Rugby 22 Update 1.05 Patch Notes (1.004.000) – February 11, 2022

Rugby 22 update 1.05 (1.004.000) released on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. According to the official Rugby 22 1.05 patch notes, the latest update tackled a few concerning issues (including the graphical issues on some AMD cards). In addition, the Rugby 22 patch 1.05 (1.004) also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a minor update was released with various bug fixes. Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing a number of issues while playing the game.

Today’s Rugby 22 version 1.05 update is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

What is new in Rugby 22 February 11 Update?


  • Duration of scrums has been reduced
  • Team booster prices have been reduced
  • Minor adjustments on knock-ons and goal kicks
  • Adjustments on the tackle tutorial to make it easier
  • Fixed some players positions in some teams (Toulouse for instance) when preparing the kicker in a ruck

Teams & Players

  • Sam Cane’s body has been updated (New Zealand)
  • Logo and jerseys of the non-official national teams have been improved


  • Changed some English text: “throw-off” to “kick-off” and “punter” to “kicker”
  • Events menu now correctly displays the SP rewards
  • Setting the camera options during an online match doesn’t update the camera in real time anymore to avoid some issues
  • Online – Timers in menus have been increased to 1 minute


  • Added an option to disable the grass shader

Bug fixes

  • Fixed graphical corruption occurring with some AMD graphics cards
  • [Fixed] when going directly from either league or solo menu to the main menu then going back to league or solo menu
  • [Fixed] which could occur during the tutorial kickoff match
  • [Fixed] occurring sometimes after an online multiplayer game
  • [Fixed] occurring during extra time (past 100:00 on the timer)
  • Fixed a bug preventing to make progress in the tackling training
  • Addressed a bug in stadium 3 (Ripple Stadium) when playing with Top 14 or Pro D2 ads, white lines are now correctly displayed on the real touch lines instead of being shorter than expected
  • Addressed a bug with fusioned cards which were still sorted using their previous score instead of the new/post-fusion one
  • Addressed a bug with the text of 2 events which were displaying their related name instead of the description text

Fixed the following missions, which were not progressing as they should:

  • One by one
  • Last one standing
  • DisloyalAddressed a bug which displayed twice the current objective of an event when opening the “Current challenge” menu during a match (via pause menu)Fixed a bug affecting the kick range when the Bomb kick is fully charged

    Addressed a bug preventing the game to be put on pause if the controller is disconnected as the second-half begins

    Fixed a bug which could make the alarm of a finished period ring indefinitely during a scrum in online game.

    Fixed a bug occurring in online game and preventing the client to see the “Away” Jersey in the team selection menu

    Online – Minor corrections and improvements

Download free Rugby 22 update 1.05 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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