Naraka Bladepoint Update Patch Notes (Official) – Oct 28, 2021

Naraka Bladepoint October 28 update is now available to download on PC and PS5. According to the official Naraka patch notes, the latest update added Apart from this, today’s Naraka patch also includes a long list of bug fixes and gameplay changes.


Currently, Naraka servers are down. You can check the Naraka Bladepoint server status here.

Previously, a big update was released which added a new game mode (Bloodsport) to the game. Bloodsport is a melee-focused 1v1 game mode where players face off against their opponents by dueling them one by one as they make their way to the top.


Unfortunately, since the release, players are experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Naraka Bladepoint patch will address a few of these errors.

Naraka Patch Notes – October 28, 2021


I. Valda Cui

1. Ultimate [Nether Nightmare: Bind]: Initiating a horizontal strike after using this ultimate no longer breaks enemies free from Bind. The hit rate of Valda’s horizontal strikes has been improved, and she now has a new vertical strike in which she hurls forth a water spear: it travels slowly with a comparably low hit rate, yet deals high damage.
//Comments from Dev Team: These changes were implemented given that [Nether Nightmare: Bind] was originally only meant to bind multiple enemies, but wasn’t working as well as intended. Tips: Vertical strikes have a very low hit rate when used alone. Try linking them in with horizontal strikes as part of a combo!


I. Longsword

1. Slightly shortened the stagger duration inflicted upon standing enemies with normal and running horizontal strikes.
//Comments from Dev Team: The horizontal strike of Longsword contains probing, chasing and combo effects. The function is so comprehensive that we need to weaken it.

II. Dagger

1. New weapon advantage: [Energy Demount]. If two players attack at the same time, the player using a Dagger won’t clash, but demount the enemy’s energy and initiate a counterattack.
2. Slightly slowed down the crouch/slideUppercut Slash.
3. Significantly reduced the distance that airborne enemies are knocked back when hit with a midair horizontal strike. Slightly shortened the stagger duration inflicted upon downed enemies.
4. [Yurang’s Rage] Damage Adjustment: from 103%+155%*3 to 57% + 115%*2 + 287%.
//Comments from Dev Team: Now the startup frame of DaggerUppercut Slash is reduced to the same as those of Katana and Longsword. We disconnected part of the long combo of Dagger to allow more space during the battle. At the same time, we added a new weapon advantage Energy Demount, in order that Dagger still maintains enoughfrontal fighting strengthwhile clashing.

Ⅲ. Greatsword

1. Improved hit determination for horizontal strikes following vertical strikes/horizontal strikes following a horizontal-vertical strike combo.
2. Adjusted the Stone Form stagger that some attack moves inflict on Greatsword.
3. Slightly lengthened the timeframe in which [Rockfall Slash] can be followed up with a dodge.
4. Adjusted the damage dealt by charged horizontal and vertical strikes:
Damage of the first-stage charged vertical strikes reduced from 224%+449% to 202%+403%;
Damage of the second-stage charged vertical strikes reduced from 261%+522% to 238%+476%;
Damage of the third-stage charged vertical strikes reduced from 291%+582% to 265%+530%;
Damage of the first-stage charged horizontal strikes increased from 597% to 621%;
Damage of the third-stage charged horizontal strikes increased from 247%*4 to 250%*4;
//Comments from Dev Team: When the opponent uses some moves to attack the Greatsword, and the attack action is not over yet, the Stone Form can be used to counterattack. This performance is a little too strong, so we adjusted the Stone Form stagger of some moves.
[Rockfall Slash] After hitting, the pressure on the opponent to dodge again is overwhelming, so we hope [Rockfall Slash] connects and dodges slowly, and slightly reduce the damage of [Rockfall Slash].
I. Buffs
1. [Miser] now has you steal Dark Tide Coins from enemies upon dealing damage to them, with more stolen depending on how much damage you deal.
II. Dagger
1.New Dagger Moves: [Dreadful Wail].
Ⅲ. Greatsword
1. [Aerial Rend] Reduced Charged Damage:
Damage of the first-stage charged vertical strikes reduced from 280%*3 to 252%*3;
Damage of the second-stage charged vertical strikes reduced from 326%*3 to 298%*3;
Damage of the third-stage charged vertical strikes reduced from 364%*3 to 331%*3;

In-Game Adjustment
I. In-Game Interface Adjustment
1.Added the on/off status display of in-game party voice and nearby voice.
II. Controllers
1. Optimized the operation interaction of spawn point selection before the game.
2. The in-game bag now supports circular selection of the cursor, which improves the efficiency bag using when players use controllers.
Ⅲ.Bloodsport Opening Time Adjustment

1. In order to improve the matching speed and optimize the matching experience, the opening time of Bloodsport has been adjusted
NA Server:00:00 (UTC) – 03:00 (UTC)
EU Server: 18:00 (UTC) – 21:00 (UTC)
AS Server: 11:00 (UTC) – 14:00 (UTC)
SEA Server: 11:00 (UTC) – 14:00 (UTC)

Out-Game Adjustment

I. New Custom Match Settings
1. You can now adjust the number of resurrections allowed in The Herald’s Trial – Trios Custom Matches.
2. You can now adjust the in-game environment as you please when creating a Custom Match.

II. New Thumbs Up Function

1. With the new ‘Thumbs Up’ function, you can give allies a Thumbs-Up after a match. Head to your player ‘Profile’ to view how many you’ve received in total.

Store Updates

I. New Outfits, Skins & Accessories
1. Added a legendary Tarka Ji outfit, [Ill Omen] (now you can get it with 1,500 Gold, and the original price is 1,800 Gold).
2. Added a legendary Repeating Crossbow skin, [Stormwrath](now you can get it with 1,250 Gold, and the original price is 1,500 Gold).
3. Added two new accessories for Viper Ning, [Leopard Tail]: now you can get it with 750 Gold (the original price is 900 Gold) and [Leopard Ears]:now you can get it with 1000 Gold, and the original price is 1,200 Gold).

Bug Fixing

I. Battle Bugs
1. Fixed the issue that Twilight Crimson can be dodged by slide when the summoning ends.

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