Propnight Update 2.0.3 Patch Notes – February 25, 2022

Propnight update 2.0.3 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Propnight patch notes, the latest update added changes for Castle, banshee, akasha, and more.

Previously, a major update was released that added a new killer mechanic, a new survivor mechanic, a new survivor item, unlocked FPS, and much more.

Unfortunetly, players are still facing problems with the game. Today’s Propnight patch 2.0.3 will fix a few of these issues.

What is new in Propnight Patch Notes? – February 25, 2022

Castle – added and rearranged some static objects and props in the map to improve the balance

• Banshee – removed the ability to use Flight when moving backward

• Akasha – Akasha will now slow down after Blade Dance like after her regular attack

• Akasha – Axe no longer allows Blade Dance to break Closable Doors and Wooden Barricades in one hit

• Poisoned Knife – charges will no longer be wasted if Survivor loses all health on hit

• Poisoned Knife – increased the price from 1500 to 1750

• Boots of Speed – increased the price from 1500 to 1750

• Lightning Ball – increased the price from 1000 to 1500

• Bloody Shard – reduced the price from 1250 to 1000

• Leather Gloves – increased the price from 1000 to 1250

• Leather Gloves – increased Survivor carrying speed bonus from 10% to 15%

• Survivors – Survivors will now receive +10% movement speed after getting a melee attack and +5% movement speed after a ranged attack. If HP is below 20, then bonus to speed is multiplied by 2

• Survivors – Survivors will no longer make the sound of landing on their feet after turning from a prop form back to a human if they were standing on the ground

• Camera – reduced the stun sound effect

• Building Set – now the Wooden Barricades that were hit by moving Closable Doors will break

• Hypnochair – now when a Killer deals damage with the main attack to a Survivor who is trying to save another Survivor from a Hypnochair, the process of rescuing them will be interrupted

• UI Tab – Killers can no longer see Survivors’ scores during matches


• Farm, Abbey, Camp, School – blocked places where it was impossible to get Survivors, fixed some issues with collisions

• Killers – fixed a lot of hit particles being created when hitting multiple objects

• Killers – fixed Killers sometimes being able to walk through the Closable Doors that have just been closed

• Killers – fixed that Killers could use their abilities while messaging in the text chat

• Granny – fixed particle and sound playing twice when Granny threw her knife

• Props – fixed that props could move slowly under certain conditions

• Chest – fixed that after buying and picking up an item the hotkey for buying did not appear again

• Helmet – fixed that if Helmet is thrown before Killer hits the effect of Helmet would work, but Helmet itself would not be wasted

• Building Set – fixed being able to build inside Closable Doors and above Propmachines

• UI Main Menu – fixed Alt+F4 not working in the main menu

• UI Points – fixed incorrect messages about getting points for Killers

• UI Chat – fixed that opened chat would not be closed via Esc

• Minor fixes and improvements for gameplay, UI, and localization

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