Rogue Company Update 2.07 Patch Notes for PS4, PC & Xbox

Rogue Company update 2.07 patch notes details released for PS4, PS5(1.000.044), PC, and Xbox One players. According to the official Rogue Company 2.07 patch notes, the latest update brings Trench updates and changes. Apart from this, today’s Rogue Company version 2.07 also includes a core update to the gameplay experience and we see a return of some older modes.

Previously, a major Operation: Daybreak update that added a new rogue(Juke), a new Ibex Burst SMG, a new ranked season, and much more. Unfortunately, players are facing problems with the game. Today’s Rogue Company version 2.07 will fix a few of these issues.

Rogue Company patch 2.07 download size is not confirmed yet. Read more details below.

Rogue Company 2.07 Patch Notes – July 26, 2022


In this update, we see old game modes return, some of which have received updates! Details and changes are listed below.

  • Sabotage
  • Skirmish Dodgeball
  • Battle Zone
  • Strikeout 2.0
  • Extraction
  • Skirmish TDM
  • Sabotage


In Sabotage, a neutral bomb is deployed mid-field for both teams to contend over. When a player picks up the bomb, their team gains ownership of it, revealing the holding player to all players. The player and their team must fight to the now-visible enemy bomb zone and plant to score! Planting can be difficult, but once done, detonation is almost immediate, securing your team the win!

If you run into a stalemate, the team with the most kills will win the round when time runs out. Let us know what feedback you have for this game mode!


  • Gadgets are on cooldown during the round. What’s this? Check out below in our Project Saint section!
  • Gadgets clear from your inventory at the start of each round.


Extraction gets an update in Revelation. Here are the details:

  • The Cube objective will now no longer cause a loss if counter-hacked. Instead, the ownership of the Cube will go to the other team! The core objective here is to defend the Cube until the timer runs out!
  • Players will respawn according to Queued Respawn rules, the same ruleset from Dodgeball. When a player is eliminated, they are put in a queue to respawn. When a teammate gets an elimination, the next player in the queue will spawn.


Strikeout 2.0 is an experimental mutation of Strikeout with some significant changes. Try it out and give us feedback!

  • The ticket system has been removed in exchange for TDM’s elimination score, where the team that gets to 25 eliminations first or has the most at around time will take the round.
  • Like original Strikeout, owning the zone will add to your team’s score.
  • Instead of running out of lives, Strikeout 2.0 uses the Queued Respawn rules, the same ruleset from Dodgeball. When a player is eliminated, they are put in a queue to respawn. When a teammate gets an elimination, the next player in the queue will spawn.


Gadget Update

One significant feedback point from many of our core players was the abundance of gadget spam. This was most prevalent in our respawn-based modes, where players had immediate access to their gadgets upon respawn. The introduction of Rogues like Runway also strongly impacted the saturation of gadgets in combat situations. To address this, we’ve converted the gadget system to function similar to Rogue abilities and have rebalanced gadgets across the board. Please look to the Game Balance section below for more details.

Rogue Mastery

In this update, we are happy to finally bring you the mastery rewards for the 8th and 9th levels of Rogue Mastery for all Rogues! We hope you enjoy these outfits and wear them with pride.


Gadget Cooldown

  • All gadgets will now go on cooldown in the same way abilities do. Each gadget has a different cooldown ranging from 40-75 seconds.
  • All gadget upgrades that used to give you an extra gadget will now reduce your cooldown by 10%.
  •  Resupply has been replaced with a perk called Gadgeteer, which reduces gadget cooldown by 5/10/15%.


  • Semtex
    • 75-second cooldown
  • Frag Grenade
    • 75-second cooldown
  • Molotov
    • 75-second cooldown
  • Bounce Grenade
    • 75-second cooldown
  • Tripmine
    • 60-second cooldown
    • Level 2 reduces cooldown by 10%.
  • C4
    • 60-second cooldown
  • Smoke Grenade
    • 40-second cooldown
    • Level 2 reduces cooldown by 10%.
  • Flashbang
    • 60-second cooldown
    • Level 2 reduces cooldown by 10%.
  • Sticky Sensor
    • 40-second cooldown
    • Level 2 reduces cooldown by 10%.
  • Tear Gas
    • 40-second cooldown
    • Level 2 reduces cooldown by 10%.
  • Cluster Smoke
    • 40-second cooldown
  • Adrenaline Shot
    • 60-second cooldown
    • Level 2 reduces cooldown by 10%.
  • APS
    • 60-second cooldown
    • Level 1 reduces cooldown by 10% and negates one additional projectile (two per APS).
    • Level 2 Negates two additional projectiles (four per APS).
  • Regen Field
    • 60-second cooldown
    • Level 1 duration increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.
    • Level 1 health per second increased from 5 to 10.
    • Level 2 reduces cooldown by 10%.
  • Pop Smoke
    • 40-second cooldown
    • Level 2 reduces cooldown by 10%.



  • Runway’s ability now recharges gadget cooldown.


  • Epic Stalker replaced with Rare Stalker.
  • Rare Resupply replaced with Rare Gadgeteer.


  • Rare Resupply replaced with Rare Gadgeteer.


  • Epic Blaster changed to Rare Blaster.
  • Legendary Energize changed to Epic Energize.
  • Rare Resupply replaced with Legendary Gadgeteer.


  • Rare Resupply replaced with Rare Gadgeteer.


  • Rare Resupply replaced with Rare Gadgeteer.


  • Rare Resupply replaced with Rare Energize.
  • Epic Energize replaced with Epic Gadgeteer.


  • Epic Stalker replaced with Epic Gadgeteer.
  • Rare Resupply replaced with Rare Stalker.


  • Rare Resupply replaced with Rare Gadgeteer.


We’ve heard your concerns that Juke feels like she has turrets available too often. Also, the feedback enemies hear while being hit by said turrets is too overbearing for the relatively low amount of damage the turrets deal. 

  • Laser Defense Drone Cooldown increased from 30s to 45s.
  • Reduced audio feedback for enemies hit by Laser Defense Drones.



The Objection has some of the highest accuracy stats among all SMGs. It’s intended for the weapon to be compact and accurate when you begin firing but quickly bloom out, given the incredibly high fire rate. These changes should help reduce the weapon’s effective range without hurting its ability to secure kills up close.

  • Reduced base accuracy slightly
  • Increased reticle bloom per shot slightly
  • Increased max bloom slightly

Tyr & LR15 Fullbody

We want to tone back the effectiveness of “no-scopes” This is primarily an issue with the Tyr as you can quickly fire back-to-back shots. 

  • Reduced base accuracy.


  • Fixed an issue on several maps that allowed Juke to reach unintended locations.
  • Fixed several issues that caused crashes.
  • Resolved some minor environmental issues for Vertigo.
  • Fixed an issue where an eliminated Mack will drop armor if he purchased the armor perk.
  • Fixed some cases where players could get stuck in a reload animation.
  • Fixed an instance where Runway could spawn without her weapons after Halftime.
  • Fixed broken audio for Trench’s emote.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s pinned Rogues would not retain after logging out.
  • Fixed mastery progression for the Ibex SMG.
  • Fixed an issue where Sigrid’s shield would not block Juke’s turrets.
  • Fixed an issue where, in Rogue Select, players could see what rogues the enemy team has picked.
  • Fixed animation issues for a select number of emotes.
  • Fixed the VFX on the Mythic MLX Mark 4 skin.
  • Fixed some Announcer VO inconsistencies for Skirmish TDM.
  • Resolved an oddity where hitting the environment with a melee would cause the controllers of other players to vibrate.
  • Fixed a handful of instances where the incorrect BGM would play.
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD score for TDM would not be visible.
  • Fixed an issue where if a Bot earned MVP, it would be awarded to all bots in the hivemind.
  • Fixed an issue where if a player used Quips or Comms while crouched, they would be forced into standing.

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