Othercide Update 1.05 Patch Notes for PS4


Othercide update 1.05 patch notes released for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the official Othercide 1.05 patch notes, the latest game update added new modes, changes and quality of life fixes. Apart from this, Othercide version 1.05 also includes stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a major game update was released with various quality of life improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing a number of issues while playing the game. Today’s Othercide version 1.05 will fix a few of these issues.

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What is new in Othercide 1.05?

Dream Mode: The completely optional Easy mode is called “Dream Mode”, in opposition to “Nightmare Mode” for the original experience. It adds new elements aimed towards providing a more forgiving experience for inexperienced players, while keeping the overall game feel lethal and impactful. Here’s more details:

  • Resurrection Token: Players are granted 1 additional Resurrection Token at the start of every run which should help new players resurrect their lost daughter (and best daughter, starting with the 2nd run). It comes in addition to the Rescue mission drop-rate fix, which should also provide more frequent opportunities to win Resurrection Tokens on both modes.
    HP Regeneration: Injured Daughters recover 50% of their total HP each day. It allows players to take 1-2 hits per daughter in a mission in the early game, and recover most of the HP for the next one. It also allows players who want to use HP-consuming skills (Interruptions, Reactions) to use them more often, as you recover an amount of HP worth 5 Interruptions / 10 Reactions per day.
  • Sacrifice: While its early-game use is diminished by the above, Sacrifice remains available as a secondary way to recover HP if your favorite daughter takes a bad hit right before a Boss fight for instance. Its cost is also reduced thanks to the additional Resurrection Token, and fully recovers a Daughter’s HP, as opposed to the 50% heal of moving to the next day. It remains key to the mid- to late-game power scaling thanks to the Souls Traits mechanic.

The Aura System is a new spatial mechanic applying stats modifiers on enemies or allies that are either adjacent to an Aura-emitting daughter (through an unlocked Trait), or isolated (when a specific Event is active that day). There is 1 trait per daughter class, and 3 events, each with a distinct Aura effect.

New traits: We have created four new traits (Martyr, Leader, Terrifying and Daredevil). Those traits are part of the new feature Auras and will impact deeply the core combat experience by adding a new layer of strategy. Thanks to those traits, adjacent units to the trait holder could see their damages, dodge and armor statistics increased if they are allies and armor and dodge statistics decreased if they are enemies.

New events: We have created three new events (Slumber, Whispers and Tragedy). Those events are part of the new feature Auras. They will impact deeply the core combat experience by adding a new layer of strategy. Thanks to those events, all isolated units (daughters and enemies) could see their armors, ranges and damage buff.

Changes & Additions

Events description: To improve clarity and understability of the events, we have added the description of the current active event in the right part of the Chrono Map and the right part of the Mission briefing screen.

Spawners variations: We have tweaked the enemies’ spawners variation to improve the variety of challenges within levels. The end of the first era and the second one will have more Reapers. We also have added more Worms in eras 2 and 3.

Mission drop rate: The mission drop rate has been enhanced to increase level variety and improve the gaming experience and the roguelite loop


Put a cooldown on Spirit Haste / Spirit Burst: We have added a cooldown to those skills to avoid exploits.

Nerf of the initiative memories: We have decided to nerf the initiative memories to avoid exploits since they were too powerful regarding the power level and difficulty curves. We apply a -5 value on each memory.

Nerf of the weakness memories: We have decided to reduce the amount of weakness to make this viable only if you can stack a lot. We divided per 3 every statistics.

Nerf of the harvester souls traits: We have decided to nerf the harvester soul trait to avoid the infinite loop turns strategy.

“Nerf” Dodge / Initiative Push Resh: We made some adjustments to make it reach 70% at max, especially for the dodge which makes the late game way too easy.

Nerf of the Ravager: Going for a 30 to 35 end of turn offset will make the window opportunity to handle them better and easier.
Lost and Failure events: We have decided to reduce the time of the events Lost and Failure from three to two days.

Nerf of the Surgeon: Our first boss, the Surgeon, has been nerfed for both modes. This is to make sure players focus on the challenge provided by chasing the cultists. We have also decided to nerf the second state of the Surgeon by wiping out the armor bonus granted by the cultists during the first state. The overall goal of this balancing is to make the boss less punitive but keep a challenging fight for new and older players.

  • Init boost : 15 => 10: We reduce it again to avoid steamrolling inexperienced players. The Surgeon will act a bit less frequently, even if the player struggles to take out the Acolytes in the early stages of the fight.
  • Acolytes damages: 380 => 275: They currently deal too much damage: this phase is about catching them without getting hit by the Surgeon, and the acolytes are meant as defensive units. They should not be such a danger.
  • Boss Attack – P1 : 350 => 300: The Init boost nerf already affects the Surgeon’s capacity to deal damage to daughters in Phase 1, so we don’t nerf this too much to avoid making him less dangerous than a regular cultist unit.
  • Phase 2 transition → force Armor to 0: The Surgeon previously kept his Armor bonus from Phase 1 in the beginning of Phase 2, until the boost expired. Reducing the damage daughters can inflict in this “race against time” is not an easy situation to handle for new players, and this tweak should help.

Bug Fixes in Othercide Version 1.05


  • Players won’t be stuck anymore when “Leaving” rescue mission with a chosen one or a daughter.
  • On several destruction levels, players won’t be able to go through a wall anymore.


  • Quitting to the main menu after the Child appears will not block the game anymore.
  • The red zone of the skill spear tornado won’t remain on the floor anymore.
  • Players won’t be able to heal their wounded and dead daughters during the very first mission of a game by fleeing.
  • The red tooltips in the tutorial won’t overlap the skill selection anymore.


  • Daughter’s reaction/interception skill range will move when they will be pushed.
  • There is no missing component anymore in the description of Harvester’s skill Dance of revenge.
  • Weakness will be displayed as a percentage in the targeting tooltip and inspect window.
  • Damage calculation, damage display and real damage done will provide the same information.


  • The Suffering Humanoid will play his turn and won’t block the game anymore.
  • Right after Suffering humanoid appears, players won’t lose control on the camera anymore.
  • The subtitles won’t disappear too fast when the Deacon speaks.


  • The User won’t be able to unlock the cut trait Fatigued anymore.
  • The description of the trait Aware will be not incorrect anymore.
  • The description for the trait won’t be incorrect anymore.


  • The start mission initiative statistic of a Harvester won’t be negative anymore.
  • A daughter won’t stand again as though alive before transitioning to the end of mission screen after fleeing a rescue mission.

Birthing Pool:

  • The first letter will be capitalized when renaming a daughter.
  • If players choose “RANDOM”, but use the F key instead of clicking the button, the F letter won’t get added to the daughter’s name in some random place anymore.


  • Choosing Recollection on the end campaign screen will add new shards.
  • The small camera jump when going to credits has been fixed.
  • Players won’t be able to access the “Inner Void” after receiving the “Lost” event.
  • Surgeon death cutscene won’t block anymore.
  • Players will be able to select the era skip remembrances when starting a new recollection.
  • The Worm won’t size up when hit by the skill The Harvesting.
  • Players won’t be able to switch the sacrificed daughter during sacrifice animation.
  • Memory categories won’t be inconsistently incompatible with skills anymore.

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