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Siralim Ultimate Update 0.12.0 Patch Notes – November 15, 2021

Siralim Ultimate update 0.12.0 (November 15, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Siralim Ultimate patch notes, the latest update added a long list of bug fixes and gameplay enhancements.


Previously, a big update added various tweaks, fixes, and changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are facing several issues with the game.

Siralim Ultimate patch 0.12.0 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.


Siralim Ultimate Patch Notes (November 15, 2021)

– ADD: 9 realms and gods which can be unlocked via Projects after finishing the main storyline. These realms were designed by our backers. Note that there are currently a few minor graphical issues with some realms, and we’re working to get those fixed ASAP.
– ADD: 9 Godspawn projects, each of which are unlocked after you complete their corresponding realm’s Project and reach favor rank 20 with that god.
– ADD: 9 relics, each of which are unlocked after you complete their corresponding realm’s Project.
– ADD: 9 god battles, each of which are unlocked after you complete their corresponding realm’s Project.
– ADD: 9 Avatar creatures.
– ADD: 9 Godforges for your Avatar creatures.
– ADD: Accessories. These are cosmetic items that can be applied to your creatures to change their appearance. Each creature can equip up to 6 accessories at a time. You can change the location of each accessory, flip them, resize them, and specify whether they’re placed behind or in front of the creature. Note that accessories only affect a creature’s battle sprite, not its overworld sprite. Examples of accessories include hats, pets, horns, beards, and much more. You can acquire accessories as random drops via loot. You can customize your creatures’ accessories at your Wardrobe in your castle. There are 388 Accessories to collect, 4 of which were designed by our backers.
– ADD: Otherworld Portals have a chance to spawn in realms beyond realm depth 30. In these portals, you’ll encounter “Exotic” creatures. Defeat them to obtain their mana. Information about these portals can be found in the “Realms” section of the Codex.
– ADD: 207 creatures, all of which were designed by our backers.
– ADD: 207 trait materials, all of which were designed by our backers.
– ADD: 18 Rodian Creature Masters, each with their own costume and trait material for you to unlock.
– ADD: 255 creature skins, 4 of which were designed by our backers.
– ADD: 582 decorations, 2 of which were designed by backers.
– ADD: 18 floors.
– ADD: 10 walls.
– ADD: 118 costumes, 92 of which were designed by our backers.
– ADD: 10 music tracks that can be unlocked for your castle.
– ADD: 102 castle backgrounds.
– ADD: 649 achievements.
– ADD: 54 Realm Quests.
– ADD: All remaining backer NPCs.
– ADD: You can now forfeit battles by holding down E, F, and Q at the same time for several seconds while the battle menu is not visible. This allows players to escape from rare circumstances when battles are stuck in an endless loop. This new functionality is documented in the Codex as well.
– ADD: When you acquire a Card, and doing so grants you enough Cards of that race to unlock a new bonus, dialog will now appear to tell you what that bonus is.
– ADD: Decorations list now shows the number of each decoration you already have in your castle.
– ADD: Realm Map now tells you if a Master is still alive in the current realm.
– ADD: When you talk to a Master, your current Mastery level is displayed along with their dialog.
– ADD: Creature personalities are now included in the function that copies your team to the clipboard.
– ADD: “Skins and Accessories” section to the Creatures Codex.
– ADD: The total number of decorations in your castle is now displayed at the top-left corner of the screen while you’re in Decoration Mode.
– ADD: When you find a costume and it appears in the loot window, that costume’s art will now be drawn in the loot window so you can see what it looks like.
– ADD: When you find a decoration and it appears in the loot window, that decoration’s art will now be drawn in the loot window so you can see what it looks like. Note that this feature does not include floors or walls, though it does include floor tiles.
– ADD: At the start of the game, Nortah now tells the player that you can re-order your creatures at the Menagerie.
– ADD: When a Dumpling or Treasure Golem flees from battle, this action is now added to battle history.
– CHANGE: Conducted a polishing pass on story dialog, tutorial popups, and all user interfaces. The changes are subtle but make for a more polished game.
– CHANGE: Rebalanced story boss health. Some bosses were too easy while some were too difficult. The difficulty curve should be much smoother now.
– CHANGE: Reduced the average number of realms required to complete most Projects. Each Project was adjusted differently, anywhere from a 33% to 50% reduction. Missions are unchanged other than Assassination missions which were reduced by 25%.
– CHANGE: Sound volume is now split into battle volume and non-battle volume. Note that when you load your save file after this patch, your battle volume will be set to 100%.
– CHANGE: Game difficulty level is now saved specifically to your save file rather than being part of your global game configuration settings.
– CHANGE: Game difficulty level is now much more drastic than before.
– CHANGE: Default game difficulty is now 1, up from 0.
– CHANGE: A tutorial popup will now appear after you’ve finished at least 50 battles to inform you about the Game Difficulty option.
– CHANGE: The type of Master that spawns is now based on your lowest Mastery level.
– CHANGE: Realm objects that start battles against creatures that belong to specific races now typically only choose from 1 race – previously, several chose from 2 races.
– CHANGE: Realms now spawn different creatures by default than before. There are also fewer races (5, down from 10) used when realm instability is set to 0.
– CHANGE: Azural and Tenebris now sell Smiths and Reapers (respectively) at their shops instead of Yetis and Shadows.
– CHANGE: Ascension now requires you to defeat 30 gods (up from the 21 old ones). This change is not retroactive, so if you already ascended a specialization, you’ll keep that ascension after this patch.
– CHANGE: You can now view Realm Properties and False God runes while you’re in a boss room. In other words, the in-game map now appears on the menu in all rooms… minus the actual map part of it.
– CHANGE: Creature battle sprite flipping is now done in the Accessories interface (Wardrobe) instead of the Recolor interface (Fusion Lab).
– CHANGE: Spell Gems have new icons.
– CHANGE: Significantly increased the chance to find decorations and costumes, especially early on.
– CHANGE: Fused creatures now inherit the strategy and macro of the primary parent.
– CHANGE: Increased the amount of loot received from completing Realm Quests by 50%.
– CHANGE: Increased the number of Perk Points rewarded by defeating story bosses from 25 to 50. This should allow players to realize their class identity much earlier in the game.
– CHANGE: “Extra Cast” spell gem property now scales to 100% at tier 15, up from 97%.
– CHANGE: Piety Candles can now be destroyed in realms after they’re used.
– CHANGE: Enemies can no longer spawn with the “Unrighteous Fire” spell.
– CHANGE: Enemies now have a casting animation just like your own creatures do.
– CHANGE: Nemesis Creatures have significantly more health.
– CHANGE: Expanded the “Currency” menu to include 9 new emblems, one for each of the new gods.
– CHANGE: Significantly increased the amount of Notoriety rewarded by the Slot Machine minigame.
– CHANGE: Teleportation Shrine menu now fits the creatures that belong to a realm on the same panel as the realm properties so you no longer need to toggle with A/D to see them.
– CHANGE: Teleportation Shrine menu now supports paginated realm selection in order to make room for the new realms.
– CHANGE: Enemies gain much less benefit from the “Mend” buff at the very start of the game to make it less annoying for new players to deal with.
– CHANGE: It now costs 100 Brimstone to socket an Artifact’s first Stat Slot, down from 1000. This should make it much easier for new players to engage with artifact crafting early on in the game.
– CHANGE: Players now start the game with 5000 of reach resourece, up from 3000.
– CHANGE: Increased the bonus experience points gained from defeating story bosses from 100% to 1500%.
– CHANGE: Story bosses now drop 1000% more resources.
– CHANGE: Increased the amount of treasure received from treasure chests. Previously, they were the worst source of treasure in the game which didn’t make any sense.
– CHANGE: Increased treasure received from Mimics.
– CHANGE: Increased the chance to receive spell inscriptions from papers in Venedon’s realm.
– CHANGE: Realm Boosts that decrease enemies’ stats now decrease stats by 5% per stack, down from 10% per stack.
– CHANGE: On-death effects no longer remove the “Rebirth” buff from creatures if the creature isn’t actually dead.
– CHANGE: Squash/fruit battles now involve random creatures instead of Efts/Waspids.
– CHANGE: Jotun (False God) no longer provides damage immunity runes to the player since he’s already immune to damage.
– CHANGE: Substantially improved game performance in battles.
– CHANGE: Improved game performance when players have a lot of Spell Gems.
– CHANGE: Improved performance for late-game players when looting.
– CHANGE: Improved realm generation speed.
– CHANGE: Increased Grovetender’s Herbling creature base stats from 20 to 25, and health from 30 to 40.
– CHANGE: Increased Animator’s Animatus creature base stats from 18 to 25, and health from 38 to 40.
– CHANGE: Increased “Blight” debuff damage by 100% (so now it causes damage equal to 50% of the healing done, up from 25%).
– CHANGE: “Tempest” trait now causes spells to also be cast on the target, and it targets dead creatures. This is useful for spells such as Resurrection.
– CHANGE: “Never Fade” trait has been revamped. This creature and its adjacent allies are immune to Disarmed. This trait was adjusted to optimize game performance in battles.
– CHANGE: “Timewalk” spell now also increases the number of turns the target has taken by 1.
– CHANGE: “Shadow Bulwark” trait now reduces indirect damage by 90%, down from 100%.
– CHANGE: “Flagellation” perk now works at 100% effectiveness, up from 35%.
– CHANGE: “Flow of Magic” perk has been revamped. After your creatures manually cast an Ethereal Spell Gem, they gain a random buff.
– CHANGE: “Diabolism” perk now also prevents Rune Spell Gems from being Sealed.
– CHANGE: “Perplex” perk now works on all damage.
– CHANGE: “Abyss Orbs” trait now activates after 2 turns, down from 3. It also now afflicts a debuff at the end of the enemies’ turns in addition to the start of their turns.
– CHANGE: “Farsight” trait can now activate a maximum of 1 time per turn.
– CHANGE: “Squall” trait can now activate a maximum of 1 time per turn.
– CHANGE: “Master of Soulflayers” trait now works on all your Soulflayers without all the creatures in your party needing to belong to this race.
– CHANGE: “Bob and Weave” trait now works based on enemies’ buffs instead of debuffs. Increased chance from 20% to 25%.
– CHANGE: “Illumina” trait has been revamped. After your creatures attack, they have a 25% chance to gain a Barrier that absorbs damage equal to 50% of their Maximum Health.
– CHANGE: “Liberation” trait now works based on the number of minions it has instead of the number of debuffs.
– CHANGE: “Mind Prison” trait has been revamped. After this creature provokes, it Seals 3 of a random enemy’s Spell Gems.
– CHANGE: “Forsaken Horizon” now also increases the number of times the creature’s Arsenal spells are cast by 2.
– CHANGE: “SKREEE!!” trait now activates at the start of creatures’ turns instead of at the end.
– CHANGE: “Alternate Reality” trait effect changed to 60%/40% from 40%/100%.
– CHANGE: “Chasing Infinity” trait now also grants 50% more spell potency.
– CHANGE: “Life Transformation” now deals 50% damage up from 25%.
– CHANGE: “Hymn of Guile” trait now prevents enemies from gaining Invisible via buff effects rather than constantly removing this buff.
– CHANGE: “Spit Poison” trait now has an additional effect. If enemies already have Poison, its potency is increased by 30% instead.
– CHANGE: “Amongst Gods” trait has been revamped. After an ally attacks, this creature has a 20% chance to resurrect one of your creatures with 50% Health.
– CHANGE: “Ninetails’s Revenge” trait now works on all your creatures instead of only the creature that has this trait.
– CHANGE: “Elusiveness” trait now activates after 3 turns, and correctly states that it only works on your creatures (the old description was a typo).
– CHANGE: “Insight” trait now only works on attacks.
– CHANGE: “Empire” trait now reduces potency by 50% down from 90%, and casts 4 extra times instead of 3 extra times.
– CHANGE: “Slop” trait has an additional effect. If enemies already have Blind, their Speed is decreased by 20% instead.
– CHANGE: “Heartrage” trait damage increased from 30% to 80%.
– CHANGE: “Lion’s Roar” now works on all damage, not just attacks.
– CHANGE: “Anxiety” trait has been revamped. This creature’s Spell Gems have 100% more potency, but are Sealed after they’re cast.
– CHANGE: “Patience” trait has been revamped. Enemies take 50% more indirect damage for each turn they’ve taken in the current battle.
– CHANGE: “Subtlety” trait damage bonus increased from 50% to 100%.
– CHANGE: “Guardian” trait now also reduces incoming damage by 50%.
– CHANGE: “Heads or Tails” now causes the creature to gain a buff or a minion, rather than to gain a buff or afflict a debuff.
– CHANGE: “Wallop” trait defense reduction decreased from 40% to 30%.
– CHANGE: “Hangover” trait has been revamped. At the start of each enemy’s turn, this creature has a 35% chance to cast a random Booze Spell.
– CHANGE: “Master of Shades” trait has been revamped. If all the creatures in your party are Shades, they gain Invisible at the end of their turns and have a 100% chance to dodge while they have this buff.
– CHANGE: “Master of Apises” trait has been revamped. At the start of battle, your Apises gain the Long Live trait.
– CHANGE: “Final Act of Judgment” now deals 1% damage up from 0.5% damage based on 0.5% of its missing health up from 1%. In addition, the damage cap has been increased from 25% to 35%.
– CHANGE: “Tellur’s Scales” trait now reduces damage by 20% for each time the creature has taken damage, up from 5%.
– CHANGE: “Poof” trait now grants a 90% chance to dodge, up from 50%.
– CHANGE: “Master of Golems” trait now grants the Double Take or Chip Off The Block trait.
– CHANGE: “Charity” trait now heals 300% more.
– CHANGE: “Master of Paragons” trait now works on all your Paragons without needing to have all the creatures in your party belong to this race.
– CHANGE: “The Shadows” trait now resurrects with 100% Health up from 20%. Stat gains have been reduced from 50% to 25% but are now granted to all your creatures.
– CHANGE: “Crystal Spears” spell has been revamped. Target takes a moderate amount of damage, plus additional damage equal to 20% of the caster’s Current Health.
– CHANGE: “Glory” spell can now cast a maximum of 3 spells.
– FIX: “Lingering Frost” trait didn’t work.
– FIX: Wardens had the wrong default costume.
– FIX: “Genius” nemesis affix didn’t work.
– FIX: “Fragmenting Arrow” spell’s subsequent damage effect didn’t always work correctly.
– FIX: “Summon Horde” spell didn’t work correctly. Also adjusted the spell description for clarity.
– FIX: “Sidestep” perk caused performance issues.
– FIX: Rare crash when interacting with cocooned victims in Regalis’ realm.
– FIX: Millions of typos.
– FIX: Unlocking the Pyromancer specialization granted duplicate wardrobe costumes. This fix is not retroactive (yet) so players affected by this bug prior to this patch will still have 2 duplicate costumes.
– FIX: God dialog didn’t always show their portraits, and instead played a random sound effect for no reason.
– FIX: “Fracture” spell didn’t work correctly.
– FIX: “Kaito Banner” trait material should have been called “Kaito Symbol” and also had the wrong icon.
– FIX: “Improvised Recitation” spell only cast 1 spell instead of 3 as intended.
– FIX: It was possible to be sent to an empty Nether Realm.
– FIX: Resource conversion UI was missing a description panel at the top left corner.
– FIX: “Indiscriminate Summoning” spell gave -1 minions instead of +1.
– FIX: Animatus and Herbling could sometimes appear on the realm map.
– FIX: “Nerlyx’s Veil” trait could activate more than once per turn which was inconsistent with similar effects.
– FIX: “Supplicant Sacrifice” spell didn’t work.
– FIX: Display issue related to the “Aamon’s Embrace” skin.
– FIX: Regressive bug that caused certain story bosses to have the wrong overworld sprite in their boss room.
– FIX: “Cataclysm” trait applied far more times than intended.
– FIX: Crash related to Nether Stone interfaces.
– FIX: It was possible to sort several interfaces while a dialog message was displayed, resulting in all kinds of bugs and crashes.
– FIX: “Death” minion’s activation chance was significantly lower than intended.
– FIX: Double credit was given for completing the “Kill Grimoires” quest in Zonte’s realm.
– FIX: “Pull the Strings” didn’t work correctly and also sometimes caused a crash.
– FIX: “Next battle, your creatures always dodge” realm boost worked for enemies instead of your creatures.
– FIX: “Disintegrating Arrow” spell’s resurrection prevention didn’t work on resurrection effects that immediately preceded creatures that were killed by this spell.
– FIX: “Splitting Arrow” spell used intelligence instead of speed to determine the damage dealt.
– FIX: Regalis’ rank 3 blessing didn’t start working until rank 5.
– FIX: It was possible to obtain certain cards that don’t actually exist.
– FIX: “Secret Ingredient” trait worked for enemies instead of allies.
– FIX: Stat reduction achievements counted progress from your creatures losing stats.
– FIX: Ent card set claimed to have 8 cards in it instead of 9.
– FIX: Some painting decorations had the wrong collision boundaries.
– FIX: False Gods weren’t immune to OHKO effects.
– FIX: “Nine Meteors” spell didn’t deal damage.
– FIX: “Yuck” trait worked even if enemies weren’t afflicted with the “Disarmed” debuff. This trait also didn’t work consistently with similar effects.
– FIX: Sosig floor tile doecration had the wrong sprite.
– FIX: Rare crash on anointments UI.
– FIX: Rare crash related to the “Martyr” perk.
– FIX: Rare situation where creatures (usually enemies) could take repeated turns indefinitely for no apparent reason.
– FIX: “Greater Dispel” spell didn’t always remove all buffs or debuffs.
– FIX: Rare crash related to cloud saving.
– FIX: Crashes and freezes related to the “Hederas’ Grasp” trait.
– FIX: “Contagion” spell didn’t always remove all minions.
– FIX: “Redefined” trait didn’t work in all cases.
– FIX: “Dispelling Dervish” spell didn’t always remove all buffs.
– FIX: “Fiery Stew” spell only healed and didn’t do its other intended effects.
– FIX: It was possible to interact with the Reliquary while you didn’t have any creatures in your party, resulting in a crash.
– FIX: Rare crash related to the “Timewalk” spell.

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