Rogue Legacy 2 Update 1.0.4 Patch Notes – July 19, 2022


Rogue Legacy 2 update 1.0.4 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Rogue Legacy 2 patch notes, the latest update improves the overall game experience. Apart from this, Rogue Legacy 2 patch 1.0.4 also includes performance improvements.

Previously, a major update added support for ultrawide screens (21:9, 32:9, etc) and addressed various issues related to liveries. Recently, an update 1.13 was also released with a new DLC.

Unfortunately, players are still facing various issues with the game. Today’s RL2 update 1.0.4 will fix a few of these issues.


Rogue Legacy 2 Patch 1.04 Notes – July 19, 2022


Bard (Big Buff)
The Bard is one of our most complex classes to play, but we’ve doubled down on their eccentricity by really letting players get crazy with their note placements. We’ve shaved some of the damage out of their kit as a result (since we’ve been overcompensating in that spot for a while now).

Lute (Buff)

  • Now destroys Mid-Sized Projectiles. Build yourself a musical fortress, and reign some DANCE down on your foes.
  • Lute Explosion damage scaling reduced from 200% INT to 185% INT.

Crescendo (Buff)

  • Crescendo notes (the flowers) now destroy Mid-Sized Projectiles. Chain shooting enemies should no longer be a problem. If one note gets transformed, then all of the following projectiles will be destroyed.
  • Now causes knockback to give you more breathing room.


We’re reducing the difficulty of many of the Biome Burdens to make them more appealing during multi-session playthroughs.

Bridge Biome Burden (Nerf):

  • Community: Cannon balls are now randomly spread, and fire in sets of 4 instead of 5.
  • Community: Fire rate reduced significantly.

Forest Biome Burden (Nerf):

  • Ice Nightmares’ “Detection Radius” reduced by 40%.

Study Biome Burden (Nerf):

  • Community: Wave Attack fire rate reduced significantly.

Tower Biome Burden (Nerf):

  • Lancers now always attacks in sets of 2, instead of randomly between 1-2.
  • Community: Spawn rate reduced significantly.

Cave Biome Burden (Nerf):

  • Community: Blades spawn rate reduced significantly.


  • Community: Moved Irad Prime’s Memories to be more visible after defeating him.
  • Community: Extended Tower’s top platforms for easier transitions.


  • Fixed bug where certain status effects (like Combo) were not stacking with the Astromancer’s Blackhole.
  • Fixed bug where Jumping and Rolling on the same frame would sometimes result in the player not animating when walking.
  • Fixed bug where Traitor and Study Prime bosses were awarding the player with the same amount of Gold, Ore, and Aether as their non-Prime versions.
  • Fixed bug where exiting a room while a buzzsaw warning was active would result in a red tint on the buzzsaw when returning to the room.
  • Fixed bug where entering the Golden Doors was not saving the state of the Castle entrance room (causing a potential gold exploit).
  • Fixed bug where the death recap text was incorrectly displaying a LocID when dying to a spike for all languages other than English.
  • Fixed bug where persistent projectiles (Axe Spinner) would accumulate Combo stacks twice as fast.
  • Fixed regression bug where player’s hit tint was not a solid colour.
  • Fixed bug where switching rooms that trigger a transition while flying would cause the wings to disappear.
  • Fixed bug where hazards that fired projectiles would apply Armor Shred on the player if the Armor Shred Burden was enabled.
  • Fixed bug where Incandescent Telescope’s attack range would disappear if the player entered a new Thread during a playthrough.
  • Fixed potential soft crash when certain Traits were disabled during a cutscene.
  • Fixed occasional null ref when exiting the program while in a room with a triple Orbiter hazard.
  • Fixed bug where shooting an aimed ability at the same time the player jumped could result in the player’s walk animation not running correctly afterward.
  • Improved collisions when running into a sloped wall while standing on sloped ground. Enemies (and occasionally the player) should no longer get tossed into the sky in certain circumstances.
  • Added a sound effect for purifying cursed Relics.
  • Various optimizations on Low quality mode.
  • Fixed bug where hitting a Blink while out of its range (via weapon, Soul Tether, etc.) would cause it to teleport while it was still asleep. Now it aggros but does not teleport.
  • Fixed bug where giant characters’ helmets/hats could poke out of the top of the lineage portraits.
  • Fixed bug where Twin Relics in a Lily Relic room were sometimes being lit weirdly.
  • Fixed bug where ball-and-chain and windmill hazards were sometimes not displaying Synesthesia color trails.
  • Fixed bug where the lock icon above heirs in the Lineage scene would grow or shrink when rerolling if the previously locked heir had Gigantism or Dwarfism.
  • Fixed bug where entering a Scar with Super IBS did not take away your Super Fart Talent.
  • Fixed bug where casting a Spell while holding the attack button with the Boxing Gloves would result in your attacks no longer critting from Combo.
  • Fixed bug where the HUD would not fade out on top of Curse Turrets, Flamethrower Turrets, or regular Castle Turrets.
  • Fixed potential crash bug caused by shrinking the game to an incredibly small resolution.
  • Fixed bug where Zombie Commanders in Fairy rooms would have their status icons (and effects like Flamer) active before they came out of the ground.
  • Fixed visual issue with the dragon model clipping with its teeth.
  • Fixed bug where Plonky Void projectiles were considered Large projectiles.
  • Fixed visual issue with the tree on the right side of the Rebel’s Road scar.
  • Wisps and Slugs are now properly tinted when they need to be.

Download free RL2 patch 1.0.3 on PC(Steam).