Onward Update Patch Notes (Official) – January 12, 2022

Onward game update (January 12, 2022) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Onward patch notes, the latest update added two new weapons, the MCX Virtus and AK104, and the return of the map Turbine. Apart from this, today’s Onward patch also includes various stability and performance improvements.

Previously, a minor update was released with changes and fixes.

Read more details below.

Onward Patch Notes January 12, 2022

  • Virtual Gunstock functionally has been reverted back to expected speed and usability
  • Fixed a bug where if players disconnected during spawn jail time when they rejoined, they were unable to damage other players
  • Fixed an issue where using elevators would cause a player to appear to be flying into the elevator as it reached its destination
  • Fixed an issue where where players would appear to be flying to their spawn point in gun game
  • Fixed an issue on Cargo on containers that was allowing some bullets to pass through parts of the container
  • Audio adjustments have been made on Downfall to lower the volume of the wind when in the tent
  • Fixed a bug on Bazaar Night that would cause performance to drop for some players after selecting their loadout
  • Fixed a bug where elevators on Community Made Custom Maps would not function on custom maps
Weapons and Utilities
  • Fixed body armor to correctly absorb damage on the chest
  • Virtual Gunstock placement for the AK-104 has been adjusted to be more accurate
  • Speed reload function will now work more consistently on the AK-104

Download free Onward patch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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