Post Scriptum Update February 23 Patch Notes

    A new Post Scriptum update 2.1.2102.5790 released on PC. According to the official Post Scriptum patch notes, the latest update added gameplay improvements and fixes.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Post Scriptum patch 2.1.2102.5790 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Post Scriptum Patch Notes – February 23, 2022

    Changelog Core Game

    • Fixed a game start parameter exploit.

    Changelog Chapter Mercury

    Level Design Changes

    • Moved start screen camera actor
    • New minimap of Maleme added with greater detail
    • Maleme Offensive 4 capture points changed to align to map flow
    • Maleme Offensive 4 is now a day layer
    • Added night layer to every Maleme Offensive layer
    • Added two Maleme event layers without flags
    • Changed collision on barbed wire splines around the airfield
    • Changed various shutters to different colours on Maleme
    • Numerous small level design fixes to floating map furniture etc
    • Change lightings on layers:

      — Maleme Off 01 = Dawn Clear

      — Maleme Off 02 = Sunset Clear

      — Maleme Off 03 = Noon Clear

      — Maleme Off 04 = Afternoon Sunny

      — Maleme Off 05 = Dawn Clear

      — Maleme Off 06 = Afternoon Sunny

    Performance & Optimisation

    • Updated LODs to all new Characters
    • Updated LODs to all new Vehicles
    • Updated LODs to all new Weapons
    • Cobblestone road LODs amended
    • Removed collision from various small stone meshes
    • Fixed physics settings for Thompson and No76 grenade
    • Fixed lightning creating bad performance for many low hardware players

    Gameplay Mechanics

    • Increased number of para jump JU52 aircraft to allow up to 18 players to spawn
    • Increased Gruppe West Glider cool down to 15 minutes (balancing)
    • Change DFS-230 glider MSP health system (destroyable by every projectile starting from rifles)
    • Reduced cooldown times for ANZAC air support (balancing).
    • Added 1x additional Matilda and 1x additional Vickers Mk6 to ANZAC tank deck (balancing/historical)
    • Removed historically inaccurate QF6 pdr anti-tank gun

    General Bug Fixes

    • Fixed ANZAC Cdr Mortar call in – reduced time to action to 20 seconds
    • Fixed ANZAC Cdr Blenheim call in (bomb hits)
    • Fixed ANZAC tank crew lacking fire extinguishers
    • Change Morris physic and driving behaviour
    • Fixed Morris logistic crates clip through the bottom
    • Fixed Morris internal col parts are sticking out
    • Change Vickers physic and driving behaviour
    • Fixed Gruppe West goremat
    • Fixed Gruppe West Radioman sound cue location
    • Added corrected Gruppe West gore system
    • Added corrected Gruppe West gore limbs
    • Added ANZAC goremat
    • Added ANZAC gore system
    • Fixed ANZAC “ping” sound by hitting not the head
    • Fixed broken Lee Enfield scope
    • Added No.76 smoke UI icon
    • Added JU-52 paradrop and logistic UI icon
    • Changed Kettenkrad tracks
    • Bugfixed seat positions on Morris CS8 transports
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