing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Team Fortress 2 (TF2) patch will address a few of these errors.

    TF2 Patch Notes (Hotfix)- December 4, 2021

    • Updated the Festive Frames to add missing styles that don’t hide the hat
    • Fixed backpack image for the Winter 2021 Cosmetic Key
    • Renamed Smissmas Swirl Unusual effect to Spiraling Lights
    • Updated Polar Forecast, Spiraling Lights, and Twisting Lights Unusual effects
    • Updated the Train of Thought
      • Fixed model issues
      • Added Genteel Smoke effect
    • Updated cp_altitude
      • Fixed a clipping exploit that allowed players to build out of bounds
      • Fixed a clipping exploit that allowed players to stand above BLU’s first spawn
      • Fixed a rendering priority issue with a respawn visualizer in BLU’s first spawn
    • Updated pl_coal_event
      • Fixed a clipping issue with a window
      • Fixed a displacement

    Download free Team Fortress 2 update for PC (Steam).

    Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson
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