Rainbow Six Siege (R6) Update 2.78 Patch Notes (1.000.082)

Rainbow Six Siege update 2.78 (version 1.000.082) is available to download on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official R6 update 2.78 patch notes, the latest update addresses various gameplay, level design, operator, user experience, and audio bugs across multiple platforms. Apart from this, Rainbow 6 Siege patch 2.78 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a big season 7 update added a new defender Azami (Kiba barrier gadget), permanent Team Deathmatch mode, and changes for Goyo, Melusi, Thunderbird, Kali, Valkyrie, and Zero. Recently, a hotfix Y7S1.2 was also released. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing issues with the game. Today’s R6 Siege patch 2.78 will fix a few of these issues.

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R6 Siege Update 2.78 Patch Notes (Y9S2.1) – June 20, 2024

Patch Size

Ubisoft Connect: 1.05 GB
Steam: 1.6 GB
Xbox One: 0.8 GB
Xbox Series X: 1 GB
PlayStation 4: 1.29 GB
PlayStation 5: 887 MB

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where aiming down sight is canceled when opening the scoreboard.
  • Centered Reflex C reticle on the Bearing 9.
  • Corrected reduced movement speed after reloading while aiming down sight.
  • Adjusted target count in Target Drill on Kafe Dostoyevsky map.
  • Resolved Claymores reappearing after being destroyed by Electrified Barbed Wire.
Level Design
  • Fixed drone hiding spots in the floor at 2F Elevator Shaft on the Bank map.
  • Prevented navigation on invisible collisions at EXT Docks Bridge on the Kanal map.
  • Addressed flickering textures near ledges and certain objects post-barricade destruction with Vulkan executable.
  • Improved destructibility of grey carpets in 3F Cigar Balcony, 3F Cigar Lounge on Kafe Dostoyevsky map, and 2F Pink Room on House map.
  • Restricted Ram’s BU-GI Auto Breacher from reaching unintended areas.
  • Fixed Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System making Smoke Screen bulletproof.
  • Corrected Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charge losing connection upon elimination display.
User Experience
  • Restored missing Operator Voucher in the new Battle Pass tab.
  • Fixed overlapping SEC and SINGLESHOT labels in Detailed Weapon Stats.
  • Addressed tutorial rewards alert appearing twice post-tutorial completion.
  • Resolved content disappearing when backing out of rewards under the Battle Pass tab.
  • Removed placeholder text from Patch Notes page headlines.
  • Prevented default attachment skins from being added to favorites via Operator album.
  • Enabled mouse wheel scrolling in multiple customization menus.
  • Ensured discounts apply in Pack Manager.
  • Made Boot Camp universal attachment skin available for all applicable weapons.
  • Removed “A Voucher is waiting” modal near season end if all operators are unlocked.
  • Included missing shield skins in bundle content under the Shop tab.
  • Made the “Lifeblood Flower” universal attachment skin available for Glaz’s OTs-03.
  • Fixed various UI issues.
  • Fixed persistent weapon firing SFX after the end of a round.
  • Addressed infinite weapon firing SFX loop when an operator is eliminated while downed.
Download free Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.78 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
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