R6 Update 2.12 Patch Notes (R6 Siege 2.12) – Sep 7, 2021


R6 update 2.12 is now available to download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One players. According to R6 2.12 patch notes, the latest update resolves various issues and added some gameplay changes. Apart from this, R6 Siege version 2.12 also includes gameplay adjustments.

Previously, a big Operation Shadow Legacy update added a new operator Zero (Sam Fisher) and various quality of life improvements. Recently, a minor hotfix was also released.

Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing issues with the game online. Today’s R6 version 2.12 will fix a few of these issues.


R6 Patch Notes 2.12

New Operator – OSA – ATTACKER

This season, we’re introducing our latest Operator, Osa, an engineering prodigy from Croatia who brings expertise to Nighthaven with her quick wits and unapologetic enthusiasm for ’60s sci-fi movies.



  • Added 2.0x scope to ACS12 (removed 1.5x scope)
  • Added 1.5x scope to MX4 Storm

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.


Despite having a solid mix of utility, including a solid primary weapon and secondary shotgun, deployable shield and impacts, and high speed, her presence in the Balancing Matrix is still low. By changing up her scopes, the intention is to open up new role opportunities for her.

In particular, this should make Alibi more viable in roaming scenarios and appeal to players who are more frag-focused.


  • Removed 1.5x scope from C1
  • Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

In her current state, Frost has the highest win delta of all the Defenders and possesses a very high kill/death ratio when compared against other Defenders. To prevent her from holding longer angles as comfortably and bring her more in line with other operators, we have removed the 1.5x scope from her C1.

This isn’t the only piece to the Frost puzzle, though. We know that her Welcome Mats play a role in her overall strength, but want to first understand the role her gun plays before deciding if it will be necessary to shift focus to this utility. As such, we will be keeping a close eye on her updated performance over time .


  • Added Deployable Shield (removed Proximity Alarm)
  • Increased Shumikha Launcher total ammunition to 14 (from 10)
  • Improved DP-27 destruction:
    • 0 to 4.99m: 0.3 radius hole per shot
    • 5 to 7.99m: 0.2 radius hole per shot
    • Beyond 8m: 0.2 radius hole after three shots

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.


Playing Tachanka should be a blast, but as it stands he has a very low presence in the Balancing Matrix. One of the reasons for this is that his Shumikha Launcher tends to be quite situational and can be unsafe to fire since it renders him defenseless. In addition to increasing its total ammunition to encourage more active usage, Tachanka now has a Deployable Shield which will offer him more protection when using the launcher.

That’s not the only improvement Tachanka’s received to his destructive capabilities. His DP-27 is also capable of making larger holes per shot at mid-range which, when combined with the added protection of his Deployable Shield, should make him a more fearsome anchor.


  • Modified M762 recoil, harder to control.
    • Vertical recoil increased
    • Horizontal spread will be stronger to the the left
    • Long burst recoil will start on the 8th bullet (was 12th)

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

Looking at the Balancing Matrix, Zofia continues to have a very high presence, which is due in part to the high fragging potential and ease of use of her M762. In order to bring her more in line with other operators, her M762’s recoil has been increased making it harder to control. This comes in the form of increased vertical recoil and more of a horizontal spread to the left.

What’s new about this approach (and something we’d love your feedback on), is that while the horizontal spread will be stronger than other guns, it will be more predictable and with much less randomness. This means that while it will initially be harder to control, it should be possible to master the recoil pattern over time.


Since this will require a greater degree of control over her shots to secure frags, we expect Zofia to be less of an all-around pick who has both a strong, easy-to-use primary weapon and useful gadget. Her gadget will continue to be a draw, but those looking for a more easy to use frag-focused Attacker will find Ace, Sledge, and Iana more enticing options.


Following experimentation on the Test Server, we’ve made the decision to put Nøkk’s balancing rework on hold.

Our initial objective with this idea was to expand on the player experience of being invisible, making her more useful in a wider range of situations by addressing how her utility interacts with recent gadget and ability additions.

With her existing kit, Nøkk is already a difficult operator the detect. She is invisible to cameras, and she doesn’t make noise. If we were to add another invulnerability to detection, it would require removing something from her kit. No operator should be able to reach the bombsite totally undetected, after all.

Most recently, we tried removing the HEL Presence Reduction’s ability to muffle sounds, but found players missed this noise reduction more than they liked the immunity to proximity detectors that replaced it. This makes sense, as muffled sounds have more universal utility, whereas proximity immunity’s usefulness depends on the Defenders’ team composition.


On top of this, we feel that players should always be able to trust their gadgets. By adding this experimental immunity to proximity detection, it made a wide range of additional utility feel unreliable, which we want to avoid.

As a result, we’ve decided to put these experimental changes on hold and stick with the Nøkk you know and love as we explore other possibilities for the future.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to test out this change on the TS and shared constructive feedback with us. It’s hugely appreciated and helps guide future changes that you will truly enjoy playing with!



  • Increased damage to 69 (from 59)

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

In its current state, the ACS12 has a very low pick rate. Especially when compared with the ALDA and Mx4, the ACS12’s fragging potential was more limited, so we have increased the damage of its shots. This should help to bring it more in line with its contemporaries and make it a more viable option.


Note, this change does not affect damage drop-off values, which will remain the same.


  • Increased damage to 63 (from 57)

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

Similar to the ACS12, the TCSG-12 has a very low pick rate. In order to make it a more viable option, its damage has been increased.

With Goyo and Kaid already being viable operators, this is not intended to further increase their fragging potential. The increase to damage, while a step up from where it was previously, brings the TCSG-12 to a state that is still weaker than it was at release. This should help keep it in balance while still offering options when it comes to selecting their loadouts.



Included Favela map in Ranked and Unranked

  • Added the reworked Favela map to Ranked and Unranked playlists so players have more opportunities to play and test it.

Added feature to report players who left the game 

  • In the Post-Action Report, Ranked and Unranked players can now block or report players who disconnected before the last EOR replay.



  • Ying’s Candela, Blitz’s G52-Tactical Shield, and the Stun Grenade use a new flash detection system that calculates flash duration. It takes the environment and angle of the explosion into account as well as players’ distance and orientation.
  • This means that if an Operator is affected, they will always be flashed at 100%, but the duration will change each time, increasing the reliability of the flash effect.



  • Post-Action Report has updated art representations in each tab. The information in the Battle Pass tab and the Packs tab is more specific and clear.


  • A free gift (Esports Pack) can be acquired in the Esports category of the Shop.
  • New items have been added to Esports Packs.


  • Players can now scale the display area of the menu and in-game HUD. These options are in the Display section of the Options menu.


  • Adjusted ammo count for primary and secondary weapons to set a consistent magazine ammo range for each weapon in a weapon type.


  • Adjusted damage drop-off for each primary weapon type (except for shotguns with spread pellets) to have consistent, linear curves.
  • Unified damage drop-off for silencers (15%) across all primary weapons (except for shotguns with spread pellets).


  • To help combat toxicity, friendly fire for thrown device hits and launcher hits has been removed.
  • This change does not impact the effect of the gadget. For example, throwing a frag grenade at a teammate will not deal damage, but the explosion of the frag grenade will.


  • Improved the recognizability of different rarity categories for items and pack cards.


  • Added gamepad functionality.
  • Added support for Team Loadout.
  • Added support for Banned Operator icons.
  • Improved sounds overall.
  • Reduced replay file size.


  • Spectator mode now shows the Operators who have been banned by each team and displays the magazine ammo in the loadout info.


  • By default, opponents are now highlighted with a rim light, which helps prevent unfair camouflage. This Interface Preference can be turned off in the Options menu.


  • Players will now get a kill score when they down or completely eliminate an opponent. Players will receive an assist score when they eliminate an opponent who was already downed by a teammate.
  • Note: The ‘kill feed’ will display the name of the last player to damage the opponent, whether or not they got a kill or assist.
  • The DBNO scoring event has been removed. This prevents players from gaining unfair intel when they down an opponent who isn’t in their line of sight.


  • Screen shakes that result from explosions are now reduced across the board and are completely removed from certain device explosions. This helps make shooting more precise and competitive.
  • Screen shakes are completely removed from explosions caused by:
    • Ela’s GRZMOT Mines
    • Zofia’s KS79 Lifeline concussion grenades
    • Echo’s Yokai sonic bursts
    • Nomad’s Airjab Launcher repulsion devices


  • The flinch animation that used to occur when an Operator was hit by bullet damage is now reduced. This helps make shooting more precise and competitive.


  • To ensure fair players keep their MMR (such as when they win against a cheater), improvements to the system address the most relevant matches and restrict the time window in a current season when rollbacks occur.
  • The messages displayed by the system have been improved.



  • Operator armor has been converted to health (HP). 3-Armor Operators have 125 HP, 2-Armor Operators have 110 HP, and 1-Armor Operators have 100 HP.


  • The team detected a trend where Ranked players who reach Platinum don’t play as much to reach Diamond. For this reason, Platinum now has smaller gaps between skill ranks, and more skill ranks have been added to Diamond, so high level players can climb skill ranks faster and have a greater sense of progression.
  • New Platinum gaps (old ones in parenthesis):
    • Plat III – 3200 (3200)
    • Plat II – 3500 (3600)
    • Plat I – 3800 (4000)
  • New Diamond gaps and skill ranks:
    • Diamond III – 4100
    • Diamond II – 4400
    • Diamond I – 4700
  • Please note: This is not Ranked 2.0 – that feature will require more changes and will come at a later date.


  • Players can choose whether they want to spawn with other players or spawn alone.
  • This setting is now always active in all playlists, allowing players more agency over their spawn selection and overall strategy.
  • Since the setting is now always active, the option to vote for a single Attacker spawn location has been removed from Custom Game settings.


  • Instead of a big rework, this season there will be three maps with small changes: Bank, Coastline, and Clubhouse.
  • Ranked/Unranked: No rotation, since Favela was introduced to Ranked and Unranked map pools midseason during Y6S2.
  • Newcomer: Coastline replaces Favela in the Newcomer map pool.
  • Note: Remember, Quick Match does not have a rotation.



  • FIXED – Players can vault through barricades after a single melee hit.
  • FIXED – Operator Selection remains stuck on screen during gameplay.
  • UPDATED – Players can destroy a barricade with certain weapons, causing it to desync and become exploitable. There is an ongoing investigation into this issue to ensure it works as expected for players.
  • FIXED – Players can deploy a reinforcement or barricade while falling through a hatch.
  • FIXED – Players can select the same Operator as another player during a match.
  • UPDATED – Sometimes the Windows cursor remains stuck on screen, blocking camera movement. There is an ongoing investigation into this issue to ensure it works as expected for players.
  • FIXED – Some players above 4400 MMR are unable to Squad queue with other players, despite being within the accepted MMR range.
  • FIXED – Players lose camera control if they play a match while under an Abandon Penalty.


  • FIXED – Operators can fall out of bounds or clip through the wall to get inside the building after exiting rappel in the gap between vents at EXT Forklift Alley on Kanal map.
  • FIXED – Attackers have unfair LOS into 1F Main Hallway and 2F Landing after vaulting over a bush on Villa map.
  • FIXED – The destructible floor doesn’t fully break when Sledge uses the Breaching Hammer on the metal support beams on Favela map.
  • FIXED – Two soft walls cannot be reinforced while Defenders are standing on a reinforced hatch in 1F Public Bathroom on Consulate map.
  • FIXED – Gap on top of barricaded doorway allows LOS into EXT Pedestrian Customs on Border Map.
  • FIXED – Several LOD issues on Villa map.
  • FIXED – Defuser can be dropped behind indestructible plant pots at EXT Terrace on Villa Map.
  • FIXED – Player movement dips while passing over the triangular gap between PC boxes in 2F Coin Farm on Favela Map.
  • FIXED – Deployable devices float when placed on wooden beams on Kafe Dostoyevsky map.


  • FIXED – Fuze starts a round with a default weapon loadout if the player doesn’t swap between weapons during Operator Selection.
  • FIXED – Jackal stops rappelling for a moment if gadget is enabled or disabled.
  • FIXED – Lights on Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher appear in an incorrect location.
  • FIXED – When Kali cancels a reload by switching weapons, the player is unable to ADS.
  • FIXED – When Buck cancels a Skeleton Key reload, the player is unable to ADS.
  • FIXED – Jackal’s Eyenox Model III continues to ping Defenders after Jackal is eliminated.
  • FIXED – IQ’s Electronics Detector automatically reequips after IQ places a Breach Charge.


  • FIXED – Multiple localization issues throughout the game.
  • FIXED – Deployment SFX is silent when a player deploys a Frag Grenade or C4, then crouches or goes prone at the same time.
  • FIXED – New HUD can be activated through a game console command.
  • FIXED – Popup for redeeming the Sunstark bundle crashes the game.
  • FIXED – Prompts may linger on screen over several rounds.
  • FIXED – The iron sight attachment for the ITA12S and SMG-12 floats in multiple menus.
  • FIXED – Players can create a hole in Castle’s Armor Panel if they melee a spot near the frame on both sides.
  • FIXED – Rappel SFX is sometimes inaudible.
  • FIXED – Keyboard players who browse the Charms category in the shop experience navigation issues.
  • FIXED – UMP45 has the wrong weapon skin thumbnail for Six Major NA 2021.
  • FIXED – Booster icon is missing from the Booster activation confirmation side-panel.
  • FIXED – Battle Pass tab in Post-Action Report does not immediately update for players who complete the last tier of the Battle Pass.


  • FIXED – Incorrect Traditional Chinese character present in Thunderbird’s Bio.

Download free R6 Siege update 2.12 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.