No Mans Sky Update 4.6 Patch Notes (NMS 4.60)

[No Mans Sky] NMS update 4.6 is rolling out on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official NMS 4.60 patch notes, the latest update revolutionizes the game with major improvements to Space Stations, ship customization, guild systems, and more, offering players a rich and immersive experience. Apart from this, NMS patch 4.6 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, a major free No Man’s Sky update 4.0 added a long list of bug fixes and changes. Recently, a hotfix 4.03 added various tweaks. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s NMS version 4.60  will fix a few of these issues.

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NMS 4.6 Patch Notes (No Mans Sky Update 4.60) – March 27, 2024

Space Stations Updates:

  • Complete Overhaul: Space stations have undergone a comprehensive refresh.
  • Exterior Variety: Exteriors now feature a wide range of procedurally generated shapes and colors, with increased scale.
  • Procedural Interiors: Interiors are now procedurally generated, offering extensive lighting and visual variations.
  • Cultural Influence: Interior designs now reflect the race of the local system authorities.
  • Merchant Refresh: Key space station merchants and interactions have been visually refreshed.
  • Ship Switching: Players can now use the Quick Menu to switch their docked ship while aboard the space station, provided the ship has functioning launch thrusters.

Screen Space Reflections:

  • Optimizations: Introduced optimizations and visual improvements to screen space reflection rendering.
  • Noise Reduction: Reflection rendering revised to reduce noise and improve stability.
  • Realistic Lighting: Lighting model for reflections improved for a more realistic, physically based appearance.

Fleet Missions Enhancements:

  • Fleet Communication: Frigates may now contact the player while away on expeditions, seeking advice or direct assistance.
  • Player Impact: Player decisions and actions during fleet communications directly influence mission outcomes and rewards.
  • Text Fixes: Addressed text issues when using the captain’s terminal on a frigate.
  • Gameplay Adjustments: Player torch no longer auto-activates when boarding a frigate. Frigate teleporter cannot be triggered while on a mission.

Starship Customization:

  • Starship Fabricator: Added a new interaction at the space station allowing players to build custom fighter, hauler, or explorer starships.
  • Salvage Targeting: Salvaging process can now target specific visuals, allowing components to be reclaimed and combined to create new ships.
  • Reactor Purchases: Purchase starship reactors from space station technology merchants to determine stats and class of new starships.
  • Customization Options: Choose unique colors and paint styles for new ships. Salvaged and purchased starships receive universal authentication, granting bonus to future trade-in values.

User Interface Enhancements:

  • Visual Overhauls: Splash screen, mode select screens, and options screens visually overhauled for improved clarity.
  • Patch Notes Upgrade: In-game patch notes receive visual upgrade for better presentation.
  • Stylistic Tweaks: Purchase and decline buttons, compare and purchase screens, and “Transfer More” popup restyled for enhanced usability.
  • Navigation Improvement: Mission location marker now briefly starts in center of screen before moving to usual position for easier tracking of off-screen locations.

Trading, Reputation, and Guilds:

  • Enhanced Upgrades: Space station technology merchants offer wider range of upgrades, with more high-quality modules available.
  • Faction Discounts: Merchants offer price discounts based on player standing with their faction.
  • Economy Scanner Update: Starship Economy Scanner can now be activated from ship’s inventory or quick menu, detecting nearby trade surges and planetary outposts.
  • Guild Benefits: Guild envoys offer free supplies and discounted items based on player standing, accepting donations to guild supplies in exchange for increased standing.
  • Pirate Transponders: Vanquished pirate starships yield Pirate Transponders, which can be donated to Mercenaries Guild for standing boost.
  • UI Improvements: Buttons for viewing journey milestones and faction standing within the catalogue improved for clarity.

Base Parts Additions:

  • New Additions: Numerous new base parts added, inspired by space station decoration style.
  • Research System: Research these parts with salvaged data at the construction research terminal on the Space Anomaly.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements:

  • Visual Fixes: Addressed misaligned shuttle wings and visual issues with hologram at Multi-Tool salvage terminal.
  • Stability Enhancements: Resolved memory leaks and trample issues related to texture generation, holograms, planetary missions, discoveries, player bases, and rewards.
  • Performance Optimization: Significant optimization in non-combat locations such as space stations and the Anomaly.
  • Multiplayer Fixes: Fixed multiplayer connectivity issues on Xbox.
  • Audio Improvements: Improved audio for Starborn Runner’s landing effects.
  • Gameplay Fixes: Fixed issues with starship docking, galaxy map path marking, and incorrect dialogue types for NPCs aboard outlaw stations.
  • Text Corrections: Addressed text issues with missions, known recipes, and catalogue system.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Improved inventory management, camera placement, and bait cooking recipes.

Download free NMS update 4.60 on Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.

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