Rec Room Update 3.37 Patch Notes – July 14, 2021

    Rec Room update 3.37 is now available on PS4, Xbox, and PC. According to the official Rec Room 3.37 patch notes, the latest update added new changes, fixes and a long list of improvements. In addition, Rec Room version 3.37 also includes performance improvements.

    Previously, a big title update added a new feature, changes, and a long list of bug fixes.

    Unfortunately, players are still experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Rec Room version 3.37 will address a few of these issues.

    What is new in Rec Room version 3.37 Changelog (July 14, 2021)

    Full-Body Costumes!

    Get ready to give your costumes a leg up…

    For the first time ever you can create and wear costumes with {LINK REMOVED}

    Full-Body Costumes come packed with full-body animations that give life to every move you make. Walking, jumping, teleporting, even moving around in room-scale VR – it’s all there!

    You can get started creating a rad new animated costume today by spawning and editing a {LINK REMOVED} from your Maker Pen Palette.

    • It’s found in the Gadgets category under the CV2 Gadgets filter in the Maker Pen Palette.
    • It works just like the classic Costume Dummy. Use your Maker Pen to edit a body part and start creating!
    • There are now 17 editable body parts, up from 3 in the classic costume dummy!
    • You can use Circuits V2 to equip/unequip a costume, and see who is currently wearing it.
    • {LINK REMOVED} Use the Configure tool of your Maker Pen and select from the Poses dropdown. We’ve found these useful for getting into hard to reach spaces while creating and fun when displaying your finished costume.
    • It supports hiding outfit items – use the Configure tool of your Maker Pen to select Hide Outfit Items.

    If you prefer classic costumes, worry not! The regular Costume Dummy is still available, and unchanged, in your Maker Pen Palette.

    …but that’s not all. We’ve got a very special feature for VR players!

    VR Seated Mode

    Ever get tired of standing all the time? Maybe you play sitting down but wish you didn’t have to look shorter than everyone else in the room? Wish no longer!

    Seated Mode automatically adjusts your in-game height so that it doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting on the couch, lying on the floor, or standing up – you’ll still appear standing to everyone else!

    Seated Mode is a more flexible and comfortable way to play Rec Room. Your height will only be adjusted when it looks to have meaningfully changed – like when you stand up after sitting down. This means that, with Seated Mode enabled, you can still dance around in VR to your heart’s content!

    However, because crouching or crawling can be physically hard to do while sitting in a chair, Seated Mode adds a new VR “crouch” button. Just press it once to start crouching and press it again to stand back up. Hold the crouch button to go prone!

    Crouch uses the same button mapping as sliding. For example:

    • Oculus – use the right thumbstick click
    • PlayStation – press the Circle button

    If you’re in VR, you can toggle Seated Mode on and off in Settings > Gameplay in your watch.

    Quick Room Chat

    Introducing the new {LINK REMOVED} Need to send messages to nearby players in a hurry? We’ve got you covered!

    When you expand your Room Chat window, you’ll see a new button called “Quick Chat”! Press it to open a short menu of response types, and easy one-click messages like “Yes” or “No”. With a few quick button presses you can plan a game, coordinate room travels, or even make a new friend! Don’t let the lack of a mic get you down!

    Got something else you wish you could say in a hurry? Let us know!

    General Improvements and Bug Fixes
    • Jumping is now more realistic than ever for you motion animation connoisseurs. Look for freshly-tuned head motions and less slide animation jitter.
    • Owners and co-owners should have an easier time seeing that they won’t be charged for key/currency purchases in their own rooms.
    • We fixed some conflicts behind the scenes that were causing low volume issues on iOS.
    • Added the “Enter Code” button back to the Events, Clubs and Play menus of the Watch Men., Invite to your heart’s content!
    Circuits V2 Updates
    General Changes
    • Reroute chip added. Use it to organize your wires
    • Chips can now be recolored with the maker pen
    • The CV2 Chip Limit was increased to 3000
    New Chips
    • Reroute
    • Get Local Camera Rotation
    • Get Rotation
    • Player Left Hand Rotation
    • Player Right Hand Rotation
    • Variable (List<Quaternion>)
    • Variable (Quaternion)
    • Quaternion Create Angle Axis
    • Quaternion Create Euler Angles
    • Quaternion Create From To
    • Quaternion Create Look
    • Quaternion Create
    • Quaternion Dot
    • Quaternion Euler Angles
    • Quaternion Get Angle Axis
    • Quaternion Inverse
    • Quaternion Normalize
    • Quaternion Rotate Towards
    • Quaternion Slerp
    • Quaternion Split
    • Rotate Vector
    Bug Fixes
    • Decoration objects trigger TV1 on pickup
    • List variables are now reset to empty lists
    • Piston distance can no longer be set to NaN or Infinity.
    • Palette search performance has been improved.
    • CV2 wires no longer linger after saving.

    Download free Rec Room update 3.37 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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