Sovereign Glut BG3 Guide: Location, Battle, & Reward

BG3 Sovereign Glut is a formidable enemy found in the game. As a Myconid Sovereign, Glut has strong mushroom-based powers and leads an attack on the Myconid Circle. Defeating this hungry leader is a challenge, but brings valuable treasure for players.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding and battling Sovereign Glut in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who is Sovereign Glut?

Sovereign Glut is one of two Myconid Sovereigns located in the Underdark section of Baldur’s Gate 3. The Myconids are a race of intelligent mushrooms, with Sovereigns acting as leaders due to their great power.

Glut was originally part of a Myconid circle that was attacked and destroyed by Duergar dwarves. He now seeks vengeance and wants to take over the Myconid Colony for himself.

Driven by his never-ending hunger and appetite for destruction, Glut is willing to use any means necessary to achieve his goals. This makes him an incredibly dangerous enemy for players to face.

Where to Find Sovereign Glut

Sovereign Glut can be found in the Sovereign’s Refuge area of the Myconid Colony. Here are the steps to reach him:

  1. Complete the quest “Protect the Myconid Circle” for Sovereign Spore. This will grant you access to the colony.
  2. Enter Underdark and head south to the Myconid Colony.
  3. Pass the initial guarded entrance and continue to the inner colony.
  4. Look for a large cave opening called the Sovereign’s Refuge in the southwest.
  5. Descend into the refuge and you’ll find Sovereign Glut lurking near the water, waiting to attack.

Alternatively, if you’ve already finished the Protect quest, you can get Glut’s help by turning against Spore. But beware, this turns the Myconids hostile.

Sovereign Glut’s Powers and Attacks

As a Myconid Sovereign, Glut has a range of mushroom-based abilities:

  • Melee attacks – Glut’s massive claws deal heavy damage up close. Keep your distance!
  • Spore Cloud – Poisons and slows opponents hit by the explosive fungal cloud.
  • Regeneration – Glut can rapidly heal himself during battle. Focus fire to counter this.
  • Mind Control – May mind control one of your party members to attack for him. Act fast to break their control.

Glut’s key weaknesses are his vulnerability to fire damage and susceptibility to control effects like stun and knockdown. Exploit these to gain an advantage.

Strategy to Defeat Sovereign Glut

Here are some tips to overcome this epic foe:

  • Use fire damage – Glut takes extra damage from all fire attacks and spells. Light him up!
  • Keep your distance – Stay out of range of his deadly claws. Ranged attacks are best.
  • Crowd control – Stun, immobilize or knock Glut down to inhibit his attacks.
  • Focus fire – Concentrate attacks from your full party to disrupt his healing.
  • Remove mind control – Act quickly to free allies mind controlled by Glut.
  • Tank his hits – Have a heavily armored character draw his attacks.
  • Heal when necessary – Counteract his damage over time spore clouds.

With smart positioning, control effects, fire attacks and persistent damage, you can wear Glut down and finish him off for good. It won’t be easy, but the rewards are worth it!

Loot Dropped by Sovereign Glut

Upon finally defeating the terrible Sovereign Glut, make sure to loot his remains. He drops some incredibly useful treasure:

  • Winter’s Clutches – Gloves granting cold damage to attacks.
  • Scroll of Blur – Temporarily makes a character invisible.
  • Scroll of Hold Person – Paralyzes a humanoid target.
  • Hastening Spores – Grants bonus movement speed.
  • Lump of Myconid Flesh – Crafting reagent.
  • Poison Spores – Crafting reagent.
  • Nightlight Frond – Glowing plant for crafting.

The Winter’s Clutches gloves are especially valuable for boosting your melee attacks. Make sure to equip them on your fighter!

Glut or Spaw? Choosing Your Ally

An interesting option when encountering Sovereign Glut is that you can actually bargain with him and turn him into an ally.

If you agree to help Glut take revenge and kill Sovereign Spaw, he will join forces with you. However, this will destabilize the Myconid colony and make them hostile.

Before deciding, consider whether you want Glut’s might on your side, or if you’d prefer to aid Sovereign Spaw and the Myconids. There’s no right choice, so pick the faction that best fits your character’s motivations and morality.

Either way, interacting with Glut will require combat or complex negotiation skills. It’s up to you to decide his fate!

Defeating the Glut Sovereign in BG3 – September 15, 2023

Sovereign Glut is one of the toughest bosses in Baldur’s Gate 3, but with the right strategies and a little luck, he can be defeated. Learning his abilities and exploiting his weaknesses are the keys to success.

Once you emerge victorious from this epic battle, you’ll reap fantastic rewards that can empower your characters for future adventures. The Underdark will never forget the day you conquered the powerful and savage Sovereign Glut!


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