New World Update 1.9 Patch Notes (Season 1) – April 4, 2023

New World patch 1.9 is rolling out on PC(Steam). According to the official New World patch notes, the latest Season Pass adds 5 Seasonal Armor Skin pieces, 1 Seasonal Armor Set (5 pieces), 9 Seasonal Weapon Skins, 6 Seasonal Tool Skins, 1 Seasonal Emote, and 1 Camp skin. Apart from this, today’s New World update 1.9 also includes balancing changes and bug fixes.

Previously, a major update added the Winter Convergence Festival with the new winter event packed with quests, special activities, and more. Recently, a hotfix was also released. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s New World game update 1.9will address a few of these errors.

Read more details below.

New World Patch 1.9 Notes – April 4, 2023


A few combat balance topics have been on our radar and trending in the community: Magic and Ranged Weapon PvE Viability, Weapon Balance in PvP, and Equip Load Balance. Balance is an ever-evolving part of gameplay and we will continue to make further adjustments based on feedback to create the best possible experience for players.


Magic and ranged weapons have fallen behind melee weapons in PvE content, most noticeably in end game content like Mutators. We will continue to strive for viability across all weapons through the following changes:

  • Increased Bane power on magic and ranged weapons. (10% higher than what’s possible on melee weapons).

  • Adjusted Mutations will no longer disproportionately affect magic users (Removed the Elemental Damage Reduction of 50-75%).

  • Players that like to tank will now have more options for a wider variety of gameplay (Added more Taunt Gem capability for various abilities on numerous weapons).


Some melee and ranged weapons are currently more powerful than what we consider healthy for PvP gameplay. In pursuit of our balance goals we are adjusting the power, utility, and functionality of most weapons:

  • We re-calibrated the accuracy system and how it affects shots for the Musket. Shots now have a slight deviation in their trajectory so that long ranged shots are not as consistent when moving or firing without the Accuracy Perk.

  • Adjusted Crowd Control effects on certain abilities and clarified the scope of some damage focused abilities.


We want to have a larger diversity of equip loads and make more weapons viable for all playstyles. Ideally these changes allow players with more unique styles, off-meta builds, and personal preferences to participate in meaningful ways regardless of the game mode:

  • Adjustments to the PvP Mitigation formula to provide a better experience to a wider range of Gear Scores.

  • Changes to how Rend and Fortify function.

  • Adjustments to some attribute thresholds bonuses.

An Adventurer walks toward Varangian Knights with a War Hammer.
Aidyn prepares to attack with a spear.
An Adventurer walks toward Varangian Knights with a War Hammer.
Aidyn prepares to attack with a spear.


Assemble an elite team of mercenaries called the Silver Crows to help their first client, Skye the Spear-daughter, confront a powerful Warlock and the Varangian horde, and halt their ambitions amidst the flames of the Empyrean Forge.


Need to quickly swap gear for Mutated Expeditions? You’ll now be able to save and switch between your favorite gear sets after reaching level 25. Additional slots can be earned through the Season Pass or purchased with Marks of Fortune. Hotkey support for Gear Set Slots will arrive in a future update.


Create a tornado that damages targets in its path. You can also craft more powerful versions of the Heartgem to fit your playstyle.

The new Silver Crow characters.
The New Fire Storm Heartrune in action against an enemy.
The new Silver Crow characters.
The New Fire Storm Heartrune in action against an enemy.


The Empyrean Forge is a new Level 60+ Expedition set in the Great Cleave. Pursue the commanders of Sir Loth, a knight of Artorius, to stop the flow of elemental magic deep within an Ancient Forge.


The Weaver’s Fen and Brightwood Regional Main Storyline is getting an overhaul based on player feedback and improvements made to the revamped starting experience. Experience these two familiar territories through a fresh narrative, more quest variety, and a few new surprises.


Enjoy new and improved level 40 weapon and armor quests. Each quest will now require less travel and eliminations. Look forward to fresh rewards, narratives, and more.


There is now an improved flow for players to be aware of and claim special offerings from the team. This menu is accessible through a new button on the Game Menu. Look at the main in-game Nav Bar to find it. Previously, when mass granting items or coin to players, compensation would happen automatically on login. It was not always apparent to the player that they had received something.


Players with more than one character on a single server will now have to declare only one of them as their “PVP Active” character, with a 3-day cooldown on switching PVP Active status between characters. Only the PVP Active character may flag for PVP or fight in a War, but all your characters regardless of PVP Active status can still play Outpost Rush or Arenas. This new restriction will keep alt characters from being used as an unfair advantage in that server’s influence pushes or territory wars. (Note: there is a known issue with UI notifications while playing a PVP Inactive character after going into any instanced game mode. You will be unable to do PVP activities but the notifications will not appear until re-log.)

Adventurers fight enemies in the fiery, new Expedition.
Adventurers fight a fiery monster in the new Expedition.
Adventurers fight enemies in the fiery, new Expedition.
Adventurers fight a fiery monster in the new Expedition.



  • Prevented message spamming when trying to start a performance while in combat.

  • Made sure that players could collide with training dummies inside sanctuaries.

  • Improved the appearance of shadows that are far in the distance.

  • The Dusty Paw Packleader now spawns faster.


  • Players that completed “Destiny Unearthed” but have yet to complete “The Alliance” will have their current main story quest reset and removed from the Quest Journal. To resume the Main Story, seek out Yonas at his location near Amrine Temple to pick up the new main story quest series, starting with “Darkness in the Brightwood”. This will take players through Brightwood and Weaver’s Fen, catching back up with the previous Main Story Quests at “Answer the Call”.

  • Made a change to the quest “Knight’s Vigil”. The quest should now properly update when approaching Knight-Regent Jin Jae if the player recalls to the Inn rather than visiting the Spirit Shrine.

  • Updated the Quest Baited to reference its new location: Monarch’s Bluff.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Gather Intel PVP quest from progressing in Monarch’s Bluffs.

  • Fixed an issue in the quest Grasping Twilight where players would always be told they failed to craft the Reinforced Leather Glove, but receive one anyway and then progress to the next objective.

  • Updated quest “Down Reekwater Way” to be properly listed as Level 58.

  • Updated the Periville Loot quest descriptions to accurately reflect player location.

  • Updated Swampwater Fishery quests to redirect players to Periville.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck after speaking with an Innkeeper.

  • Removed the Covenant Faction Quest “Exalted Hunt: Bearclaw Pass as the targeted Bears are no longer present.

  • Updated “The Three Way War” side quest so that it now flags the tasks to meet each Faction representative completed as long as the player has started the Faction Intro quests.

  • Updated Laurentius Krockes to not be in Brightwood.

  • Fixed an issue where the quest “A Stock of Ironwood” improperly awarded Edengrove Territory Standing.

  • Fixed an issue that softlocked the game after completing various tasks for and talking with Derick Wardell.

  • Fixed the location name for the quest “A King’s Defense”.

  • Updated the Gates of Great Cleave to include Caer Dun as an objective statement.

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to respawn in their house after death in Brimstone Sands.

  • Added additional rocks in Ruins of Antium so players can no longer get stuck.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from interacting with a required gatherable in the Accursed Apophis quest.

  • Resolved an issue where Town Boards would not always show all applicable quests.

  • Updated the Brimstone Sands Town Project to exclude a quest that needs Lynx’s to be completed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to fail most active Town Project missions when joining a Faction for the first time.

  • Ginger Hovel is no longer on the Town Projects board as it no longer exists.

  • Fixed an issue that made Town Projects featuring The Spread impossible to complete.

  • Updated Faction representatives to have their correct titles.

  • Updated the Covenant: Trial of the Lumen to no longer reference an old POI.

  • Updated the POI reference in the Purge: Ebonrock Cavern quest

  • Updated the Fortress schematics to be consistent with quests.

  • Removed the Faction Quest boards from the Enclaves

  • Fixed an issue where the Marauder Representative was not appearing in Cutlass Keys.

  • Empty Faction mission quest loot will no longer show as lootable and cannot be looted until they reset.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to bypass the PvP Faction Mission requirements and complete Patrol Territory quests.

  • Fixed an issue where the Faction board was not accessible from the Marauder Representative in Brightwood.

  • Fixed several issues that prevented players from completing reworked Faction quests.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented players from joining Factions.


  • Updated the Bradbury Fields quest to reflect the new POI name.

  • Fixed an issue where certain defeat enemy tasks wouldn’t progress as expected.

  • Tasks that require the player to gather items will now update correctly even when the items are in the global storage.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck inside of Corrupted Breaches when standing in their spawn location.

  • Updated the PVP Flagging tool-tip to include the previously unmentioned Gathering and Global Luck bonuses.

  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes fall through the ground on death.

  • Improved animations with interactables when running.

  • Fort Structures for Monarch’s Bluff and Cutlass Keys are now more visible.

  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck when speaking to an NPC after a cutscene.

  • Fixed an issue where auto running into a cutscene start would disrupt the cutscene from playing.

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to respawn to Inn in Territories with two Outposts and a Settlement.

  • Fixed an issue where team wipes could penalize the player twice.

  • Fixed an issue in the quest “Canon and Coin,” where duplicate quest pins showed up over the NPC’s heads, including Granny Pike Marty, Amis, and Dicun.

  • Fixed a bug where certain Kill tasks wouldn’t progress as expected.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to improperly track defeated enemies.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck in houses.


  • Based on PTR feedback, we changed the Boss Ifrit to Human enemy type to better align to the majority of enemies in the Expedition.

  • Certain achievements have been updated for clearer text.

  • Updated Faction Missions:

    • The Faction Mission for chests was removed.

    • The Faction Mission for Summoners now includes Summoners throughout the level.

  • Fixed an issue that caused team wipes to sometimes be applied twice in Mutated Expeditions.

  • Fixed an issue where Garden of Genesis Faction missions would automatically turn in when their main objectives were completed.

  • Gruendgul’s skeleton minions will now be properly destroyed upon her defeat.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing Starstone Barrows quests.

  • Fixed a typo in the Starstone Barrows Faction quest description and flavor text.

  • Fixed an issue with the “Foreman’s Ledger” quest and the “Starstone of Shattering” quest where in some cases players could not turn in the quest to William Heron. These quests have been removed from player’s journals and players will now need to play the “Circle of Stars” questline from the beginning to reach these quests.

  • Isabella’s subtitles no longer play for distant players.

  • Fixed an issue where repeater turrets could take damage from certain attacks.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Isabella to stand still at her first engagement.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the memory fragment between Isabella and Thorpe to not show.

  • Resolved an issue where the Faction quest objectives would change after completion.

  • Removed the ability for enemies to be kited into the Godling Khepri fight.

  • Fixed an issue that caused audio to not play for the Ennead Bosses.


  • Removed the Elemental Resist (Fire, Ice, Nature, Void) Mutation effects from all Mutations. Mutations will no longer have the 50/75% reduction in elemental damage for the elemental type associated with that mutation.

    • Mutators were disproportionally negatively affecting mages, and we wanted to equalize out the effects a bit. Specific AI will still have some inherent resistances.

  • Fixed an issue where curses were not removed in Mutated Expeditions after the final boss was killed.

  • Fixed an issue where the Enflamed damage-over-time effect in Hellfire Mutators would sometimes get stuck on the player.

  • Fixed an issue where running an Expedition with the Frenzied Mutator and then receiving three stacks of the debuff “Unstable” would display the wrong damage number.

  • Fixed an issue causing many named item drops from Mutators to scale themselves to a player’s Expertise level. These Mutator rewards should now behave consistently to other named items throughout the game.

  • Added Mutator Materia rewards to Cache of Mutated Armaments chests.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some Expeditions to receive the same elemental Mutations more often than intended.


  • Fixed an issue that made a player unable to enter/re-enter an existing Expedition if someone in the Expedition was on their last weekly Expedition.

  • Unstuck now teleports players to the start of the Expedition.

  • Fixed an issue where players were not receiving an enter Expedition notification when joining solo instances.

  • Fixed an issue where emoting while carrying the Azoth Staff in Expeditions put players in a bad state.

  • Players no longer need to be in the group before an Expedition opens in order to fast travel into the Expedition, allowing newcomers to fast travel to the Expedition directly upon joining.



  • Reduced the damage dealt by Anubian Archers.

  • Fixed a rare issue where Scarab fell through the world.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Eruptions from Corruption Breaches to kill players through Death’s Door.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Elk charges to not deal damage.

  • AI no longer hitch to the left while wandering.

  • Fixed a rare issue where AI that were attacked by ranged players would run to the wrong location and attack nothing.

  • Fixed an issue where certain enemies caused vegetation flickering.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Thunderking Tiger to always drop loot. It will no longer drop loot upon every defeat.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some attacks from Barbary Lion to not deal damage.

  • Fixed an issue where a player could be ignored by groups of enemies.

  • Fixed Range’s fur so it is beautiful, luxurious and wintry white.


  • Fixed an issue where the Anubian Guardian Reavers in statue form would wake up as invincible.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Goliath’s to be unkillable if one died too soon after the other.

  • Fixed an issue in Dynasty Shipyard where Isabella would not transition phases correctly if players did large amounts of damage before the end of her transition.


  • Fixed a rare issue where AI went under the Fort in Invasions.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the visual effects of Priests in Invasion to flash.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the AI to not attack objectives after taunt effects expired.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed light attacks to interrupt Lost Sailor’s attacks.



  • Updated the 300 STR Attribute bonus to be the new 300 CON bonus. As a result, we also updated the functionality of the STR Attribute bonus to grant increased base damage on heavy attacks.

  • Updated the 300 CON attribute bonus to specify all melee basic attacks, not melee weapons, and added Grit to Void Blade basic attacks while at 300 CON.

  • Fixed an issue that caused dodge rolling, going prone, and then dodge rolling again to provide more mobility than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where the 200 STR and 250 DEX Attribute bonuses were not consistently applying the damage bonus while Slow was active.

  • Updated the tooltip for the 250 STR attribute bonus to be more clear.

  • Updated magic weapon heavy attack buffers to be more reliable.

  • Fixed an issue where players could perform attacks with the wrong weapon through swapping weapons.

  • Fixed an issue where road buffs could be granted when on an area above a road, but not actually on it.

  • Fixed a number of spells that were consuming weapon durability for each enemy hit instead of just the initial cast.

  • Fixed an issue where spell targeting indicators would jump when aiming over terrain with only minor changes in elevation.

  • Fixed an issue where toggled abilities wouldn’t be canceled correctly when joining game modes.

  • Player collision is now disabled when entering Death’s Door in PvP modes.

  • Added text flyouts that will appear when a target Dodges or Evades your attack.

  • Fixed an issue where players could immediately transition into a fall and bypass the reaction state if a stagger/knockdown was triggered while jumping.

  • Added a 50% max for the Exhaust and Increased stamina regen rate status effects.

  • Spell Aiming Indicators will now display more reliably even in busy areas.

  • Fixed an issue that blocked jump and using consumables while in a reaction state.

  • The timing when players transition between Prone, Crouch, and Stand is now more reliable.


  • Updated PvP Damage Mitigation formula to better scale mitigation across a variety of Gear Scores.

  • Changed Fortify and Rend to directly scale to the player’s Armor Rating. Increased Fortify and Rend caps to account for these changes.


  • Changed critical damage calculation to be additive instead of multiplicative.

  • Adjusted critical hit chance to no longer increase by your total critical hit chance for every non-critical hit that occurs. Now the chance will only increase by the weapon’s base critical hit chance for each non-critical hit.

  • Increased base critical hit chance on Fire Staff, Void Gauntlet, and Ice Gauntlet by 6%, on the Bow by 2%, and on all other weapons by 4%.


  • Ability Area of Effects belonging to enemies in PvP now have colored outlines to help distinguish which zones are beneficial versus harmful to the player.


  • Changed bonuses that increased outgoing CC status effect durations on targets, to instead reduce incoming CC status effect durations on self.

    • Heavy equip load – Incoming Crowd Control Debuffs: -20% reduced duration

    • Medium equip load – Incoming Crowd Control Debuffs: -10% reduced duration


  • Added in Taunt Gem compatibility to several weapons and abilities to create additional choices when tanking:

    • Calamity Counter (8s AoE taunt on activation)

    • Mighty Gavel (4s on hit taunt)

    • Maelstrom (4s on hit taunt)

    • Cyclone (2s on hit taunt)

    • Incinerate (3s on hit taunt)

    • Windchill (3s on hit taunt)

    • Petrifying Scream (4s on hit taunt)

    • Blast Shot (4s on hit taunt)

  • Removed Mana cost on all magic weapon light attacks.

  • Reviewed all weapons to make more clear differentiations between attacks that are intended to be for Crowd Control and Damage. Removed Stagger from damage focused abilities, and reduced damage for stagger focused abilities.

    • War Hammer

      • Shockwave damage reduced from 80% to 60%.

      • Wrecking Ball damage reduced from 130% to 90%.

      • Clear Out damage reduced from 115% to 100%.

      • Path of Destiny damage reduced from 100% to 70%.

    • Sword and Shield

      • Shield Bash intimidating bash upgrade damage reduced from 100% to 75% weapon damage.

      • Shield Rush damage reduced from 125% to 100%.

      • Shield Rush’s Improved Rush Weaken increased from 10% to 20%.

      • Leaping Strike damage reduced from 150% to 100%.

      • Reverse Stab no longer staggers.

    • Spear

      • Javelin damage reduced from 125% to 80%.

      • Perforate’s final upgrade Impactful Strikes no longer staggers and was reworked to inflict a stack of 10% weaken for 5s on each successful hit (3 stacks max).

      • Sweep’s knockdown attack damage reduced from 75% to 45%.

    • Greatsword

      • Calamity Counter damage reduced from 100% to 80%.

      • Steadfast Strike’s first attack damage reduced from 70% to 40%.

      • Skyward Slash’s first attack damage reduced from 80% to 50%.

    • Rapier

      • Added the stagger back into Flourish, and reduced damage of Flourish from 90% to 60%.

      • Flurry’s final upgrade Finalize upgrade no longer staggers and was reworked to apply a stack of the bleed used by the rest of the tree on successful hit.

    • Great Axe

      • Reap’s first hit damage reduced from 70% to 60%.

      • Gravity Well’s upward Melee Swing damage reduced from 99% to 25%.

      • Gravity Well’s Vortex Burst damage reduced from 125% to 100%.

      • Insatiable Gravity Well Perk’s Burst damage reduced from 100% to 50%.

    • Hatchet

      • Feral Rush’s first attack damage reduced from 115% to 80%.

    • Bow

      • Evade Shot damage reduced from 125% to 90%.

      • Rapid Shot no longer staggers.

    • Musket

      • Stopping Power damage reduced from 120% to 90%.

    • Ice Gauntlet

      • Ice Spikes Mighty Spike no longer staggers.

    • Void Gauntlet

      • Scream damage reduced from 100% to 70%.


  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that occurred when entering a menu with Mortar Charge active.

    • Indicator for loaded shots now counts down correctly when ammunition left is equal to or less than the maximum number of loaded shots for a ranged weapon ability, such as Blunderbuss mortar.

    • Fixed the Blunderbuss Blast Shot Preparation upgrade not stating new Rend functionality in the tooltip.

    • Fixed an issue where additional shots could be fired when interrupting the Blunderbuss Mortar Charge ability.

    • Fixed an issue where Activating Mortar Charge and swapping weapons gave the player an extra basic attack.

    • Fixed an issue where Net Shot would sometimes shoot from the wrong location.

    • Azoth Shrapnel Blast –

      • Reduced stamina damage dealt by each pellet by 50%.

      • Increased how much the ASB damage is reduced per consecutive pellet hit from 15% to 20%.

    • Claw Shot –

      • Adjusted cancel windows on Claw Shot to reduce burst damage potential when used in combos.


  • Ability Updates

    • Penetrating Shot and Deep Strike Upgrade have had their damage reduced from 20% to 15%.

    • Reduced damage for Long Range passive from 15% to 10%.

    • Reduced damage bonus for Opening Strike passive from 20% to 10%.

    • Reduce damage for Finishing Shot passive from 20% to 15%.

  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the Bow Dodge and Weave passive was improperly extending its duration if a subsequent dodge occurred while the buff was already active.


  • Ability Updates

    • Pillar of Fire

      • Increased the size of the AoE from 2m to 2.5m.

      • Reduced the time it took to trigger the attack from aiming from 13 frames to 7 frames (6 frame reduction).

      • Removed a 3-frame delay from when the attack actually casted to when the damage was dealt.

      • Reduced damage from 170% to 165%.

    • Arson’s Advantage Upgrade

      • Increased Mana gain amount from 10% to 15%.

    • Meteor Shower

      • Updated ability to channel for 1s then cast the ability. Spell will remain active in the world for 4 seconds post cast.

      • Increased damage of initial hit from 75% to 100% weapon damage.

      • Updated status effect to tick at once per second instead of once every 0.75s.

      • Increased the tick damage while inside from 25% to 50% weapon damage.

      • Updated mana to all be consumed at once upon activation.

    • Immolation upgrade

      • Increased Mana gain per hit from 1% to 3%.

    • Judgment of Helios upgrade

      • Hitting targets inside of the Meteor Shower effect with light or heavy attacks will now inflict a stack of Smolder.

    • Fiery Determination Upgrade

      • Moved upgrade to be the final upgrade of Meteor Shower (This will force respec all Fire Staff mastery trees).

    • Fireball

      • Updated ability to no longer leave behind the burning AoE on impact. Damage is now focused on the Impact and Smolder DoTs.

      • Increased attack damage from 140% to 150%.

    • Scorched Earth Upgrade

      • Now applies a stack of Smolder on hit.

    • Incinerate

      • The attack start up is now faster.

      • Increased damage of the attack from 130% to 150%.

      • Added Grit to the base ability.

    • Flame Out upgrade

      • Removed 2nd hit, changed functionality to grant a stack of Empower for 7s per target hit with the attack. 3% Empower per stack (5 stacks max)

    • Burnout

      • Set the distance increase upgrade to be the base movement distance.

    • Updated the damage over time effect that is applied by the ability to be the same Smolder that the rest of the weapon uses.

    • Increased damage from 129% to 130% (Nice round number).

    • Fixed issue where the fortifying burnout perk was not functioning consistently when used with all other fortify status effects.

    • Heat It Up Upgrade

      • Now triggers an explosion right as the ability ends (if distance is timed properly, extra damage will be achieved).

    • Flare –

      • Added a trade-off to the Flare Upgrade: When upgrading the AoE, the projectile speed will now travel 25% slower.

      • Fixed an issue where the Flare upgrade allowed heavy attacks to backstab, and where Flare attacks could not be blocked.

    • Flamethrower –

      • Reduced how frequently Flamethrower can hit and then increased damage accordingly. This was to fix an issue where Flamethrower was making DoTs tick twice as fast, greatly increasing damage.

        • Flamethrower was changed from 50% weapon damage every half second to 100% weapon damage every second.

    • Updated the Accelerating Flamethrower Perk to be more clear on the activation condition and reduced the amount of stacks of Smolder that need to be on the target to trigger the effect from 3 to 2.

    • Heat Up –

      • Fixed an issue where no damage was occurring when Fire Staff’s Heat Up DoT ability was applied to an enemy.

  • Additional Passive Updates

    • Combine functionality of Spell Focus and Flare into one passive, heavies don’t consume mana, and grant 5% mana on hit.

    • Changed Singe from just light attacks to light and heavy attacks.

    • Flare now triggers a 1m splash on impact.

    • Pyromania now increases damage by 10% instead of burning enemies

    • Dodging through an attack with Heat Up now inflicts a stack of burn on the target.

    • Changed activation condition of Trial by Fire from being hit, to hitting a target within 4m of player. Increased damage over time damage from 5% to 20%, Decrease duration from 10s to 5s, Decrease cooldown from 120s to 30s.

    • Updated all tooltips referencing the specific “Smolder” Burn to mention “Smolder” instead of “Burn”. Burn will still apply to all general Fire DoT status effects, including smolder, but Smolder is a unique Burn.

  • Ultimate Updates

    • Rune of Helios

      • Increased radius of the AoE from 2m to 4m and reduced damage bonus from 25% to 20%.

    • Reheat Ultimate

      • Changed to hitting a target with a Heavy Attack that has 5 stacks of Burn will pop all Burn stacks and deal 100% weapon damage in an AoE explosion around the player. (10s Cooldown)

  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where Meteor Shower’s Immolate upgrade was not properly functioning when using the Keenly Jagged perk.

    • Fixed an issue where the Fire Staff Incinerate ability was not able to apply additional stacks of Burn with the Scorched upgrade, or additional stacks with the Flame Out upgrade.

    • Fixed an issue where the Fire Staff combat speed passive and Reheat ultimate 4s timer would sometimes trigger without activating an ability or putting it on cooldown.

    • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t ability cancel the pre-casting aiming pose of Pillar of Fire and Meteor Shower. Those abilities should now be in line with the functionality of similar aiming poses of other magic weapons.

    • Fixed an issue where Mana consumption was sometimes not handled as expected when using Flamethrower.

    • Fixed an issue where the Haste from the Fire Staff passive Combat Speed could persist through weapon swap.

    • Fixed an issue where Meteor Shower could sometimes apply multiple stacks on a target.

    • Fixed an issue where Pillar of Fire could prematurely trigger Rune of Helios.

    • Fixed an issue where Runes of Helios’ cooldown displayed incorrect values when entering a game mode.


  • Ability Updates

    • Gravity Well is now considered a ranged attack.

    • Updated incorrect range description for Charge from 10m to 15m.

  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where Engage would hit twice.

    • Fixed an issue where some damage bonuses were not properly functioning with the Great Axe Bloodlust ultimate.

    • Fixed an issue that caused Gravity Well vortex to disappear if a target hit by it immediately died.

    • Fixed an issue where the Roots applied by the Gravity passive for the Great Axe would apply though blocks. Also updated the icons for those Roots to show as red to indicate it is negative.


  • Ability Updates

    • Tuned Light and Heavy attack homing to be consistent with other melee weapons.

    • Updated tooltip for “Giant Slayer” to be clearer on the target needing to be above 90% health and not self.

    • Increased the time it takes to charge a heavy attack while in the Path Of Onslaught stance to be only 50% faster instead of twice as fast.

    • Increase cooldown for Crosscut from 15s to 20s.

    • Adjusted Relentless Rush and Adaptive Rush Upgrade to reduce the root from 1s to 0.5s.

    • Fixed an issue where the Adaptive Rush upgrade that applied Root prevented dodges while Rooted.

    • Reduce damage for Giant Slayer passive from 20% to 15%.

    • Changed activation condition to trigger off of ability hits and not ability activations for Swift Onslaught passive.

    • Updated several Greatsword tooltips to better communicate when stances take effect.

    • Fixed an issue with Calamity Counter where the hitbox size was bigger than intended and extending past the visuals of the attack.

    • Fixed an issue with Calamity Counter that caused the ability to cause performance issues in certain in-game locations.

    • Fixed an issue where the Greatsword Relentless Rush and Skyward Slash abilities would apply their effects through blocks.


  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that caused Impactful Strikes to apply to other Spear hits.


  • Ability Updates

    • Reduced invincibility of Defy Death Ultimate to 0.5s. Changed health gain from 50% of Max HP to 50% of Base HP (Health value before it is modified by CON or any other bonuses)

    • Fixed an issue where Heartgem abilities would ignore the Defy Death Hatchet Ability.

    • Changed activation condition of Fortifying Strikes from three consecutive light attacks to one heavy attack.

    • Changed activation condition of Enraged Strikes from all basic attacks to both Heavy attacks and Abilities.

    • Updated Berserking Refresh Upgrade to be 5% Life Steal while Berserk is active instead of granting a flat amount of HP while active.

    • Set up a cap of 5 activations per attack for cooldown reduction of Desperate Refresh, to match similar passives for other weapons.

  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the Relentless Fury and Accumulated Power passive durations could not be extended.

    • Fixed an issue where the Relentless Fury and Accumulated Power passive damage bonuses from the Empower would not be applied to non-slash damage.

    • Fixed an issue where the Desperate Refresh passive was not working with thrown Hatchets.

    • Fixed an animation issue when pressing prone or crouch at the same time as Aim Throw.

    • Fixed an issue where the Critical Throw passive for the Hatchet did not differentiate between melee and ranged throws.

    • Fixed an issue where the Hatchet ability Infected Throw’s upgrade, Mortal Power didn’t properly portray the upgrade’s extended duration.


  • Ability Updates

    • Ice Pylon

      • Added ability to despawn Ice Pylon by holding ability input for 1 second while Ice Pylon is active.

      • Added Ice Pylon health details to description.

    • Entomb

      • Updated description to include dodge as a way to exit Entomb.

      • Added Entomb health details to description.

    • Wind Chill

      • Added ability input delay of 0.6s after ability starts to avoid accidental cancelations.

  • Passive Updates

    • Updated distance of Cold Reach from target from being further than 15m to within 15m of a target.

    • Increase Mana gain of Empowered Frost while performing an attack while inside a frosted area from 3 to 6“.

  • Replaced melee-only Perks on the following Ice Gauntlets:

    • Frozen Hope

    • Psychopomp’s Ma’at

    • Dead Claws

    • Gravekeeper’s Glove

    • Conservation of Heat

    • Cold Stone

  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Ice Shower’s Punishing Storm upgrade to not properly function when using the Keenly Jagged perk.

    • Fixed an issue where the Ice Gauntlet Entomb ability would bypass the Mana Stop Mutation effect.

    • Fixed an issue where Ice Pylon prevented Gathering Storm from triggering after 3 consecutive light attacks.

    • Fixed an issue where melee attacks homed towards friendly Ice Pylons.


  • Ability Updates

    • Updated Absolved passive to be for heavy attacks only. Since all magic weapons no longer cost Mana on light attacks.

    • Removed the required connection between the Absolved, Mending Touch, and Blissful Touch passives in the Healing Life Staff tree.

    • Reduced increased stamina regen rate of Sacred Ground upgrade and Holy Ground from 50% to 25%.

  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the spell cast target indicator was not moving smoothly.

    • Fixed an issue where players using the Life Staff in specific situations could unintentionally ping by pressing the key bind at a specific interval while running forwards or strafing.

    • Fixed an issue where players using the Life Staff in specific situations could not ping on the map.

  • Fixed an issue where players using the Life Staff in specific situations could not ping on the map.


  • Ability Updates

    • Traps

      • Adjusted the cooldown to only trigger after the start up of the attack, so that if the ability is interrupted prior to 1 frame before the toss occurs, the ability will not go on cooldown.

    • Tuned Aim Down Sight accuracy to reduce effectiveness of rapid long range shots.

      • Accuracy will be reduced when moving and aiming quickly.

    • Replaced “Ballistic Advantage” passive with a new one: “Steady Hand”

      • Increases Accuracy of any Musket shot when Aim Down Sight is maintained for 2s. Increased Accuracy will reset after a shot is fired.

      • Steady Hand passive activates in 1s and resets on shot while in Shooter Stance.

    • Greater Accuracy

      • Updated to remove accuracy penalty from Hip Shot.

    • Updated the Musket’s aiming reticle’s appearance to better function with the new Musket accuracy system.

    • Reduced Musket’s camera rotation Accuracy penalty by ~20%.

  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with the reload animation repeatedly playing when spamming an ability key during a reload when Trap or Sticky Bomb is assigned to that key.

    • Fixed a rare issue that occurred when transitioning into Musket abilities from prone.

    • Fixed an issue where the player could sometimes move at a faster rate than intended for a few seconds while tossing the Sticky Bomb.

    • Fixed a rare issue where players couldn’t move during the Sticky Bomb throw if they initiated the throw while idle.

    • Fixed an issue where Sticky Bomb wouldn’t deactivate when teleporting.

    • Fixed an issue where the Musket Trap’s Root was not consistent with the normal diminishing returns on Roots when applying the Root to a target with a trap while the Root is already active.

    • Fixed an issue where throwing a Trap with the Musket sheathed would result in the cooldown being activated even though the Double Trap upgrade was unlocked.


  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the Sword and Shield’s defensive formation ultimate showed the incorrect value for its radius. Incorrectly showed 2m instead of 3m.

    • Fixed an issue where Sword and Shield’s Defender ability visual effects would not display when used by other players.

    • Fixed an issue that considered players “In Combat” when activating Defender’s Resolve without taunting an enemy.


  • Ability Updates

    • Void Blade

      • Added ability input delay of 0.6s after ability starts to avoid accidental cancelations.

    • Baleful Tether

      • Buffs and debuffs now start at maximum values and no longer scale up.

      • Increased projectile size from 0.4m to 0.5m

      • Increased impact damage from 10% to 100%, and added damage text to the tooltips.

      • Increased tether range from 15m to 20m.

    • Tethered Focus Upgrade

      • Increased Mana regen rate increase from 100% to 200%.

    • Soul Eater Upgrade

      • Changed trigger condition to be if the tether ends or is broken.

    • Essence Rupture

      • Increased impact damage from 50% to 100%, and added damage text to the tooltips.

      • Increased projectile size from 0.33m to 0.5m.

      • Increased projectile speed by 50%.

    • Oblivion

      • Updated Invigorating Oblivion to grant 25% stamina regen rate instead of granting a flat amount of stamina per second.

  • Passives Updates

    • Efficient Harvest

      • Removed the condition for being below 25% Mana, and changed health drain reduction from 50% to 35%.

    • Deadly Range

      • Updated the condition to be against targets with an active debuff, and made it work with both light and heavy attacks.

    • Fervent Thirst

      • Updated to work with both light and heavy attacks.

    • Cleansing Harvest

      • Replaces Refreshing Harvest.

      • Changed functionality to be that Harvest Essence removes one debuff from self. (3s cooldown)

    • Leeching Bolts

      • Removed the target health percent condition and reduced the amount of bonus healing from 30% to 20%.

    • Extended Suffering

      • Updated to work with both light and heavy attacks.

  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Void Blade to not properly appear on players.

    • Fixed an issue where the status effect from the Slowing Tether perk didn’t properly show its scaled value in the tooltip.

    • Fixed an issue where Baleful Tether wouldn’t always function properly when triggered near the max range.

    • Fixed an issue that considered players “In Combat” when using Harvest Essence.


  • Flurry –

    • Fixed an issue where the Bleed applied by rapier’s Flurry would trigger screen shake.


  • Empowering Meteor Shower

    • To compensate for power increases across the board for Fire Staff, the Empowering Meteor Shower perk’s duration was reduced from 10s to 6s and it no longer refreshes the duration of all stacks on reapplication,

  • Empowering Incinerate

    • Renamed from Stable Incinerate to Empowering Incinerate

    • Removed Grit from the perk and made it apply to the base ability.

    • Increased max damage from 3%-12% (20% on weapons) to 4%-17% (30% on weapons) but added a condition against targets with a Burn status effect.

  • Empowering Fireball

    • Updated activation condition to be against targets above 50% HP. Change was made due to additional power added to the base ability.

  • Efficient Burnout Perk

    • Renamed perk to be Fortifying Burnout.

    • Changed functionality to grant a stack of 3% to 8% (13% on weapons) Fortify for 5s for each target hit with the attack. (Max 3 stacks).

  • Sundering Javelin

    • Fixed issue where the Sundering Javelin perk did not list all of the conditions to trigger it.

  • Accuracy Perk

    • Reduced accuracy bonus for perk by 50%

  • Mortal Empowerment

    • Updated to only last for 2 minutes.

    • Reduced max stack size to 10.

  • Trenchant Recovery

    • Reduced the power of the Lifesteal on charged heavies from 10% to 40% based on Gear Score to 5% to 20%.

  • Refreshing Move and Refreshing Torrent

    • Set a 0.2s cooldown so they only trigger once instance of cooldown reduction per attack.

  • AI Creature Family Bane perks

    • Updated to deal 10% additional max damage when on magic/ranged weapons.

  • Refreshing Rupture

    • Updated tooltip to use “cooldown” instead of “recharge” in the description.

  • Exhausting Infected Throw

    • Updated the tooltip to remove an unnecessary negative symbol.

  • Fortifying Perforate –

    • Reduced Fortify per stack from being 9.6% on armor and 17% on weapons to 5.8% on armor and 10% on weapons (30% max).

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Fortifying Burnout Perk to not function consistently when used with all other Fortify status effects.

  • Elemental Attunements –

    • Reduced damage from 18% to 14%.


  • Fixed an issue where the Stamina Recovery Amulet perk did not mention that the activation condition was for their health to be below 50.

  • Fixed an issue where the Fortifying Sacred Ground perk functionality would persist after weapon swap if the perk was on armor.

  • Fixed an issue where various food items did not have their duration extended when using the Lasting Consumption Bag perk. Also updated several tooltips of the items to better clarify the durations of the standard food effect vs the Well Fed healing buff.

  • Fixed an issue where Gem Damage conversion was not taken into account for calculating damage falloff based on distance for ranged weapons.

  • Fixed an issue where higher tiers of ammo were not increasing damage provided by an Elemental Gem on the Blunderbuss.

  • Fixed an issue where the Rusher Greatsword rolled perks in a way inconsistent with other Outpost Rush Weapons.

  • Removed the Keenly Jagged perk on named Life Staffs because it interfered with those weapon’s abilities.

  • Corrected the gem Perk for Deep Roots to the armor version.

  • Fixed an issue where the Great Axe appeared instead of the Azoth Staff when wielding Arcane Protection.


  • Fixed an issue where Heartgem Rune attack damage would not be reduced when using Aversion Perks, Sword’s Defender’s Resolve ability and Sturdy Shield passive, Great Axe’s Enduring Strike, War Hammer’s Hardened Steel, and Greatsword’s Perfect Vigilance.

  • Fixed an issue where certain Heartrune abilities could be used while Encumbered, and added text to clarify that the Heartrune abilities cannot be used in those situations.



  • Fixed player skins (e.g. forearms) being tinted a different color in some cases during PvP game modes.

  • Fixed an issue that caused in-world markers on gates and capture points to not show up for players that join a War or Invasion mid-match.

  • Fixed an issue where Fort capture points from Wars and Invasions persisted when subsequently joining an Outpost Rush, War, or Invasion match in the same game session.

  • Fixed an issue with Faction Control Point icons showing A/B/C after leaving a War or Invasion.

  • Fixed an issue that caused player nameplates to appear the wrong color after a War or Invasion.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Defiled Cloth Shirt from appearing as the right color in modes like War.


  • Target Dummies can no longer be attacked during Wars.

  • Defenders can now select spawn points inside the Fort.

  • Attacker Siege Eeapon Blueprints for Tier 2 and Tier 3 now auto-build themselves when placed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Siege Supply Generators to not generate items.


  • Increased the amount of individual score players get while capturing or contesting the Outpost Rush claim circles. (Has no effect on overall team score, just personal score)

  • Removed duplicate player defeated messages when you defeat another player.

  • Outpost Rush scoreboard no longer overlaps between the boss title and its status in some languages.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the invulnerability when respawning at the main fort to not properly reduce damage.

  • Fixed an issue with turrets jittering when moving the camera while controlling it.

  • Fixed an issue with being able to heal players to gain Score while the players were invulnerable from the Outpost Rush Fort respawn buff.

  • Fixed an issue where being removed from a queue due to a group disbanding would incorrectly show an option to requeue as a group.


  • Fixed an issue that caused consumables to show infinite quantity after playing 3v3 Arenas.

  • Fixed an issue where the queue banner would get hidden when an invite showed.

  • Fixed an issue that showed 3v3 Arena opponents with a neutral focused nameplate, instead of an enemy one.

  • Cranberry Compote can no longer be used in 3v3 Arenas.


  • Improved Invasion rewards. Players will now receive 3 pieces of Epic or greater Corruption Ward armor, a weapon, and a chance at Invasion Jewelry.

  • Invasions now give significantly more Umbral Shards, Territory Standing, Coin, and Faction Tokens.



  • Territory Upkeep costs have been reduced across all territories and equalized across all town levels. To maintain the territory revenue economy – we have increased the existing territory revenue sink, meaning an additional percentage of coin that would otherwise be earned through taxes is not added to the territory income revenue pool. Previously, 70% of taxes went to the Aeternum Revenue Service, and now we will be taking 80%. The result is lower population worlds will now have a near-guaranteed income for owning territories, while larger population worlds will see a decrease in their total revenue earned. The new, standard upkeep cost is different based on the revenue split of a territory:

    • Revenue split 5% – 1000 coin upkeep cost

    • Revenue split 7.5% – 1500 coin upkeep cost

    • Revenue split 10% – 2000 coin upkeep cost

    • Revenue split 12.5% – 2500 coin upkeep cost


In response to feedback we’ve received, we are enabling the Legendary upgrading behavior on more items in the game. It was previously only present on weapons coming from Outpost Rush rewards. It is now present on the following item sets (The name of the sets of items is being listed here for clarity, as well as their source):

  • War Item Rewards

    • ‘War’ Weapons/Trinkets

    • ‘Warmaster’ Armor

  • Invasion Item Rewards

    • ‘Invasion’ Weapons & Trinkets

    • ‘Champion Defender’ Armors

  • Outpost Rush Item Rewards

    • ‘Conqueror’s’ Weapons

    • ‘Rusher’ Armors/Trinkets

If these items roll as Epic (and are 590 GS and therefore eligible for Umbral upgrades) they can be upgraded to legendary. Upon upgrading to 600 GS these items will gain a 5th, random perk. This behavior is not present on Shields, as Shields cannot be legendary.


  • Shard of Consecrated Iron is now an eligible drop from Named AI of all levels. It was previously only an eligible drop from lower level Named AI.

  • The quest “Corruption-Tinged Fish” no longer gives a basic, no perk Gear Score 500 Ironwood Fishing Pole. It now offers a chance for players to receive either Fishing Shoes or Gloves with 500 Gear Score.

  • Removed Tier 2 ammo from loot chance at levels 20+.

  • Weapons that were previously unobtainable are now possible rewards from some Arena Bosses.

  • Adjusted the loot tables for ammunition to include Tier 2 through Tier 5 ammo types. Ammo, should now drop in a tier that is appropriate for the player’s level. (No more iron arrows during that Elite Chest Run!)

  • Added the perk Resilient as a possible perk when crafting items using the Summer Medleyfaire Crafting Patterns. The affected sets are Colorful Kraken, Sturgeon Style, and Masked Mackerel.

  • The Named bow ‘Torrent’ has had its name changed to ‘Rainstorm’ to differentiate it from the named Greatsword and better fit its own lore.

  • Updated Harbinger heavy armor set with its own unique appearance.

  • Updated tooltip for Forestkeeper’s Amulet.

  • Added the ability to roll some standard equipment loot onto Sarcophagi in Brimstone Sands.

  • Updated the cost of Umbral shards when upgrading items to better align with when a piece of gear will see attribute or perk strength increases.

  • Added eggs to the Supreme Omelet recipe – an uneggcceptable oversight.


  • Fixed an issue where the named enemy Scratchy dropped loot meant to be dropped by Gren.

  • Guitar page 2 for the song “Sounds of Bells” is now correctly setup to drop from POI’s that are level 25 or higher.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Trials to award Citrine Gypsum and Umbral Shards to players below level 60.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players lower than level 60 to receive Garnet Gypsum as a reward for 3v3 Arenas.

  • Fixed an issue where items could be deleted if a player attempted to do a transfer while holding over 500 inventory items.

  • Updated the quest reward ‘Deep Earth Lifestaff’ so that it has Focus as its attribute and uses a Life Staff appearance.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Named equipment given as part of the Brimstone Sands questline to scale itself to the player’s Expertise. They should now act the same as other Named Equipment and do not scale.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Stormscorcher Fire Staff to be crafted with Materia at the Workshop. It is now crafted at the Arcane Repository like other Fire Staves.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Siren Queen’s Spear from being placed in certain positions in Houses.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Legion housing items from being properly Salvaged.

  • Updated the tooltip for the 100 Focus attribute bonus to clarify that it only increases the repair parts yield when salvaging.

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in some Greatswords Salvaging into engineering scraps.

  • Updated a handful of event crafted items to allow resources to be given upon Salvaging.


  • Fixed visual effect alignment issues with the following:

    • The Mauler’s Axe

    • The Varangian Hatchet

    • The Mossborne Great Axe

    • The Mossborne Life Staff

    • The Pharaoh’s Life Staff

    • The Great Axe of the Great Elk

    • The Winter Warrior’s War Hammer

    • The Stormbound Life Staff

    • The Stormbound War Hammer

    • The Nymph Smasher War Hammer

  • Fixed visual issues with the following:

    • The Cloth Robe apparel

    • The Shamanic Tippet apparel

    • The Bold apparel

    • The Fallen Spirit apparel

    • The Pharaoh’s Bow String

    • The Mutated Obelisk apparel sets

    • The Jadeite Dragon Breastplate

    • The icon for Brazen Shelter Shield

    • The icons for Spear and Greatsword charms

    • The icon for Infused Engineering Fragments

    • The Tempest of Torment

    • The icons for Amber & Carnelian Jewelry

    • The icons for Breachwatcher Cloth armor

    • How the player holds the Varangian Tower Shield

    • The named Hatchet Matthias’s Gravedigger was displayed as a Great Axe

  • Fixed an issue that caused helmets to clip into the player’s ears.

  • Fixed an issue that caused swords to clip into the player’s skirt.

  • Fixed an issue that caused visual flickering on characters during specific actions.

  • Fixed an issue that caused all Round Shields to share the same appearance.

  • Fixed an issue where visual effects appeared to be spawning at the feet of several Ancient enemies in Brimstone Sands.


  • Fixed Dye issues with the following:

    • The Mutated Ennead Shield set

    • The Medium Defiled armor set

    • The Light Mutated Starstone armor set

    • The Shamanic Tipper apparel

    • The Shamanic Headdress head piece

  • Fixed an issue where your head could become invisible when trying to dye your armor while wearing a full face covering helmet skin.

  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip did not appear to teach the player how to zoom in the camera when viewing skins and dyes.


  • Added the ability to use Golden Scarabs in Tier 5 Tools and Bags. Updated the Crafting Category sort order and added the proper First Craft achievements.

  • Updated the description for the Runestone Stopwatch to be more descriptive about its purpose.

  • Fixed an issue with some Expedition replica items set to require the wrong Crafting Station Tier.

  • Removed the dynamic level requirement for normal Tier 2 to Tier 4 Crafted gear. The level requirement is now static and no longer increases when the Gear Score roll increases during the Crafting process.

  • The first Craft XP bonus has been increased from 2X to 3X.

  • Fixed an issue where the Gear Score of Crafted items would incorrectly fall outside of the projected range.

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the Crafting UI for the Vengeful Fisherman’s Equipment Set to display the potential Gear Score range outside of the possible values.

  • When viewing a Crafting station, it now shows the quantity currently owned (inventory & storage) for the selected item.

  • Changed Musical Trade Skill experience gain from performances to be based on individual notes hit modified by the quality of performance, relevant perks, and group size.

  • Increased the solo experience buff for music perk ‘Spotlight’ from 10% to 15%.

  • Exponentially increased experience gained per player in a group performance.

  • Updated the text for the Basic and Major Fishing Trophies so they display the correct Luck values.

  • Fixed an issue where falling caused the player to exit Fishing mode.

  • Fishing actions now properly stop when teleporting.

  • Moved Fishing mission from Edengrove to Shattered Mountain.



  • Marks of Fortune now display the total amount you will receive with the purchase.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to access the World Transfer list while still in cool down.


  • Open Voice Chat Settings button in the chat settings now directly takes you to the Social settings page.

  • A notification will now appear in top right corner of the screen when a player is removed from War signups or fails a PvP mission because they were PvP Inactive.

  • Tooltips for empty equipment slots now give more information on what the slot is used for.

  • Brimstone Sands quest achievement text is now not shrunk down on the achievement rewards banner and the full text is in a tooltip when hovering over the achievement reward icon.

  • Focus effect on buttons in character creation no longer extend off of the button.

  • Updated Character Transfer store tooltip.

  • Emotes now display tooltips even if they are unlocked.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some languages to not change when updating language within a 3v3 Arena match.

  • Quality improvements of various UI icons.


  • Updated Journal text to reflect new quest info.

  • Journal pages will no longer briefly show the new indicator in some instances of browsing the lore pages.

  • Journal pages that are undiscovered can no longer be selected in the page select screen.

  • Updated quest tracker and Journal text for ‘Predator and Prey’ quest to show the correct enemy name.

  • Resolved a syntax issue in a Weaver’s Fen lore note.

  • Updated the Journal entry for Starstone Barrows.

  • Resolved a Journal discrepancy for Master and Commandaria quests.

  • Updated the POI names for Losing the Faith’s Journal entry.

  • Corrected a Journal entry where Alchemist Crawford was referred to as Cabalist Crawford.

  • Fixed an issue where PvP faction missions would be removed from the Journal upon logging out and back in.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the background image for Dragon Fascination to not appear in the Journal.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some of the map pins and text for the “A Stock of Ironwood” quest to not appear.

  • Updated the map pin for Keen Temper’s quest to point players in the correct direction.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some the map pins to not appear in quest Barrels of Unerring Accuracy.

  • Territory information on the world map now shows the exact percentages/amounts of Standing Bonuses.

  • Updated in-game map to remove extra markings that weren’t needed.

  • Updated the map pin for the location of Grizzlemaw. (Ever Been Mauled in Everfall quest).

  • Faction NPCs now all have map pins.

  • Main Story Quest objective markers now glow on the map when located in a Settlement. (When you don’t zoom in on the map).

  • Fixed a visual issue with the in-game map where a territory didn’t appear at a certain zoom level.

  • Pinned quest icons will now display larger than unpinned icons.

  • Zooming in and out on map no longer causes pinned quests to shrink in size.

  • Fixed text alignment of group warning on Myrkgard Cathedral’s map flyout.

  • Improved messaging on map pins for The Great Architect quest.

  • Fixed a visual issue on the map where a few Fort’s and War Camp’s were not marked for Mourningdale, Reekwater, and Restless Shore.

  • Updated The Hydra’s Breath quest with map pins.

  • Added a map pin for the location where Medea can be found for The Path of Thorns quest in Windward.

  • Added map pins to Fishing Quests to guide players in the Azoth-Tinged Fish and Corruption-Tinged Fish quests.


  • The Leaderboard scrollbar no longer covers list items.

  • Filter button in the Leaderboards screen now shows the appropriate amount of filters used to view the Leaderboard.

  • Removed references to “Quarterly” Leaderboards and replaced with “Seasonal”.

  • 3v3 Arenas and Outpost Rush Heal Leaderboards previously counted self-healing. Updated Leaderboards so they only count healing allies.

  • Musket Traps and other spawned objects will no longer count toward kill Leaderboards for War and 3v3 Arenas.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to receive both Ennead Score and Brimstone Territory Control Leaderboard titles at the same time.

  • Added a non-dismissible pop up with a countdown timer for when weekly Leaderboard rewards will be released during the weekly reset.


  • Fixed a low frequency issue that prevented Players from selecting a new Governor in a Company/Settlement if the previous Governor had left under specific conditions.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Nightveil Shields and Fire Staffs to sort into the incorrect categories on the Trading Post.

  • Fixed an issue where items with 5 non-gem perks did not display all of their perks in your inventory list or the item summary.

  • Players can now search for items with 5 perks on them.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Turkulon’s Claw Skinning Knife to have buy orders placed on the Trading Post despite it being untradeable.

  • Fixed an issue where the notification for fulfilling a buy contract was not correctly reflected in the Trading Post fees when displaying your received Coin.

  • Fixed an issue that disabled the Cancel Button when posting a new buy/sell order in the Trading Post.

  • Fixed an issue where quantity value overlapped the slider diamond when creating a buy or sell order in the Trading Post.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the list of items in the buy tab of the Trading Post to reset to the top after purchasing an item.


  • Fixed an issue that showed the Active PVP Character icon on the incorrect character after a period of inactivity.

  • Fixed a visual issue where a blur effect occurred when opening a store product offer from the emote menu.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to receive multiple notifications about the same Prime Gaming Loot when leaving Expeditions and game modes.

  • Fixed multiple visual issues with the “Radiant Pants” armor skin.

  • Fixed an issue that caused icons for Gatherables to appear in the wrong place when zooming in and out on the map.

  • Fixed an issue that caused white squares to appear on the War results screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the Arena Recruiter brought the player to the incorrect game mode tab.

  • Fixed several issues that prevented players from receiving the matching achievements for Everfall Quest progress.

  • Fixed an issue where some Pattern recipes were not showing up correctly when filtering by Tier.

  • Updated the text for Preemptive Strike to match the voice over.

  • Fixed an issue where the on-screen indicator for Territory Standing gain displayed the wrong amount when completing Missions. This was purely a UI issue, and the correct amounts were always being added to the character.

  • Fixed an issue where some players wouldn’t see status effect icons if their computer clocks were out of sync.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some achievements to have the wrong unlock time and incorrectly appear in the recently completed achievements list. Correct unlock times will apply to newly applied achievements.

  • Fixed percentage spacing in some languages for territory bonuses on the map.

  • Fixed the healthbar over enemy players disappearing immediately if that player fully healed.

  • Added in descriptions for basic emotes, such as sit or /dice.

  • Rotated Gortan’s Tainted Staff icon for better framing.

  • Fixed Heavy Covenant Inquisitor Armor icons

  • Fixed lighting on several armor icons.

  • Glittering Ebony icon no longer breaks out of circle frame

  • Cleaned up masking on Breach Crystal/Lodestone/Shard icons.

  • Fixed some German language string issues for Sword and Shield

  • Pet icons no longer break out of frame when viewing from Inventory or Decorating screens.

  • Adjusted Corrupted Heart Life Staff’s icon to better fit frame.

  • Adjusted icon positions of various headwear.

  • Fixed several Prime Rewards icons so that they are no longer blurry.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the mouse to disappear when clicking on the dye menu.

  • Audited all the strings in the game for better clarity and consistency in terminology.

  • Fixed UI showing incorrect number of players during group duels if a player forfeited.

  • Fixed an issue where group members’ icons would not be restored to the map when a player logged out and then returned to the world.

  • Fixed typos for the following:

    • Deep Earth Life Staff

    • Syndicate Rank final boss Krockes’ description

    • Crafted Empyrean Void Gauntlet

    • Varangian Knights Tier 5 weapons

    • Phoenixweave

    • Journal entry for “Maw of Corruption”

    • The description of the Amrine Temple Greatsword.

    • Resolved a typo in the Hand of Hoarfrost journal entry

    • Resolved a punctuation error in Bones of the Past journal description.

  • Fixed an issue where Faction Mission turn-in icons may appear in the wrong place after returning from Outpost Rush.

  • The Named Greatswords Afterthought and Berserker’s Sword were incorrectly categorized under Lazarus Instrumentality. They have been moved to the correct section for Tempest Soul in the crafting menu for Materia recipes.

  • Moved Cooked Cranberries, Cranberry Infusion, Cranberry Compote, Tart Fruit Salad, and Sweet Cranberry Brew, into the Basic Food Category of the inventory for better organization.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Amulet ‘Prosperous Promise’ to display as the incorrect item type on its Item Card. It should now correctly display as an Amulet.


  • After crafting an item, the Crafting screen will leave the previously selected ingredients in place until you select a different recipe.

  • Messaging for character deletion updated to clarify that players can contact customer service within 7 days of deleting character.

  • The mouse will be restored to its previous visible position when a screen appears that requires it.

  • Adjusted inventory repair parts tooltip hit area.

  • Add functionality to change the size and opacity of in-game Quest Pins.

  • When in the Crafting screen, the current count in inventory of the item being crafted will be displayed.

  • Added an “Apply Skin” button for single skin items and skin sets.



  • Fixed an audio sync issue with the following:

    • Sound effects for the Ice Shower ability

    • Salute Emote

    • Sword sound effects

  • Music should now play when quickly entering and exiting musical performance mode.

  • Fixed an issue with the music when players entered the final minute of Outpost Rush.

  • The rally point music cue now plays again when players enter outposts in Outpost Rush and stops when they leave them.

  • The inoffensive baby scorpion and cute sulfur lizard no longer trigger combat music.

  • Fixed an issue with audio during the Canon and Coin quest.

  • Foley audio attached to player characters now matches the skin they are wearing.

  • Fixed an issue that caused AI combat music to not properly start and stop.

  • Fixed an issue that caused audio to not play for the following:

    • A Blaze of Glory

    • The Puppergeist House Pet

    • Brimstone Settlement wood footsteps

    • Legion fort wood footsteps

    • Several emotes like the Rocking Horse

    • Several chairs

    • Lava

    • Ancient Amalgam Footsteps

    • Varangian Hounds

    • When interacting with the Legion Supplies during the “Strength and Weakness” Quest


  • Fixed missing voice over lines for Primrose Gabrielis.

  • Lost character AIs now play hurt vocalizations.

  • Siren queen death vocals and sounds shouldn’t be truncated now.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Giacomo Altoviti to have some unvoiced lines.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Innkeeper Ngoc-Bich Lam of Mourningdale to have some unvoiced lines.

  • Fixed an issue where Faction Representatives in Weaver’s Fen would not play their voice over.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.

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Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
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