Naraka Bladepoint Update Patch Notes (New Duo Mode) – November 25, 2021

    Naraka Bladepoint update (November 25, 2021) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Naraka patch notes, the latest update added a new Duo Mode to the game. Apart from this, today’s Naraka update also includes various bug fixes and gameplay changes.

    Currently, Naraka servers are down. You can check the Naraka Bladepoint server status here.

    Previously, a big update was released which added a new game mode (Bloodsport) to the game.

    Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Naraka Bladepoint patch will address a few of these errors.

    Naraka Patch Notes – November 25, 2021

    New Duo Mode!
    Duo mode is now available in Quick Match.

    Hero Adjustments
    I. Tarka Ji
    1. The partywide Energy recovery effect of Tarka Ji’s default ultimate talent [Blackout] now lasts for a set 30 seconds.
    2. The partywide Attack buff of Tarka Ji’s ultimate [Blackout: Frenzy] now lasts for a set 30 seconds.
    //Dev Note: We want Tarka Ji to provide teammates with more reliable buffs. Now, when Tarka Ji manually turns off his ultimate or is slain, his buffs will continue to take effect.
    3. When Tarka Ji activates his ultimate, his and his teammates’ arms and legs gain a fiery effect. This will no longer be seen by enemies when invisible.
    4. Adjusted the effects of [Burn], from “Deduct health and armor within 5 sec, and the healing effect will be reduced by 50%” to “Deduct health and armor at percentage within 5 sec, and the healing effect will be reduced by 50%”.
    5. When Tarka Ji activates his ultimate, the hit during running and speeding down will no longer cause [Burn] effects on enemies.
    II. Yueshan
    1. Decreased the stagger duration of [Rampage] hit after Yueshan transformed in [Troop Decimation].
    2. Optimized the hit determination of charged vertical attack [Dragontail] during Yueshan’s ultimate.
    3. During Yueshan’s ultimate, adjusted the damage multiplier of charged vertical attack [Dragontail] from 848% to 734%, and adjusted the damage multiplier of charged horizontal attack [Leaping Slash] from 452% to 418%.
    4.When Yueshan transforms in [Troop Decimation], the damage multiplier of [Rampage] is decreased from 30% + 60% to 20% + 30%.
    //Dev Note: Yueshan, the Marquis of Eternia, seems to be overpowering after his debut on Morus Isle. So, we decreased the damage of some skills.

    Weapon Adjustments
    I. Spear
    1. Slightly reduced the knockback distance of spear horizontal strike’s first attack when charged. This should make it easier to follow a second attack.
    2. Optimized the feel of following Uppercut Slash after the second attacks of spear horizontal or vertical strikes.
    3. Won’t take damage from sword energy during [Nezha’s Might], and the sword energy can be broken by [Nezha’s Might].
    4. Damage Adjustments:
    [Dragonslayer] – Increased the damage from 202% to 251%.
    [Nezha’s Might] – Adjusted the damage from 56%*2 + 83%*2 + 99%*2 to 51%*2 + 76%*2 + 105%*2.
    //Dev Note: In both Solo and Trios, the usage rate of Spear is not as expected, thus we want players to be safer when activating [Nezha’s Might], with more stable damage output.

    II. Katana
    1.Reduced the damage multiplier of crouching vertical strikes to 213% (was 250%).
    //Dev Note: The crouching Uppercut Slash of Katana has the highest damage multiplier among all weapons’ Upper Slash, while maintaining super high performance. Thus, we slightly decreased its damage.
    III. Dagger
    1.Decreased the remaining time of the Focus after [Soulbreak].
    //Dev Note: While maintaining the high attacking ability of [Soulbreak], we slightly increased the vulnerability of [Soulbreak] after the attack failed.
    In-Game Adjustments
    I. Added a New Rebirth Charm Item
    1. Item Effect: Increases your party’s Resurrections when purchased. Living members of your party may interact with a Soul Altar to revive their fallen allies.
    2. Item Drop: Limited stock from Rift Dealers and the first two Morus’ Blessings.
    3. Purchase Restriction: Only a party with a fully dead member may purchase them. The available number of charms equals to the number of dead members.
    4. Modes: It is currently available in The Herald’s Trial and Quick Match.

    II. Mechanisms & Interactable Objects
    1. Added a new type of red mushroom.
    2. Added a very small amount of a new interactable object for good luck—Koi.

    III. Rich Resource Area Adjustments
    1. Adjusted some remote trove spawn in certain locations, making them easier to spot.

    IV. Added Soul Damage
    1. When attacked while in soul status, duration of the soul status will be deducted depending on the attack.

    V. Item Pick Up & Interaction Optimizations
    1. When you fail to pick up or interact with an item, another nearby item will automatically be set as the target for your next pick-up action.

    VI. Bloodsport Adjustments
    1. Previously only the final was played as best of 3. Now all rounds will be played as best of 3.
    2. During the preparation phase, players must now choose three sets of heroes and weapons for each round. Players will no longer be able to change the lineup before each round. However, you can change it during the waiting time after a win.
    3. Added a feature that automatically records which heroes and weapons you’ve previously used in Bloodsport.
    4. Optimized the lineup selection logic. When you repeatedly choose a certain hero or weapon, this hero or weapon’s usage order will be automatically changed.
    //Dev Note: We have made adjustments to Bloodsport’s format and improved the lineup selection process. We hope that all heroes can enjoy the fighting more fluently in the Bloodsport!

    VII. Bag Item Marker Adjustments
    1. Marking an item in your bag will now send a brand-new message: “[Player ID] I have [XXX]”. Consumables will also be shown together with the amount owned. Their teammates may then use the Request button to elicit that they want the item.

    VIII. Performance Optimization
    1. Optimized the complexity of some special effects, in order to improve the battle fluency.
    2. Optimized the CPU concurrency performance of some game logics such as Grappling Hook, and increased the frame rate.
    3. Optimized the compatibility of Intel 12th generation CPU cores, and increased the frame rate of the game running on the latest Intel 12th generation CPU.

    Ⅸ. Controllers
    1. Added the vibration triggered by Counterstrike combos and the second-stage charged attack of the bow.
    Ⅹ. In-Game Quests
    1. Changed the quest “Defeat enemy by igniting enemy Kurumi’s healing zone” to “Defeat the enemy receiving the recovery buff from Kurumi’s healing circle”.
    Out-Game Adjustments
    I. One-Hero-Once matching in the Herald’s Trial
    The One-Hero-Once will be open for all ranks in The Herald’s Trial. Teams can only have one of each hero in this mode, in order to ramp up the competition to a higher level.
    II. We’ve adjusted the difficulty of some heroes’ Cultivation Quests, taking them more in line with our expectations:
    1. Reduced the required kill count of Viper Ning’s “Kill 10 enemies with Swarms.” to 8.
    2. Reduced the required kill count of Kurumi Tsuchimikado’s “Kill 10 enemies with Flamebringers.” to 8.
    3. Reduced the damage requirement for Matari, Tarka Ji, and Yoto Hime’s “Deal 30,000 damage in a single The Survival match.” to 25,000.

    III. Score Optimization
    1. When a player’s Hero Score, Kill Score, or Survival Score is greater than their Rank Score, diminishing returns for score will be greater.

    IV. Free Training Mode Adjustments
    1. Now, opponents in the different Free Training modes will be equipped with armor of a certain quality:
    Basic Training: Common;
    Advanced Training & Integrated Training: Common;
    Aim Training: Epic;
    Counter Training: Legendary.

    V. Select Game Mode Menu
    Optimized the Select Game Mode menu to make it easier to add new modes in the future.

    VI. Season Statistics Interface
    1. Optimized the Season Statistics interface.
    2. Added seasonal statistics for The Bloodbath and Bloodsport.

    VII. New Custom Lobby Features
    1. Added the option to ban talent skills and ultimates for The Herald’s Trial in custom lobbies.
    2. Added the option to customize stat multipliers for all heroes for The Herald’s Trial in custom lobbies.
    Customizable stats: Health, Rage/s, Skill Cooldown & Remaining Skill Time.
    VIII. Online State
    1. The account will remain online by fault when players log in each time, and will no longer keep the former state.

    I. Added Privacy Settings to Season Statistics

    1. Added [Season Stats Settings] under Settings – Game – Privacy Settings. There you can choose whether other players may view your season statistics.

    II. Added Ability to Swap Weapon with Mouse Scroll

    1. Added the setting [Scroll Weapon Swap (Mouse & Keyboard)] under Settings – Game – Combat. There you can toggle whether to switch between your weapon slots with the mouse scroll.

    III. Added Open Mic Setting

    1. Added the [Open Mic] setting under Settings – Audio – Other Audio Settings. There you can toggle Open Mic on and off (you can still toggle this with the hotkey).

    Store Updates

    I. Added a New Pack
    1. Added the new [Floral Scent] Pack. This pack contains the legendary Matari outfit [Floral Scent] and the exclusive Matari hairstyle [Morning Glory]. Original price: 3,200 Gold. Current price: 2,200 Gold.

    II. Added New Outfit + Skin

    Added the new Matari Legendary outfit [Floral Scent]. Original price: 2,400. Current price: 1,700 Gold.
    2. Added the new legendary Katana skin [Soulbloom Gem]. Original price: 1,500 Gold. Current price: 1,250 Gold.
    3. Added the new Matari hairstyle [Morning Glory]. Current price: 800 Gold.

    III. Discount Info

    1. Katana skin [Muramasa]. Original price: 500 Gold. Current price: 417 Gold.
    2. Tarka Ji outfit [Ill Omen] is now back to its original price of 1,800 Gold.
    3. Repeating Crossbow skin [Wind Blast] is now back to its original price of 1,500 Gold.
    4. Tianhai outfit [Divine Garment of Lirik’s Kingdom], Tarka Ji outfit [The Shroud of Magisterial Aim], and Temulch outfit [King of the Summit]. Original price: 2,000 Gold. Current price: 1,400 Gold.
    5. Tianhai outfit [Lirik’s Disciple], Tarka Ji outfit [Mortal Shroud], and Temulch outfit [Summit’s Calling]. Original price: 300. Current price: 210 Gold.
    6. Longsword skin [Fang of Nabi], Katana skin [Shroudslasher], and Greatsword skin [Summit’s Edge]. Original price: 600. Current price: 420 Gold.
    7. Accessory [Peaks], [Biding Serpent], and [Harmony]. Original price: 400. Current price: 280 Gold.
    8. Emote bubble [1G], [Shroud], [Lirik]. Original price: 200 Gold. Current price: 140 Gold.

    Bug Fixes

    I. Hero-related Bugs
    1. Fixed a location error for enemies when grabbed and smashed into the ground by Tianhai’s default ultimate talent [Titan’s Call].
    2. Fixed an issue where it was possible to grab enemies behind your back by relying on the auxiliary camera view while in Tianhai’s ultimate form.
    3. Fixed an issue where Tianhai and Yueshan weren’t affected by Kurumi’s [Sacred Circle] directly after ending their ultimates.
    4. Fixed an issue where the default Rage Glyph did not have the expected effects on some heroes or in some modes.
    5. Fixed the descriptive error of Tarka Ji’s [Vulnerable] buff, from “damage taken within 5 sec will be increased by 10%” to “hit damage taken within 5 sec will be increased by 10%”. And the actual buff effect in game has not been changed.
    II. Weapon-related Bugs
    1. Fixed an issue where the direction will not be automatically turned towards the enemies when countering after a charged crouch.
    2. Fixed an issue where players may not be able to escape when counter the sword energy in close range.
    3. Fixed an issue where the sword energy of [Blue Moon] cannot be countered.
    III. Hero Cultivation
    1. Fixed an issue where the statistics of Yueshan’s Cultivation Quests would sometimes increase abnormally.
    2. Fixed the abnormal counting issues of Tarka Ji’s Cultivation quests when using [Blackout: Frenzy].
    Ⅳ. Others
    1. Fixed the rendering order error of some hairstyles and eyelashes.

    Download free Naraka Bladepoint update for PC.

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