Remnant from the ashes update (Sep 12) patch notes, map icons, future content

Remnant from the ashes update (Sep 12) patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One released. Also, learn more about Remnant from the ashes map icons and future content. According to the official Remnant patch notes, the new update brings a new game mode, Gear buffs and balance as well as quality of life improvements.

Recently, an update was released with fixes for weapons, items, mods, matchmaking and more. Unfortunately, since the release, many players are still experiencing several performance issues while playing the game online. Today’s Remnant update 1.06 is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Remnant from the ashes update (Sep 12) patch notes, map icons, future content


  • Added Adventure Mode!

Introducing Adventure Mode – A new game mode that allows players to re-roll individual worlds. You and your party can embark on an adventure through dynamically generated Earth, Rhom, and Yaesha, beginning at a single World Stone and ending once you’ve defeated their World Boss. Dungeon locations, points of interest, enemy spawns, and more may be different than what you’ve come to expect from the main campaign.

Activated from the World Stone in Ward 13, simply choose “World Settings” and select the “Adventure Mode” option to pick the world you would like to roll. This will not replace your campaign progress and can be re-rolled freely without affecting your story. Any items found or traits gained along the way will be kept by your character. More content, including Corsus, will be added in the future!

  • Dozens of system optimizations and stability fixes
  • Lots of art tweaks, lighting passes, collision fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the Repulsor Banish description damage modifier showing the wrong info
  • Adjusted interactive volumes on doors to prevent characters warping to the other side
  • Players can no longer fight Ravager if they’ve already solved the Bell Puzzle
  • Fixed a problem preventing status updates from showing on the Advanced Stats tab
  • Minions can no longer trigger melee effects
  • Blink Token can no longer avoid scripted “instakill” damage
  • Fixed a soft lock if certain mods were used at the end of a melee attack
  • “Untouchable” achievement is now unlockable in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue preventing simplified Chinese from showing up properly
  • Told Ace she REALLY needs to stick around in Ward 13 (hopefully she listens this time)
  • Empty weapons should begin auto reloading after using a Mod
  • Switching weapons right before activating a mod will no longer activate the new weapon mod


  • Stamina no longer depletes when navigating through Ward 13
  • Changed DELETE CHARACTER button to a HOLD
  • Added additional analog dead-zone settings for Gamepad (can be set all the way to 0)
  • Reduced the time it takes for input to become active and to deactivate
  • Added inverse X option for aiming
  • Added a VOIP volume setting for PC
  • Added ability to disable subtitles in audio menu
  • Additional matchmaking optimizations
  • Dragon Hearts can be used at full health (for use with Elder set)


  • General: Reduced Nightmare Mode enemy health scaling from 300% to 250%
  • Wasteland Contaminator: Properly flagged as “elite” to allow Lumenite drops
  • Nightmare: Fix to allow clearing array for selecting players if a player is knocked down
  • Nightmare: Reduced Nightmare Boss base health from 2 million to 1.5 million
  • Nightmare: Adjusted damage modifier in Nightmare Mode based on amount of players


  • Hunting Rifle: Increased magazine size from 9 to 10
  • Hunting Rifle: Increased total capacity from 45 to 50
  • Hunting Rifle: Increased base crit chance from 5% to 10%
  • Hunting Rifle: Added 5% weakspot bonus
  • Hunting Pistol: Increased base crit chance from 10% to 15%
  • Hunting Pistol: Added minimum crit range 5m
  • Revolver: Increased impact scalar by 10%
  • Sniper Rifle: Base crit increased from 10% to 20%
  • Sniper Rifle: Increased ammo reserves from 25 to 27
  • Sniper Rifle: Increased reload speed by 10%
  • Sniper Rifle: Increased unscoped Sway by from 0.5 to 0.75
  • Sniper Rifle: Reduced unscoped Sway delay by 90%
  • Sniper Rifle: Reduced unscoped Sway blend-in time from 2.0 to 0.75
  • Sniper Rifle: Drastically reduced scoped Sway
  • Sniper Rifle: Decreased initial unscoped reticle size by 50%
  • Sniper Rifle: Increased minimum unscoped reticle size from 1.0 to 1.5
  • Sniper Rifle: Increased minimum unscoped reticle size while moving from 1.5 to 1.75
  • Sniper Rifle: Increased post-firing unscoped reticle decay speed
  • Sniper Rifle: Added minimum crit range of 12.5m
  • Chicago Typewriter: Increased damage from 10 to 11
  • Chicago Typewriter: Reduced initial reticle size
  • Chicago Typewriter: Increased the per-shot reticle increment (shrinks faster)
  • Chicago Typewriter: Reduced the minimum reticle size (gets more accurate)
  • Chicago Typewriter: Reduced the decay speed (shrinks slower when not shooting but still in AIM)
  • Particle Accelerator: Increased base crit chance from 10% to 15%
  • Particle Accelerator: Increased damage from 75 to 80
  • Particle Accelerator: Increased fire rate from 1.4 to 1.45
  • Particle Accelerator: Reduced post-shot decay delay from 1.4 to 1.3
  • Particle Accelerator: Increased post-shot decay speed from 1.15 to 1.2
  • Particle Accelerator: Reduced initial reticle size by 40%
  • Particle Accelerator: Drastically reduced scoped Sway
  • Particle Accelerator: Added minimum crit range of 7.5m
  • Particle Accelerator Alt-Fire (Gravity Core): Now sucks more (many enemies can no longer run out of it)
  • Devastator: Reduced initial spread to better match reticle
  • Devastator: Decreased post-shot delay time before auto-reloading by 50%
  • Devastator: Base crit chance increased from 5% to 10%
  • Devastator: No longer has 5x chance to proc Bandit Armor on a single target
  • Devastator: Each unique target hit has a chance to proc Bandit Armor
  • Devastator: Added minimum crit range of 5m
  • Defiler: Increased ideal range from 10m to 12.5m
  • Defiler: Reduced reticle size from 2.0 to 1.5
  • Defiler Alt-Fire (Radioactive Volley): Power Requirement reduced from 350 to 300
  • Eye of the Storm: Increased base crit chance from 5% to 10%
  • Eye of the Storm: Added 5% weakspot bonus
  • Hive Cannon: Added 20 impact damage to projectile (which benefits from weakspot modifiers)
  • Hive Cannon: Increased primary shot projectile size from 2 to 5 (better matches the VFX)
  • Hive Cannon: Fixed description showing actual AOE range of primary fire
  • Curse of the Jungle God Alt-Fire (Tentacle Shot): Added lifeleech on Tentacle hits
  • Sporebloom: Increased damage from 160 to 200
  • Sporebloom: Increased pellet count from 7 to 12 (less dmg loss on a single pellet miss)
  • Sporebloom: Increased reticle size for better spread coverage
  • Sporebloom: Increased ideal range from 800 to 1000
  • Sporebloom: Reduced reload speed
  • Sporebloom: Spore Shot projectile damage increased from 50 to 100
  • Worldbreaker: AOE Blast now affects breakable objects


  • Ring of the Admiral (NEW): 300% bonus incoming damage, +15% Ranged & Melee damage

The Ring of the Admiral can be purchased at Reggie for 2 (TWO!) scrap at the start of the game.

  • Cleansing Jewel: When used with Elder Armor, cleansing applies to all allies
  • Ring of Evasion: Added +1 iFrame (+4 total) & 10% Evade Speed
  • Leech Ember: Slightly reduced Leech amount
  • Soul Anchor: Added +5% dmg per summon (wearer)
  • Soul Anchor: Duration from 40% to 50%
  • Soul Anchor: Removed additional charge bonus


  • Adventure (Bonus): Increases the amount of scrap picked up by 10%
  • Adventure: Total Armor value increased from 10 to 20
  • Hunter (Sharpshooter): Reduced range requirement from 15m to 10m
  • Hunter (Bonus): Weakspot damage is increased by 15%
  • Hunter: Total Armor value increased from 19 to 35
  • Ex-Cultist (Bonus): Mod Power is slowly generated over time
  • Ex-Cultist: Total Armor value increased from 20 to 36
  • Scrapper (Bonus): All stagger damage within Challenger range is increased by 20%
  • Scrapper: Total Armor value increased from 36 to 60
  • Bandit (Bonus): Ammo acquired on pick-up is increased by 25%
  • Bandit: Total Armor value increased from 11 to 28
  • Elder (Believer): Dragonhearts increases ally damage by 20% for 10 seconds (includes Minions)
  • Elder (Bonus): Dragonheart heal allies for 50% (includes Minions)
  • Elder (Bonus): Dragonheart heal now works on Liz/Liz and Root Mother (at reduced rate)
  • Elder (Misc): Increased Range on Armor Skill/Bonus from 15 to 30m
  • Elder: Total Armor value increased from 13 to 32
  • Akari (Opportunist): Perfect Dodge increases Move, Firing, Melee, Reload, Evade Speed by 20% for 7s
  • Akari (Bonus): Perfect Dodge increases ALL Crit Chance by 15% for 7s
  • Akari: Total Armor value increased from 21 to 37
  • Drifter (Bonus): Movement Speed while in Standing Aim is increased by 25%
  • Drifter: Total Armor value increased from 28 to 45
  • Slayer (Assassin): Assassin Armor Skill changed to multiplicative instead of additive (stronger)
  • Slayer (Bonus): Reload Speed is increased by 10%
  • Slayer: Total Armor value increased from 29 to 43
  • Twisted (Bonus): Melee Hits steal health from enemies (original Leech Ember values)
  • Twisted: Total Weight value increased from 33 to 55 (50 with Twisted Mask)
  • Twisted: Total Armor value increased from 30 to 74 (62 with Twisted Mask)
  • Osseous (Bloodlust): Ranged/Melee hits against same target increases damage to that target
  • Osseous (Bonus): Fire Rate & Melee Speed increased by 5%
  • Osseous: Total Armor value increased from 35 to 47
  • Radiant (Bonus): Reduced recoil by 10%
  • Radiant: Total Armor value increased from 51 to 62
  • Void (Power Transfer – NEW): Gain a damage stack every 10s (3 max).
  • Void (Power Transfer – NEW): Taking damage removes a damage stack and adds defensive stack (3 max).
  • Void (Bonus): Slightly increases iFrames on evades (+2)
  • Void: Total Armor value increased from 70 to 120
  • Bomber Hat: Total Armor value increased from 2 to 10


  • Summons (Seed Caller, Beckon, Iron Sentinel, Tentacle Shot): Reduced to 2 charges per mod
  • Explosive Shot: Projectile damage increased from 60 to 130
  • Explosive Shot: AOE damage increased from 120 to 170
  • Explosive Shot: Increased range from 3.5m to 4.0m
  • Explosive Shot: Increased minimum dropoff damage from 65% to 80%
  • Swarm: Fixed bug where projectile lifetime was limited to 12s
  • Swarm: Fixed projectile duration to 20s (and not 12 or 25)
  • Mender’s Aura: Nor works on Liz/Liz and Root Mother (at a reduced rate)
  • Iron Sentinel: Will no longer target enemies that it cannot see


  • Wasteland Goodboy has been buffed from Goodboy to Very Goodboy
  • Many general collision fixes/updates added with Remnant From The Ashes 1.06.
  • Added backup profile when joining game as client
  • Remnant From The Ashes patch 1.06 added matchmaking fixes.
  • Multiplayer improvements.
  • Added optimizations to the game.
  • Fixed for crashing issues.
  • Added online stability improvements.
  • Added Performance improvements.
  • Various under the hood fixes

If you are facing ce-34878-0 issue on PS4 and PS4 Pro, read how to fix it.

Remnant from the ashes future content


Release Date: September 19, 2019

Leto’s Lab takes you on a quest through Research Station Alpha. The lab was established to research the mysterious red crystals, with the initial goal of using them as a source of infinite energy. The head researcher, Leto Apostolakis, theorized the crystals could be used for something else – to bridge space-time for near instantaneous travel. He was the one to unlock the World Stone on Ward 16 allowing mankind to take their first fledgling trips to other worlds. Leto’s experiments quickly diverged from their initial goal as he started using the World Stones to fuel a series of dubious experiments. The lab continued operating for months after the Root invaded, but was ultimately forced to evacuate when one of Leto’s experiments went awry.

The Leto’s Lab dungeon can be found dynamically spawned in Earth. It is unique among the other dungeons in Remnant as it reveals more backstory about the world and mixes in light puzzles with intense combat – including a new boss fight. It’ll take a sharp eye, steady aim, and a little luck to make it out alive!

More content, including Corsus, will be added in the future!

Remnant from the ashes update (Sep 12) patch notes, map icons, future content is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.

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