Payday 2 Update 235 Patch Notes (New Update Today)

A new Payday 2 update 235 is available on PC (Steam). According to the official Payday 2 patch notes, the latest update adds a long list of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Today’s Payday 2 patch 235 download size is around 109.04MB.

Previously, Payday 2 update 233 addressed the alignment of the Cassian Elite Scope x4.5 on a number of weapons. Unfortunately, players are still facing a number of problems. Today’s PAYDAY 2 patch 235 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Payday 2 Patch 235 Changelog – March 22, 2023


  • Fixed clients executing multiple elements for damage zones or fall damage disabling, causing them sometimes to take damage permanently (or not block fall damage) after entering them sometimes or when they get disabled while the player is inside. Made so the code makes them run locally and to not depend on latency has been further reworked and now it accounts for zones that might not work on clients, letting them run by the server first as usual.
  • Changed how ammo pickup multipliers from weapon mods apply in the pickup calculation. They now affect the base pickup. This makes them work more as you’d expect and prevent issues when pickup bonuses are involved.
  • Fixed an oversight from last update causing weapons with no ammo pickup to still grab ammo pickups, despite granting nothing.
  • Added missing levels to the One More Down, No More To Go Achievement.
  • Fixed an issue of where Tag Team Perk deck was using wrong values in its description

Heist Fixes

  • Hostile Takeover – Fixed an issue that could hinder player movement in the area outside the Document Storage room.
  • Hostile Takeover – Adjusted Locke’s VO priority when the player uses the PA system to lure scientists out of the laboratory.
  • Hostile Takeover – Fixed an issue that would not count any loot secured past 20 bags.
  • Tweaked XP values on various heists rewarding no XP for additional bags.
    • Breakfast In Tijuana: Changed bag exp values from 0 to 1000 per bag
    • Bank Heists (All 4 variations): Changed bag exp values from 0 to 500 per bag
    • Firestarter day 3: Changed bag exp values from 0 to 500 per bag
    • Election Day, day 2: Changed bag exp values from 0 to 500 per bag
    • Election Day, day 3: Changed bag exp values from 0 to 1000 per bag
    • Golden Grin Casino: Changed bag exp values from 0 to 500 per bag (including mandatory loot from 250 to 500 as well)


  • Updated the Payday Kart 64 Achievement Icon to accurately reflect the time needed.
  • Fixed an issue on the Kang Arms X1 Sniper Rifle that caused the character to grab the weapon as if there was a grip attached, after using the Inspire skill.
  • Fixed an issue of where the magnifier second sight remained zoomed in after throwing a grenade or using melee
  • Speedpull magazines now also apply the following penalties:
    • 1 concealment
    • 8 stability
    • 4 accuracy
  • The total ammo and ammo pickup on the RUS-12 Angry Tiger revolver and the Breaker 12G shotgun have been adjusted:

    ! RUS-12

    • Total ammo: from 15 to 40
    • Ammo pickup: from 0.25-0.75 to 0.2-0.6
      It should now feel more similar to how the 5/7 feels to a Deagle, but with other revolvers.

      ! Breaker 12G

    • Total ammo: from 21 to 28
    • Ammo pickup: 0.21-0.735 to 0.28-0.98
  • Adjusted ammo pickup multipliers from weapon mods accordingly. Added pickup multipliers to grenade launcher ammo types, in the same way. Details for what the pickups would result into without any bonuses (min-max):
    ! DMR kits

    • CAR-4 Rifle: 1.125-2.475
    • AK Rifle: 1.125-2.475
    • AMR-16 Rifle: 1.08-2.43
    • AK.762 Rifle: 1.08-2.43
    • KS12 Urban: 1.08-2.43
    • Gewehr 3 Rifle: 1.19988-2.69973
      ! Assault kits and similar (more ammo, less damage):
    • Gewehr 3, Assault Kit: 4.49955-8.09919
    • Akron HC, Aureate Exclusive Set: 5.6-11.4
      ! Other
    • Broomstick, Precision Barrel: 0.495-1.7325
  • Grenade launcher ammo pickups have been adjusted. Thanks to the recent ammo pickup changes, values lower than 0.5 can result in ammo due to stacking, allowing more flexibility with design. As such, we’re making these weapons that have extreme ease of use and no skill investment, require a bit more decision making on the player for when to use them, as they can be spammed too much due to their current pickups.
    Most of them will require around 4-5 pickups (accounting for the Walk-In Closet perk deck bonus), but underbarrels require double the amount. Here are the changes in detail to the base pickups:

    • Basilisk 3V: 0.25-0.3
    • Piglet: 0.25-0.3
    • GL40: 0.15-0.2
    • China Puff: 0.15-0.2
    • Arbiter: 0.15-0.2
    • Compact 40mm: 0.15-0.2
    • Little Friend Underbarrel: 0.075-0.1
    • KETCHNOV Byk-1 Underbarrel: 0.075-0.1
  • Lastly, based on the ammo pickup changes for grenade launchers overall, their ammo types receive multipliers for their base pickups mentioned above. Mentioning each specific change would make this list significantly longer so only the multipliers are mentioned. Default is 1x for reference:
    • Sting: 1.2x
    • X1-a Tactical ZAPper: 0.8x
    • Incendiary: 0.6x
    • Viper: 0.4x”
Marshal tweaks
  • Fixed an issue with the U.S Marshal Shield where the range of the concussion stun AOE, from hitting a light as it’s charging up, was using the range of the flash instead. Buffed the stun range to compensate, now matching a player concussion grenade.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow clients to kill the U.S Marshal Shield unit instantly, after breaking their shield, and an issue that would also cause no outline to appear, for the client, to indicate invulnerability.
  • The U.S Marshal Sharpshooter will now be called out when killed, like a Sniper. They do not count as such units though
  • Fixed an issue that prevented unique voicelines being played by Team AI. Team AI can now play unique voicelines upon killing enemies, like players. i.e. Bodhi as an AI temamate killing a Taser with a headshot with the Platypus 70 equipped will let him play his unique line.
  • Added support for specific death callouts on units.
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