Patch Notes

Othercide Update 1.07 Patch Notes for PS4 and Xbox One

Othercide update 1.07 patch notes released for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Othercide 1.07 patch notes, the latest patch introduces various changes to the game, including a map and mission spawn system rework, a new mission type, and bug fixes. Apart from this, Othercide version 1.07 also includes stability and performance improvements.


Previously, a major game update added new modes, changes, and quality of life fixes.

Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game. Today’s Othercide version 1.07 will fix a few of these issues.


What is fixed in Othercide 1.07?

Map repurpose

  • 2 new portals have been created (one portal = 1 map + 1 mission type):
    • “The Dark Corner” level was previously used only for Survival missions. Now it is also used for Destruction (Hunt) missions.
    • “The Maze” level was previously used only for Rescue missions. Now it is used also for Destruction (Hunt) missions.
  • Mission spawn system has been reworked in order to create 14 new variations, which means you can now play these maps with different enemy placement and mission types from one era or one run to another. This applies to the following maps and mission types:
    • Hunt – The Graveyard
    • Hunt – The Operating Table
    • Hunt – The Lost Alley
    • Hunt – The Amphitheatre
    • Hunt – The Plague Cemetery
    • Hunt – The Flooded Subway
    • Hunt – The Fallen Street
    • Hunt – The Forbidden Attic
    • Hunt – The Prison
    • Ritual – The Sunken Street
    • Ritual – The Graveyard
    • Ritual – The CrossRoads
    • Hunt – The Maze
    • Hunt – The Dark Corner
  • The Following Maps can now appear as early as Era 1 for Rescue missions:
    • The Maze
    • The Shore of Giants
    • The Sunken Street
    • The Quarantine Bridge
  • The following map will now spawn from Era 2 rather than Era 3:
    • The Chapel

New Penance mission type

  • Players will now be able to play a brand-new mission type: Penance (the 5th mission type in-game) that will spawn regularly as a Synapse.
  • In a Penance mission, players will not gain any Vitae, but their daughter will gain more XPs, if they survive the mission.
  • Penance, like Survival, is an everlasting mission type in which enemies come in waves bigger and bigger. However, how Daughters evacuate is very different from Survival missions.
  • When a Daughter kills an enemy in a Penance mission, she will gain Penance points for the duration of this mission. Once a Daughter reaches a certain amount of Penance points, she will instantly evacuate. The max amount of Penance points to reach depends on the map and the current Era.
  • Therefore, in order to save most of your Daughters, you will have to think ahead not only on how to kill enemies, but also when – timing is critical in these new missions.
  • Maps for which this new missions have been designed are:
    • The Chapel
    • The Silent City
    • The Dark Corner
    • The Plague Cemetery
    • The Quarantine Bridge

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