Onward Update 1.8.10 Patch Notes (Official) – Dec 9, 2021

    Onward update 1.8.10 (Dec 9, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Onward patch notes, the latest update added two new weapons, the MCX Virtus and AK104, and the return of the map Turbine. Apart from this, today’s Onward patch 1.8.10 also includes various stability and performance improvements.

    Read more details below.

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    Onward Patch Notes (December 9, 2021)

    • bHaptics support has returned for Quest devices

    Fixed an issue where if you un-equip the in-tent VR goggles while holding both the trigger and grip buttons at the same time, the NVG effect pops up in the tent

    • Fixed an issue where if the Host is in the VR spectate goggles when returning to the tent for map select, they will have no UI in the tent
    • Fixed an issue where if you started the game using Oculus VR mode from Steam you couldn’t finish Basic Tutorial after the first dialog box
    • You can now join full lobbies as an a Observer on PCVR
    • The Give Up button now locks to head movement when alive or downed
    • Fixed an issue where observers could bypass entering passwords for lobbies
    • Corrected instances where whiteboards pens would face the wrong way
    • When displaying Player IDs in the tent the number is now fully visible
    • The fog light reflection has been adjusted when using an Air or Ground Drone with NVG on certain maps
    • Fixed a bug where kills and teamkills during a round reset would get counted in the tent and did not get cleared

    Fixed a bug where if a player drops their pistol in One In The Chamber, and then kills a player before the pistol floats back to them, they were not awarded a bullet

    • Round resets no longer add a death to your kill/death counter on Uplink
    • If you are downed and the round ends, you will now get a death point
    • Fixed a bug in Operations where if the host changed twice, the new host was not able to change mode, difficulty or number of bots until they click on loadout
    • Removed the spawn button for fireteam leader in the tent when there are no tickets left
    • Points will properly be awarded in competitive Assault lobbies at end of rounds
    • On Suburbia when objective is upstairs the tablet will now show an arrow
    • Targets in the basic tutorial will now turn black when shot, as intended
    • Fixed players getting an extended movement area after the syringe injecting phase of the tutorial

    Global Adjustments

    • Added Turbine Day and Turbine Night maps
    • Optimized GPU and CPU performance for Quest players
    • Improved shipping containers models on Cargo, Tanker, Abandoned and Quarantine
    • Fixed several locations where spectators and drones could fly outside the map
    • Fixed several exploits where players could see through some walls
    • Improved numerous cross platform prop placements and map fog setting inconsistencies
    • Added more movement freedom for Casters/flying spectators in most scenes
    • Fixed several issues that allowed AI to walk through solid objects
    • Improved visual transitions for distances on all maps
    • Improved graphic overlay issues on several maps
    • Made adjustments to walls and floors on all maps to prevent players from being able to see through them
    • Adjustments made on several maps to adjust for possible exploits


    • Improved the textures on the metal buildings
    • Fixed an issue where players on PC would turn pitch black in certain areas of the map
    • Adjusted spawn points and added several additional objective possibilities to Escort gamemode
    • Improved several objects’ collision throughout the map
    • Fixed a spawn in Abandoned COOP where players spawn on top of the crashed Chinook.
    • Abandoned Night map selection thumbnail is now slightly brighter
    • Fixed an issue where water would sometimes appear black or missing when spectating in the tent


    • Fixed several collision areas in Bazaar
    • Fixed areas on map that would block casters/flying spectators


    • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t deploy their drone in a certain area


    • Fixed several collision issues throughout the map
    • Fixed an inaccuracy in the buildings where players aren’t getting correctly lit by the lights inside
    • Fixed an issue where several props in the PC version were shinier than desired

    Fixed an issue where some of the caster UI would get overlapped by graphic textures placed in the PC version

    • Fixed a spawn point for Gun Game and One In The Chamber where players, upon spawn, would get stuck


    • Fixed an issue with the skyscraper building north of the motel that allowed AI to walk and shoot players through it

    Shooting Range

    • Adjusted the first set of stairs in the killhouse that prevented players from being able to move up the stairs in smooth motion
    • Fixed the terrain from shifting its shape aggressively in the target course for PC


    • Fixed an issue where the small cars in Snowpeak reacted to gunshots as concrete objects
    • Adjusted collision throughout the map
    • Removed a visual texture seam on the terrain in Snowpeak for Quest


    • Ambient cricket audio in Suburbia Night has been lowered in volume
    • Adjusted collision throughout the map
    • Fixed multiple vehicles that would cause the player to get stuck when running next to them
    • Fixed an issue with several objects in the PC version of Suburbia where objects appear to be very shiny
    • Fixed the spectator camera from spawning below the floor after using the spectator goggles


    • Adjustments made around the stairs and railings. Including an issue where players were unable to shoot through railings
    • Fixed many visual bugs throughout the map


    • Adjusted collision throughout the map
    • Adjustments made so AI no longer walk through shipping containers
    Weapons and Utilities
    • Added the MCX Virtus to Marsoc Specialist Class
    • Added the AK104 to to Volk Specialist Class
    • When the AUG empties a magazine, the bolt now holds open mechanically and visually
    • The AUG bolt no longer stays closed when shooting
    • The dust cover on the AUG no longer clips through the back of the gun when the charging handle is pulled back
    • Fixed a bug that could cause weapons to freeze in place when fired

    Shotgun shells will now appear in the chambers of loaded shotguns, SPAS and M1014

    • Fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to get tased in the upper chest
    • If there is ammunition left on P90 it will now show in the magazine
    • The TAR-21 now has an animation on its dust cover when shooting/pulling the charging handle
    • Fixed a bug when pulling back the M16 or Mk18 charging handle on an empty magazine that would cause the bolt to not release
    • Removed bolt release function from the SKS and SVD to mimic the real weapons’ functionality
    • The Box magazine’s bullet chain link is no longer visible through flash & smoke effects
    • The Mk17 magazine no longer clips through the weapon’s body
    • The FAMAS magazine on PC has been adjusted to face the correct direction
    • The holographic sights were corrected to align properly on weapons
    • The left and right angled sights corrected to align properly on weapons

    Caster Mode

    • Casters can now hear players during game play, but no longer hear players in the tent
    • Flare Guns and Smoke will no longer toggle the Caster’s NVBoost off
    • Fixed only 5 players appearing on the leaderboard and in the camera selection
    • Fixed an issue where where if you are zoomed in before snapping to a player, after leaving their perspective your camera will zoom in again
    • Players with NVGs active will no longer have their camera views blocked

    Fixed an issue where if you are moving when you snap to a player, upon escaping from their view your camera will still have momentum and move in the direction that you were flying prior to snapping to them

    • Player names will now rotate to face the caster while in first person perspective
    • If a player turns a flashlight on/off near the Caster while their NV Boost is on, it will no longer toggle the NV Boost off
    • Fixed an issue that was casing The PKM and Glock to have no texture and have bright white puffs of smoke when shooting
    • Fixed The hostiles counter being too big for the given box
    • A message will now be displayed if the caster lobby is full
    • Player’s laser will no longer be stopped by boundaries
    • The minimap will now show the correct position of the caster’s location
    • The caster’s in-tent camera view has been adjusted so that it no longer cut off the the Scoreboard and player list
    • Mitigated an issue where If a caster opens the spacebar menu after a player has died, it would cause a chunk of the minimap to disappear

    Known Issues

    Some Oculus Home users have a issue where the game goes not launch properly, for steps on how to fix this please check our FAQ on the Support Page

    • There is a chance that when using an Oculus headset on SteamVR with bHaptics it may not connect
    • Quest players can hear MARSOC team chat upon joining the lobby
    • There is an significant performance drop when playing the game for long periods and then loading into a custom map
    • The elevators on Turbine can cause some visible teleportation issues for players
    • PC players may experience performance problems causing framerate drops around the park area and near the burning building on Suburbia Night
    • Some objects may not render correctly on tablet when using the air drone
    • Players can hear audio from different elevations if another player is around the same vicinity but on a different floor

    Download free Onward patch 1.8.10 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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