Pharaoh Game Update Patch Notes – March 21, 2023

Pharaoh game update is rolling out on PC (Steam). According to the official Pharaoh patch notes, the latest update addressed some gameplay bug fixes as well as adding the highly-requested mini-map, balancing, some rework, and improvements Apart from this, the Pharaoh patch also includes performance improvements.

Recently, a major Pharaoh update added quality-of-life changes and fixes. Unfortunately, players have been experiencing issues with the game since the last patch.

Today’s Pharaoh update will fix a few of these issues.

Pharaoh Patch Notes – March 21, 2023

New Features:
  • Added mini-map to the bottom left of the screen.
  • Added ‘Flat Mode‘ and ‘Grid‘ Toggle to the mini-map. (as explained in our previous blog post, both modes already had their own key bindings: ‘F’ & ‘G’ are used by default – can be modified in the game setting)
  • Mini-map also displays the different food available in the mission.

  • Regrowth of trees and reeds is now calculated every month based on resources gathered and no longer total resources on the map.
  • Reduced the spawn rate of animals making hunters less absurdly efficient.
  • Hunters now bring back only 10 units of hides per trip, slowing down hides production.
  • Reduced the rate of criminal spawn – when a house generates a criminal, the crime risk of every other house is slightly reduced, avoiding waves of criminals spawning the same day and giving you time to set up police stations and courthouses.
Rework of the City Sentiment:
  • Added passive bonus to city sentiment each month depending on the difficulty level (+2 on easy, + 1 on normal, and no bonus on hard)
  • If you’re supposed to get a bonus in city sentiment this month, the bonus is doubled if the city sentiment is lower than 50% and tripled if lower than 30% – allows recovering more quickly from low city sentiment once you’ve fixed the underlying problems.
  • Added an alert if your city sentiment falls below certain thresholds – Below 50% immigration starts to decrease, and it stops below 30%).
  • Added more information regarding the city sentiment and how variables are considered in the in-game help section
  • Added more indications to the Chief Overseer when hovering over it – gives more precision as to why the city sentiment is falling
Rework of Religion:
  • Festival now gives fewer ankhs to the dedicated god (from + 3 to +2 for the Grand Festival, +2 to +1 for the lavish festival, and from +1 to nothing for the small festival).
  • The window for blessings after a festival is halved (16 instead of 32 months).
  • Festival to a god only allows for a chance to get his blessing, not other gods anymore.
  • General probability of getting ankhs/thunderbolts is lowered.
  • The threshold for blessings can only be reached after you have at least dedicated a festival to the appropriate god – preventing high mood in the early game to provide free blessings.
  • There is now a minimum delay of a month in between two blessings/wraths from different gods.
  • The same god cannot give a blessing/trigger its wrath less than 3 months apart.
  • You can open a trade route and throw a festival now even if you’re close to going into debt.
  • You can open a trade route and throw a festival now when if you’re in debt
  • Tax rate cannot go higher than 25% any longer
  • Removed every mention of the tribute to the kingdom as it’s not used in A New Era – Instead, every year passing while indebted will hurt your Kingdom Rating directly.
  • Key binds for overseers and overlays now close what they open.
  • Modified the order of the overseers – reflect more what was in the original game.
  • There are no longer subcategories to the building bar, to avoid confusion with buildings that didn’t have one – Every building is now only two clicks away.
  • The chief overseer comments now have tooltips on hover which give more information.
  • Saves are now ordered from newest to oldest.

Added key bindings for

  • Undo
  • Remove
  • Housing
  • Road
  • Roadblock
  • Added a tutorial in Perwadjyt to explain how entertainment coverage works.
  • Added a tutorial in Thinis to explain how flat mode works.
  • Added a tutorial in Saqqara to explain how burial provisions work.
  • Added a tutorial in Men-Nefer to explain how city sentiment works.
  • Added a tutorial in Nekhen to explain how the building picker works.
  • Modified the tutorial on Nubt to reflect the removal of subcategories.
  • Added new loading tips.
  • Added an option to toggle on/off the autosave.
  • Added an option to specify how many autosaves to keep for a city.
  • The autosave delay option now offers more choices.
  • Separated the options for “storage accept” into “Storage Yards accept” and “Granaries accept”.
  • Added an option for unlimited zoom out (can severely hurt performance, so toggle off by default)
  • The delay on hover on buildings option now offers more choices (from 0 to 3 with increments of 0.5).
  • Remove the option for subcategories pre-open.
Bug fixes:
  • You no longer lose debens when placing a road over an existing road.
  • Fisheries no longer stop working after a while – the boat can go back to fishing as soon as the carrier has left the building.
  • Fixed miscalculated housing level effect on city sentiment.
  • Victory now properly triggers its audio track.
  • Fixed missing check on monument target if it has a worker already or not.
  • Building a carpenter’s guild and providing it with wood after the pyramid tries to call for a carpenter no longer blocks construction.
  • If the game is saved/loaded while Stonemasons are working on a pyramid’s causeway, it will no longer block the construction.
  • Fixed a corrupted monument sprite.
  • Placing a bridge after removing a monument no longer breaks pathfinding.
  • Hunting lodges now have two carriers on maps where antelopes are present to be able to deliver game meat and hide at the same time.
  • Carriers no longer stack infinitely in certain cases.
  • Carriers now properly remove hides from Hunting Lodges when delivering them, no longer causing over-production.
  • Pressing UI buttons now triggers the proper sound effect.
  • Devolving houses no longer artificially increase the number of children in the city.
  • Fixed children count on reload.
  • Fixed the house info close button.
  • Fixed Architect’s Post believes it lacks workers when it has all of them.
  • Fixed Merchants not drowning when crossing flooded areas.
  • Prevent the building of more than 6 forts through the Building Picker.
  • Recruiters will now produce soldiers even if an Academy is built without an initial adjacent road.
  • Sandbox missions are now properly autosaved in French, Spanish & Italian.
  • Fixed some cases of save corruption.
  • Having more than 6 warships on either side no longer breaks battles.
  • The “Rends l’argent” achievement now properly unlocks.
  • Nile farms now properly update their fertility.
  • Numeric fields no longer let you type letters in them.
Level Design:
  • Breweries are now available in Sawu.
  • Breweries are now available in Djedu.
  • Breweries are now available in Hetepsenusret.
  • Breweries are now available in Baharyia Oasis.
  • Fixed trade prices on manufactured goods in Sawu.
  • Music is back in Itjtawy.
  • And many more minor fixes.
  • Words like “main d‘œuvre” are now properly displayed in French.
  • Various corrections in the 5 languages.
  • Cities’ names are now the same on the map and in the campaign choices.
  • Fixed certain localization keys that stayed in English while playing in another language.
  • Seth’s blessing event now properly explains that only part of the attackers is killed by the god.
  • Fixed localization lines for the altar and oracle built-in Temple Complexes.
  • Fixed inverted descriptions for Ptah’s wraths.

Download free Pharaoh update on PC (Steam).

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