Propnight Update 2.0 Patch Notes (New Features) – February 17, 2022

A new Propnight update 2.0 is now rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official Propnight patch notes, the latest update added a new killer mechanic, a new survivor mechanic, a new survivor item, unlocked FPS, and much more.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Propnight patch 2.0 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

What is new in Propnight Patch Notes? – February 17, 2022

• New Killer mechanic – Store! With the help of it, Killers are now able to purchase various items that make them stronger using coins they earn during a match

• New Survivor mechanic – a choice between two random items when opening the Chest!

• A new Survivor item – Building Set! With the help of it, Survivors are now able to build wooden barricades which Killers will have to break to go through

• Unlocked FPS!

• Gameplay – Hard Mode was removed as it will be offset by purchases from the Store

• Gameplay – each lost Survivor increases the number of coins earned for other Survivors by 20%

• Gameplay – Killer stun synchronization was improved

• Gameplay – once the Exit Doors are open, the maximum round time is reduced to 1 minute

• Gameplay – now there is Overtime for opening Exit Doors, and 30 seconds are added to the timer when the Exit Doors are opened

• Killers – fixed that sometimes it was impossible to break a Propmachine and that repeated attempts to break a Propmachine could break controls

• Killers – fixed Killers widening upon being stunned by a prop and Closable Doors simultaneously

• Killers – fixed the possibility of Killers’ animations breaking if a Survivor they were carrying would leave the match

• Akasha – Blade Dance can now damage Closable Doors

• Akasha – Blade Dance can now be used to climb up/down the stairs; the exploit that allowed Akasha to fly forward a long distance if Blade Dance was used when moving down from a height was removed

• Banshee – fixed an exploit that allowed Banshee to move faster while combining jumping and Flight

• Banshee – Scream can no longer damage Closable Doors

• Banshee – now the progress of the cursed Propmachine will not be accelerated if Survivors hit the white zone of the skill check

• Granny – fixed Hunt level increase while throwing knives at a Survivor on Hypnochair

• Impostor – fixed that a third-person camera could be stuck if F and RMB were pressed at the same time while Impostor was in the prop form

• Impostor – fixed Impostor becoming invisible to other players when clicking LMB and RMB at the same time

• Impostor – fixed that when pressing F and the Disguise hotkeys at the same time, the Impostor disguised as a Survivor would stop responding to any player’s actions

• Impostor – in general, various bugs related to the simultaneous pressing of different keys have been fixed

• Survivors – Survivors can no longer sprint backward

• Survivors – fixed that if several Survivors simultaneously helped another Survivor to get up from the floor then additional round time would be given for each Survivor who helped

• Survivors – fixed the bug which did not allow Killer to put a Survivor in the Hypnochair and broke Survivor’s ability to wiggle out if the Killer tried to put the Survivor in the Hypnochair right at the moment of wiggle progress bar being filled

• Survivors – fixed that sometimes Survivors could not turn into props after receiving damage at the time of transformation from a prop to a Survivor

• Survivors – fixed that Last Survivor notification did not appear if last but one Survivor left the game

• Survivors – fixed Survivors being seen as a Survivor and a prop simultaneously while turning into a Prop with high ping

• Survivors – fixed Survivor crawling upside down above the floor if Killer knocked them down while they were directly under the Killer

• Survivors – fixed Survivors growing in size if knocked down in the prop form close to a wall

• Kate – Medkit starter item was replaced with Building Set

• Props – now transformation into a prop is synchronized with the server, which allows avoiding various bugs with desynchronization for players

• Props – fixed that while pressing Shift props could climb walls

• Props – fixed that while pressing Shift flat props could get inside walls

• Items – now Camera and Yellow Jar will not make the whole screen white upon impact

• Camera – Camera can no longer stun; it now blinds and slows Killers by 50%. The duration of the effect has been increased from 2/3/4 to 4/4.5/5 sec

• Yellow Jar – the duration has been increased from 2/3/4 to 4/4.5/5 sec, and now the screen will be yellow instead of white while being blinded by Yellow Jar

• Jar of Glue – Jar of Glue now always slows Killer down by 50%, and its rarity affects the duration of its effect – 4/4.5/5 sec

• Jar of Glue – now blocks Killer’s abilities

• Jar of Glue – fixed that slowing down could not work sometimes

• Energy Drink – reduced the duration from 10/15/20 to 8/10/12 sec; cooldown is now 120 sec instead of 140

• Ancient Book – increased the duration from 3/4/5 to 6/7/8 sec; cooldown is now 120 sec instead of 125

• Medkit – now legendary Medkit works similarly to epic one, but after a cooldown of 120 sec it will restore all charges

• Picklock – fixed the progress being stuck if another Survivor started saving the Survivor who was using a Picklock and then stopped

• Inventory – fixed that one Camera could blind twice if you clicked on its inventory slot and pressed F at the same time

• Propboxes – Tags have been added to Propboxes

• Propboxes – fixed Blood Maiden Akasha’s skin not being saved

• Hypnochair – now if the Survivor who was sitting on a Hypnochair leaves the match the Hypnochair will automatically break

• Hypnochair – fixed the player’s camera sometimes getting stuck behind the Hypnochair

• Castle – fixed Closable Doors not visually breaking from Igor’s Charge

• Multiplayer – game search will now be canceled for a team if one of its members accepted an invitation to another team

• Multiplayer – now it will not be possible to join a team when you or the team is in a match search or a Quick game match

• Multiplayer – now it will not be possible to join a Custom game if the match has already started

• Lobby – character change is blocked when the final countdown is already in progress

• UI Main menu – added friends’ avatars

• UI F1 – now hotkeys in the F1 window correspond to the binds from the settings

• UI Items drop – added inventory slot numbers

• UI HUD – now hotkeys are hidden if you open the Tab window, voice command window, or drop item window

• Controller – fixed that hovering over any button in the UI blocked the use of the controller to navigate the UI

• Controller – fixed that the list of friends could not be closed by controller

• Controls – now wiggle hotkeys correspond to the binds from the settings

• Controls – removed the ability to reassign drop the Survivor button from the Killer

• Settings – added the ability to mute general voice chat, general text chat, as well as voice commands

• Settings – added support for microphone selection

• Settings – resolution selection is now done through a drop-down menu

• Miscellaneous – fixed a possible cause of a rare game freeze after exiting a match

• Optimization and various collision fixes, and fixes to unfair spots on all maps

• Minor fixes to visuals, UI, physics, controls, and localization

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