Rec Room Update 3.44 Patch Notes – August 19, 2021


Rec Room update 3.44 is now available on PS4, Xbox, and PC. According to the official Rec Room 3.44 patch notes, the latest update added new features, tweaks, and improvements. In addition, Rec Room version 3.44 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big title update added a new feature, changes, and a long list of bug fixes.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Rec Room version 3.44 will address a few of these issues.


What is new in Rec Room version 3.44 Changelog (August 19, 2021)


  • Each box of sushi contains 9 pieces – various shrimp, tuna, and salmon nigiri, as well as 6 crunchy hand rolls.
  • Each nigiri has one tasty bite.
  • Each hand roll has 2 crunchy bites.
General Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Coming soon! Room currencies will be out of beta so all creators can add currencies to their rooms!

Get your tokens faster than ever! When you buy tokens from the store, they’re added to your balance immediately instead of being sent in a gift box. Now instead of confusing players that don’t open their boxes, we’ll confuse players that are looking for their boxes!

More rooms that were experiencing infinite load times should now load correctly. No need to be scared of the dark on certain platforms. (Though, the Forbidden One might still visit from time to time…)

Fixed a scenario where players could attach an object to their hand without actually holding it. No more magic shows, sorry!

  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes couldn’t see the stage in ^3DCharades if they already sat down before the game started.
  • Charged melee attacks (on screen mode) no longer move your character when seated. Hmm, idea for the next RRO… office chair fights?!
  • Fixed animation popping when creating a new avatar – that was distracting!
  • Fixed font issue on signs for player-made rooms in ^Orientation. Don’t worry, we didn’t make it Comic Sans.
  • Fixed an issue where rooms were sometimes displaying the wrong capacity. This should make it easier to find a room that your group will fit into!

Circuits V2 ‘Player Subscribes to Room Owner’ chip now includes a delay of a few minutes before it will perform the subscription check.

Circuits V2 ‘Get Player By Account Name’ chip now returns an Invalid Player if there is no player in the room with the given account or display name, rather than throwing an error. In other words, we now give you a specific error, instead of a generic error!

Beta Changes
  • Resetting and deleting cloud variables now forces a save.
  • Creating a subroom no longer deletes or resets cloud variables.

Download free Rec Room update 3.44 on PlayStation 4 and PC.