Paint the Town Red Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes


Paint the Town Red update 1.2.0 is now available to download on PC. According to the official Paint the Town Red patch notes, the latest update added a bunch of new shooter focused Modifiers to the Scenarios. Apart from this, today’s Paint the Town Red patch 1.2.0 also includes a variety of new Level Editor options to support characters using guns and other ranged weapons, and some Multiplayer improvements including allowing some Modifiers in coop Scenarios and allowing the host to change the level at any time.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Paint the Town Red patch 1.2.0 will fix a few of these issues.

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Paint the Town Red Patch Notes – June 10, 2022

Scenario Modifiers

The new modifiers available in the Scenarios are: Easy Shooter, Hard Shooter, Pistols Shooter, Nailguns Shooter, Primitive Shooter, Unlimited Ammo, Double Jump, and Shields Everywhere.

  • Easy Shooter has less aggressive weapons and AI
  • Hard Shooter has the toughest weapons and more aggressive and accurate AI
  • Primitive Shooter uses only non-firearm ranged weapons
  • Pistols Shooter features only the various pistols in the game
  • Nailguns Shooter gives everyone a nailgun

Double Jump Modifier

The Double Jump modifier gives the player the ability to perform a second jump in the air. In Workshop levels that include fall damage, this will also allow the player to prevent fall damage with a last second jump.

Shields Everywhere Modifier

The Shields Everywhere modifier puts a variety of shields throughout the Scenario levels and can be very helpful when combined with the Shooter modifiers.

Level Editor Changes

New Weapons: MP5 and M1911
In addition to being available in the new Scenario modifiers, the MP5 and M1911 are now available to use in the Level Editor.

Assigning Characters to a Weapon
Using the Logic connection system you can now assign a weapon to a character in the Level Editor and have them either immediately have it when the level starts, or have it be something they go to pick up once combat starts.


Ambient Lighting Preview
You can now see what your level will look like with the ambient light value you’ve set while editing it. This makes setting up lighting for dark levels approximately 28000x easier.

Multiplayer Modifiers and Level Select

Many of the Scenario modifiers available in single player are now also available to use in the Scenario in multiplayer. This includes all the new Shooter modifiers, the class modifiers and many more.

The host of a multiplayer match can now restart or change the level and mode from the ‘pause’ menu or after dying in Beneath or the Arena.


There have also been a lot of other additions, improvements and fixes in this update. Thanks to everyone that was able to test out the WIP versions of this update over the past week and provide valuable feedback. Special recognition to hollowedcommander on the official Discord server for being the MVP of bug reporting for this build.

The full changelist is below.


Version 1.2.0

  • Some modifiers can now be used in Multiplayer for Scenario levels
  • Added Shooter Modifiers: Easy Shooter, Hard Shooter, Pistols Shooter, Nailguns Shooter, Primitive Shooter
  • Added Double Jump modifier
  • Added Shields Everywhere modifier
  • Added Unlimited Ammo modifier
  • Level Editor: Added MP5 and M1911 weapons
  • Level Editor: Characters can now be connected to weapons to either pick them up when combat starts or have them immediately
  • Level Editor: Added an option to the Enemy Tracker prop to disable logics
  • Level Editor: Level Editor Text props can now be grouped with other props
  • Level Editor: Various misc props can now be grouped with other props
  • Level Editor: Added option to preview the Ambient lighting in edit mode
  • Level Editor: Added Global Friendy Fire setting and Same Faction Gun Friendly Fire level settings
  • Level Editor: Added Enemy Gun Damage Multiplier and Player Gun Damage Multiplier levels settings
  • Level Editor: New Character options related to gun use and connected weapon
  • Level Editor: Added Editor Settings for default ‘Can Use Guns’ and ‘Prefer Guns’ settings
  • The multiplayer host can now change the level and game mode from the Pause Menu
  • The multiplayer host can now change the level and game mode when dead in Beneath
  • Added MP5 and M1911 to the Gun Show modifier selection
  • Added travel sound for bullets
  • Improved some sound handling for guns and bullets
  • Added effect for ranged taser bullets hitting environment
  • Bullets now will add some force to doors they pass through
  • Tweaked damage of ranged weapons to remove randomness in damage
  • Changes to Capture Device to try and fix bug for some players
  • Added link to the PTTR Discord server in the menu and pause menu
  • Improved fast bullet teleporter handling
  • Improved how crossbow bolts and speargun and harpoon bullets stick into walls
  • Updated Arena stats UI to utilise regular stats UI to ensure equal level controls in multiplayer
  • Added an option to enable the old snare drum sound when enemies are killed
  • Fixed enemies being able to walk in the air in some Scenario situations
  • Fixed the game not continuing to run without window focus
  • Fixed handles coming off bucket weapons held by enemies and potential causing them to die
  • Fixed weapons being able to shoot through walls if it is sticking through one when firing
  • Fixed the ‘All’ weapons list when adding a weapon to a character having incorrect weapons
  • Fix small projectiles having collision when stuck in walls
  • Fixed some powers not ending correctly if you die while they’re active in multiplayer
  • Fixed missing text on some buttons in the Facility shop UI when using a controller
  • Fixed issues with some UI elements at narrow resolution ratios
  • Fixed the Gremlin not animating on clients in multiplayer
  • Fixed moving teleporters not teleporting bullets
  • Fixed clients in multiplayer not being able to change class from death screen sometimes
  • Fixed player getting benefits from kills they weren’t involved in and missing benefits from ones they were
  • Fixed Floating Heads getting significantly extra damage in multiplayer if hit by a client player while charging
  • Fixed bullets shot from close to a teleporter not being teleported
  • Fixed bullets shot through a teleporter potentially not hitting something immediately on the other side
  • Fixed bullets shot through a teleporter potentially not going through if the teleporter was against another surface
  • Fixed characters attempting to pick up a second shield