Paint the Town Red Update 1.0.6 Patch Notes – Nov 17, 2021

    Paint the Town Red update 1.0.6 released on PC. According to the official Paint the Town Red patch notes, the latest update addressed issues with some of the changes made in the previous update.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Paint the Town Red patch 1.0.6 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Paint the Town Red Patch Notes – November 17, 2021

    • Moved Primitives and Logics to new Level Editor prop subcategories
    • Stopped some new workshop level optimisations running on low memory machines to avoid crashes
    • Prevented negative scales from being set on primitives in the Level Editor to avoid various bugs
    • Fixed decal bug on some combined meshes in workshop levels
    • Fixed issues with negatively scaled primitives in groups in workshop levels
    • Fixed duplicate mesh data on some combined primitives in workshop levels
    Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson
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