Super Auto Pets Update 0.16 Patch Notes (New Features) – Official

A new Super Auto Pets update 0.16 released on PC(Steam) and iOS. According to Super Auto Pets patch notes, the latest update added new features, balancing, and changes. Apart from this, Super Auto Pets patch 0.16 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major update was released which added a new option, changed lives for Versus to 15, a new label to show how many lives will be lost, and more.

Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Super Auto Pets patch 0.16 will address a few changes.

What is new in Super Auto Pets February 10 Update?

– Added filters for public versus similar to arena.
– Added match wins to stat page (10 trophies in arena or being last survivor in versus).
– Added Hallf of Fame and Replay mode filters.
– Added feature to allow flexible number of players in private match.
– Added feature to turn a private versus game into a public one.
– Added new life system option for Versus where you lose 1 life per remaining enemy minion.
– Added proper sound and music sliders like a real big-boy game.
– Added game title while game is pre-loading. OMG AMAZING!!!
– Changed so players in versus won’t be matched up against the same opponent in two consecutive turns.
– Changed the Heart Loss sound effect to something less heartstroke inducing.
– Changed the Pet click sound to something less thumpy.
– Changed ordering of events (honey badgers will draw, elephant will trigger hurt abilities before the attack, and a bunch of other changes).
– Padded the change-log to feel important.

What is fixed in Super Auto Pets Update 0.16? – February 10, 2022

– Fixed stats not being gathered correctly. Sorry!
– Fixed Fly trigger counting down incorrectly.
– Fixed getting stuck when pressing pause at the end of battle.
– Fixed Discord link.
– Fixed email confirmation… hopefully!
– Fixed disappearing text.

– Changed Whale to 3/8.
– Changed Swan to 1/3.
– Changed T-Rex ability not to affect itself.
– Changed Dragon ability not to affect itself.
– Changed Monkey ability to give +2/+3.
– Changed Peacock to 2/5 and ability to Hurt: Gain 50% Attack (with charges)
– Changed Snail ability to give +1/+1.
– Changed Rat ability to summon Dirty Rat up front.
– Changed Duck to 1/3.

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