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Remnant From The Ashes Update 1.05 Patch Details (PS4)


Remnant From The Ashes version 1.05 for PS4 and Xbox One released. According to the official Remnant update 1.05 changelog, the new update brings a long list of bug fixes and resolves various multiplayer issues. Apart from this, the latest Remnant patch 1.05 also includes online stability and performance improvements.

Recently, an update was released with fixes for weapons, items, mods, matchmaking and more. Unfortunately, since the release, many players are still experiencing several performance issues while playing the game online. Today’s Remnant update 1.05 is expected to fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below.

Remnant From The Ashes version 1.05 Changelog (Updated)

  • Coop Scaling now caps at +3 levels of Host
  • Enabled VOIP toggle on PC/CONSOLES
  • Enabled Push-to-Talk option on PC by default (players must bind a key)
  • Adjustments to help fill empty matchmaking sessions
  • Added FOV slider for PC
  • Adjusted right analog deadzone for PS4 controller (reduced by half)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: While we work on additional coop adjustments, we wanted to better ensure that higher level players and lower level players could work together without drastically penalizing the lower level players. We’ve changed it so that if a lower level player hosts the game, the game will never be more than 3 levels above them even if their teammates are much higher. This will prevent the coop scaling from getting too high and thus overly penalizing someone just starting out.


DEVELOPER COMMENT: Remnant 1.05 also made a handful of other adjustments for general quality of life. Players can now access VOIP, bind a push-to-talk button, and disable it completely if they so choose.

  • Radiant Tomb total spawns and intensity reduced

  • Repeater Pistol: Reduced max spread
  • Repeater Pistol: Reduced spread per shot
  • Repeater Pistol: Increased decay speed (faster reticle contraction)
  • Hunting Pistol: Added +2 ammo to reserve
  • Hunting Pistol: Reduced initial spread
  • Hunting Pistol: Increased decay speed
  • Hunting Pistol: Reduced penalty for moving
  • Hunting Pistol: Increased reload speed by 10% (faster)
  • Hunting Rifle: Reduced spread penalty for moving
  • Hunting Rifle: Increased initial aim decay speed and post-shot decay speed
  • Hunting Rifle: Reduced spread per shot
  • Coachgun: Increased ideal range from 800 to 900
  • Coachgun: Added +4 shells to reserves
  • Assault Rifle: Added +4 bullets to reserves
  • Assault Rifle: Reduced initial spread
  • Assault Rifle: Reduced auto-fire spread curve
  • Assault Rifle: Increased decay speed
  • Crossbow: Changed reticle behavior
  • Crossbow: Changed reticle graphic
  • Eye of the Storm: Increased initial decay
  • Eye of the Storm: Reduced initial spread
  • Eye of the Storm: Reduced spread per shot
  • Eye of the Storm: Added 1 extra ammo per clip (+3 total)
  • Beam Rifle: Reduced initial damage from 16 to 14 (max ramp-up is still the same)
  • Beam Rifle: Reduced reload speed by 20%
  • Hive Cannon: Added +2 hive grenades per clip (5 shots total)
  • Hive Cannon: Reduced reload speed by 10%
  • Hive Cannon: Hive Shot Mod DOT damage increased from 80 to 150
  • Hive Cannon: Hive Shot Mod power requirement increased from 350 to 600
  • Hive Cannon: Hive Shot Mod charges reduced from 5 to 3
  • Particle Accelerator: Adjusted reticle size to better represent accuracy
  • Defiler: Reduced initial spread
  • Defiler: Increased Radioactive Volley fire rate from 1.1 to 1.2s
  • Curse of the Jungle God: Increased fire rate from 3.0 to 3.5
  • Curse of the Jungle God: Reduced damage from 32 to 28
  • Curse of the Jungle God: Decreased reload speed by 5%
  • Devastator: Changed reticle behavior
  • Devastator: Changed reticle graphic
  • Repulsor: Reduced initial spread by 40%
  • Repulsor: Increased Spread Decay (faster post-shot)
  • Repulsor: Increased post-banish debuff duration by 25%
  • Repulsor: Reduced banish time from 8 to 4 (less waiting – quality of life)
  • Repulsor: Reduced friendly banish time from 4 to 2
  • Repulsor: Reduced Banish Charges from 8 to 5
  • Hunter Sharpshooter: Now increases ALL ranged DMG at 15m+
  • Ex-Cultist Blood Pact: No longer requires Critical hits for mod power generation
  • Ex-Cultist Blood Pact: Reduced max generation from 50% to 40% to compensate for no crits
  • Scrapper Challenger: Damage increased from 15% to 25%
  • Scrapper Challenger: Range increased from 2.5m to 5m
  • Akari Opportunist: Changed perfect dodge to grant 100% MELEE crit chance
  • Akari Opportunity: Added Melee Speed buff on perfect dodge
  • Akari Opportunist: Removed Melee damage buff on perfect dodge
  • Elder Believer: Changed to allow Dragon Hearts to heal allies
  • Elder Believer: Range increased to 15m
  • Twisted Armor: Health regen increased
  • Catalyst buff maximum reverted from 15% to 20%

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Since we have removed the interaction between Catalyst and Devouring Loop, Catalyst has been reverted to its pre-nerf state.

  • Rapid Strikes attack speed buff reduced from 20% to 15% (to allow Akari Armor Buff)

DEVELOPER COMMENT: To better allow the Akari Armor buff to be meaningful, we reduced the Rapid Strikes bonus.

  • Spirit max reduced from 50% to 30% (to allow Ex-Cultist Armor Buff)


DEVELOPER COMMENT: To better entice/reward players using the Ex-Cultist armor for mod generation, we reduced the overall bonus of Spirit. This should make Ex-Cultist the goto set for mod generation.

  • Devouring Loop: No longer affected by Catalyst Trait
  • Cleansing Jewel: Removed healing effect, added 50% status buildup resistance
  • Mender’s Charm: Gained old Elder Armor Skill (heal allies)
  • Mender’s Charm: Gained 25% additional self-healing (from Cleansing Jewel)
  • Soul Anchor: Adds +1 max simultaneous summoned abilities
  • Adrenaline: Melee speed buff reduced from 15% to 10%

  • General: Mods now properly scale with Weapon Level
  • General: Certain Mods also scale effect based on other factors (player health, triage, etc)
  • General: Limited amount of maximum “same type” summons (dupes will kill older summons)
  • General: Added “max allowed simultaneous” summon value to summon description
  • Iron Sentinel: Properly targets/shoots Ghasts and Root Frog
  • Rattle Weed: Power requirement increased from 750 to 1000
  • Rattle Weed: Reduced initial aggro generation pulse
  • Rattle Weed: Enemies can now be pulled off Rattle Weed if they take enough damage
  • Rattle Weed: Enabled constant “pulsing” aggro generation to pull enemies spawned after cast
  • Rattle Weed: Casting a 2nd Rattle Weed while first is out will remove the 1st
  • Rattle Weed: When expired/killed, drops aggro immediately (originally was still active for 5s)
  • Rattle Weed: Now affected by Soul Anchor for +1 max simultaneous summons

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Rattle Weed has always been “too good” in a game that has a lot of enemies that you are expected to deal with. We didn’t want to change the core concept of the mod, but we did want to reduce how overpowered it was. We increased the buildup so it takes just a bit longer to fill. We reduced the initial aggro “pulse” by a significant amount so it didn’t lock enemies on it until death (this allows you to pull enemies off now with damage). We also added a constant “pulse” that will pull newly spawned enemies towards it assuming you do not already have too much aggro. Additionally, when a second Rattle Weed is summoned, the first one is immediately killed. Previously, it would stick around for 5s and hold aggro which made it even more effective than it should have been. Players can still summon 2 Rattle Weed if they use Soul Anchor.

  • Veil of the Black Tear: Now unbreakable while active – duration scales with weapon level

DEVELOPER COMMENT: No longer breakable while active, Veil of the Black Tear should now do the job we all thought it should be doing from the beginning.

  • Swarm: Increased duration from 20s to 25s

  • Swarm: Reduced charges to 1

DEVELOPER COMMENT: We wanted to make Swarm a sort of “buddy” that followed you around and attacked anything dangerous. However, there is a bug (no pun intended) in this patch that keeps the duration to 12s. It’s known and will be fixed in the next patch. However, look forward to double duration in the future. Putting this note here because we know players will see that it says 25s and is still only lasting half that duration.

  • Breath of the Desert: Charges increased from 2 to 3

DEVELOPER COMMENT: Reverted the reduction of charges. We want players to feel more like a caster with Breath of the Desert. With 3 charges, we may eventually need to adjust the damage. For now, rest assured that we will never again change the total charges of Breath of the Desert (unless we do).

  • Shade/Shatter: Improved behavior across the board
  • Undying King: Beam Rifle will properly stagger certain phases
  • Undying King: No longer changes target mid attack
  • Canker: Wave can no longer be killed via explosions
  • Ixillis: Fixed issue with exploiting part of fight through wall
  • Ixillis: Changed scream hit-reaction so as to no longer push players off bridge
  • The Unclean One: Caskets no longer spawn enemies after the fight
  • Kin-Caller: No longer slows game when killed during summon
  • Nightmare: Breakout requirement reduced by 30% (was 10% of 1mil base, now 3.5% of 2mil base)
  • Nightmare: Breakout phase timer variance (15-30s) removed – now 30s flat
  • Nightmare: Vulnerable phase increased from 5s to 7s
  • Nightmare: No longer faces away when broken out
  • Nightmare: No longer changes target after starting an attack
  • Nightmare: Health doubled (… we’re serious.)
  • Nightmare: Should no longer be fightable immediately after being defeated
  • Used the Control Rod to play fetch with Wasteland Goodboy

Bug Fixes in Remnant update 1.05

  • Increased performance across Corsus
  • Increased memory stability across extended play experiences (less crashes)
  • Fixed traits not unlocking on client (Revivalist, Exploiter, Scavenger, Sleight of Hand, Suspicion, Will to Live)
  • Fixed trapdoor that Ace kept falling through in Ward 13
  • Fixed client being able to reroll hosts campaign
  • Fixed an issue with Lost Gantry not properly handling restarts
  • Fixed issue with certain bosses respawning post “Quest Complete”
  • Fixed issue with clients loading into final boss room and being stuck at World Shard
  • Fixed FOV on Archetype screen for Ultrawide Monitors/resolutions
  • Added FOV lock when changing resolutions to maintain proper proportions/alignment (menus/reticles)
  • Fixed user settings not saving when exiting out of main menu/application too fast
  • Added support to unlock certain achievements that should have been attained
  • Corrected values being shown for Scrap-based achievements/trophies
  • Fixed bug with Undying King “Death Warmed Over” achievement/trophy
  • Many general collision fixes/updates
  • Added backup profile when joining game as client
  • Added matchmaking fixes.
  • Multiplayer improvements.
  • Added optimizations to the game.
  • Fixed for crashing issues.
  • Added online stability improvements.
  • Added Performance improvements.
  • Various under the hood fixes

If you are facing ce-34878-0 issue on PS4 and PS4 Pro, read how to fix it.

Remnant From The Ashes update 1.05 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One.