R6 Update 1.92 Patch Notes (Y5S3) for PS4 and Xbox One

    R6 update 1.92 patch notes (Y5S3) for PS4, PC, and Xbox One is now available for players. According to R6 1.92 patch notes, the latest Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy update added a new operator Zero (Sam Fisher) with a new Argus device for intel and utility. Apart from this, R6 version 1.92 also includes map rework, unique seasonal skin, and more.

    Previously, a big Operation Steel Wave update added new operators (Ace and Melusi), new map changes, balancing, and much more. Recently a minor update was also released.

    Unfortunately, since the last update, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game online. Today’s R6 version 1.92 is expected to fix a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    What is fixed in R6 version 1.92?


    • Addressed a bug where with gadget deployment and consistency when interacting with destructible/fragile map assets (see Gadget Deployment Refactor in Patch Notes).
    • Fixed an issue where Minor feedback issues for new disable state (see new Disable State in Patch Notes).
    • Addressed various minor issues with Ping 2.0 feedback (see new Ping 2.0 in Patch Notes).
    • Addressed various feedback issues for hard breach charge (see new Hard Breach Charge in Patch Notes).
    • Addressed various vault fixes (see Vault Detection Improvement in Patch Notes).
    • Fixed an issue where Hot breach charge can kill operators during entry.
    • Addressed a bug where with DBNO detection.
    • Fixed a bug where launcher projectiles (Ash, Zero) can sometimes pass through walls.
    • Fixed an issue where breaching charges display fire spark VFX if they’re destroyed without being detonated.
    • Fixed an issue where drones not always spawning in the same vicinity as the player.
    • Fixed a bug where drones sometimes spawn facing the wrong way and not facing the objective building.
    • Fixed an issue where drones spawning at random map locations instead of near the Attacker spawn point if ‘No vote’ is chosen.
    • Fixed an issue where Firearms can sometimes get stuck if players pick up deployable gadgets during the animation and using other buttons simultaneously.
    • Fixed an issue where Gadgets/projectiles can sometimes pass through surfaces if they are thrown while leaning, prone, and while forcing collision.
    • Addressed a bug where inconsistent objective scan detection by drone on bomb sites.
    • R6 update 1.92 fixed an issue where missing occluded SFX when deploying while standing away from the wall and rappelling.
    • Fixed an issue where popping animation when running downhill.
    • Addressed an issue where shield operator’s shields will flip after swapping it out and meleeing.
    • Fixed an issue where small barricades can be vaulted after just one hit.
    • R6 version 1.92 fixed an issue where weapons appear in the middle of a deployable gadget while gadget is being deployed/cooked.
    • Addressed an issue where when melee hitting an electrified deployable shield, players take 15 damage (should be consistent with damage taken from electrified reinforced walls/barbed wire – which is 3 dmg).
    • Fixed an issue where Holo MH1 reticule is not properly aligned.
    • Fixed an issue where Red dot is not aligned.


    • Fixed an issue where exploitable gaps in some map areas.
    • Fixed an issue where flickering textures for certain map surfaces.
    • Fixed an issue where minor chroma changes to destructible walls for better clarity.
    • R6 1.92 addressed various clipping/dynamic clipping issues.
    • Addressed various issues with carpets.
    • Addressed various LOD issues on maps.
    • Rainbow Six Siege update 1.92 addressed various map props/assets.


    • Fixed an issue where Tons of Chalet stuff (see Chalet rework.)


    • Fixed an issue where echo’s Yokai can get stuck behind a water dispenser in 1F Skylight Stairwell of Bank.
    • Fixed an issue where explosion damage can pass through the metal desk in B CCTV of Bank.
    • R6 1.92 fixed an issue where invisible ceiling collision when navigating with Echo’s Yokai at B Main Stairway on Bank.


    • Fixed an issue where Attackers can plant the defuser on top of the lockers in 1F Supply Room of Border.


    • Fixed an issue where bullets can penetrate through the trim around the bar counter on Coastline.
    • Fixed an issue where carpets on Coastline are not destroyed when hit by explosives (see Gadget Deployment Refactor).
    • R6 1.92 fixed an issue where you can go through the cool vibes wall on Coastline while rappelling.


    • Fixed an issue where Placing and detonating a nitro cell or impact grenade on the flag in 2F Consul Office of Consulate will not deal damage to any nearby operators.
    • Fixed an issue where Small gap above the double doors of EXT Visa Entrance of Consulate.


    • Addressed a bug where with gadget deployment on the top window of EXT East Staircase window on Hereford.


    • Fixed an issue where The defuser can be dropped in a difficult to access area in EXT Cannon Overlook on Fortress.


    • Rainbow Six Siege 1.92 fixed an issue where Drones spawning in the wrong locations on House.
    • Fixed an issue where Barbed wire can’t be placed on certain spots in 1F Lobby Stairs of House.


    • R6 update 1.92 fixed an issue where Barbed wire not deploying on carpeted stairs on Kafe.


    • Fixed an issue where Counters in 1F Kitchen Outback are missing some materials.


    • Fixed an issue where Defenders sometimes spawn in the air at 2F Bunk on Theme Park.



    • Rainbow Six Siege 1.92 addressed various issues with Zero’s piercing camera gadget and interactions with various props/functionality (see Zero in Patch Notes).
    • Addressed various visual feedback issues with Zero’s gadget.


    • Fixed an issue where When using Amaru’s Garra Hook to rappel up, Amaru can sometimes get stuck and fall back to the ground.


    • Fixed an issue where Ash’s breaching round will not explode properly when it interacts with reinforced walls in a certain way.


    • Fixed an issue where Montagne and Clash cannot extend their shields while crouched.
    • Addressed a bug where Missing feedback warning message when Clash tries to user her CCE shield while in a disabled state.
    • Fixed an issue where Clash can slow opponents even when her CCE Shield is facing the opposite direction after being meleed and having her guard broken.


    • Fixed an issue where Frost’s Muzzle Flash with her 9mm sub–machine gun extended barrel is misplaced.


    • Fixed an issue where Fuze has the Nato red dot, and the holographic and reflex scopes available for the AK–12 (he should have the Russian red dot, Russian holo, the Russian reflex, 2.0x and Russian 2.5x).


    • Fixed an issue where If Iana is using the new Y5S3 1.5x or 2.0x Scopes, they will revert back to the old ones when using her hologram.
    • Fixed an issue where If Iana’s hologram is activated while a player reconnects to a session, Iana may appear to be dead to that player.


    • Fixed an issue where maestro’s Evil Eyes should now match the same deployment behavior of other deployable gadgets.


    • Fixed an issue where missing ‘Empty fuel’ message for Maverick’s blowtorch.


    • Fixed an issue where melusi’s Banshee and Maestro’s Evil Eye are not destroyed when an enemy is pushed into them by Nomad’s Airjab or Oryx’s charge.
    • Fixed an issue where small destructible objects can block Melusi’s Banshee’s LOS.


    • Fixed an issue where montagne and Clash cannot extend their shields while crouched.
    • Addressed a bug where montagne can unequip his shield while being guard broken.
    • Fixed an issue where montagne’s extended shield is automatically equipped if the player presses the key/button for his shield and then stands up later.


    • Fixed an issue where destroying a Mozzie pest while hacking a drone renders the drone unusable for both Mozzie + the attacker.


    • Fixed an issue where Thatcher gets 10 points instead of 5 points for disabling Melusi’s Banshee.
    • Fixed an issue where Thatcher getting 2x points for disabling Clash’s CCE shield.


    • Fixed an issue where HUD icon updates for voice chat.
    • Addressed various cosmetic/shop issues.
    • Addressed various HUD fixes in caster mode.
    • Fixed various HUD issues with compass locations on maps.
    • Addressed various HUD/UI issues.
    • Addressed various issues when spectating with Caster mode.
    • fixed a minor menu/round SFX issues.
    • Addressed various minor visual issues with map props when in spectator mode.
    • R6 1.92 addressed various SFX ping errors in menu/UI.
    • Fixed an issue where Ammo counter appears off screen when using 4:3 aspect ratio.
    • Fixed a bug where Buff/debuff icons are missing their animations on the HUD.
    • Fixed an issue where defender’s weapon attachments sometimes spawn with a delay after the start of the round.
    • Fixed a bug where doc’s stim pistol is not functional in Training Grounds
    • Addressed an issue where Errors with disable state interaction in completing PvE situations.
    • R6 version 1.92 fixed an issue where graphical corruption when setting the brightness at 60 or above
    • Fixed a bug where in custom matches, the Hostage can still be killed even after setting Hostage death to off.
    • Fixed a bug where long loading times when transitioning to the start of a round.
    • Addressed an issue where Missing score/timer from the UI during match point.
    • Fixed an issue where overlapping running SFX when shield operators run with the shield on their back.
    • R6 version 1.92 fixed an issue where player’s attachment loadout visual information does not update during operator selection after being changed.
    • Fixed an issue where reload button is misplaced on non–native aspect ratios.
    • R6 1.92 addressed a bug where some optic colors (orange, turquoise) are not displaying their true color at high opacity levels.
    • Fixed an issue where The bots start talking about grenades when Zero uses his gadget in PvE. At least they’re pretty.
    • Fixed an issue where unmuting another user that you blocked does not unmute them

    Download free R6 update 1.92 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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