Naraka Bladepoint April 14 Update Patch Notes

Naraka: Bladepoint update released on PC (Steam). According to the official Naraka patch notes, the latest update added new contents, fixes, changes, and adjustments.

Previously, a big update was released which added a new structure (Trifid Junction), terrain adjustment (Windwail Gorge) and various bug fixes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing a number of issues with the game. Today’s Naraka: Bladepoint patch will address a few of these errors.

Currently, Naraka servers are down. You can check the Naraka Bladepoint server status here.

Naraka Update Patch Notes – March 31, 2022

Brand-new content!
I. Justina Gu’s third skill [Ice Core·Cold Wave] and ultimate [Arctic Wraith·Frostwind] are now available!

  1. [Ice Core·Cold Wave]
    Justina Gu calls upon icy energies to temporarily encase allies and herself within an icy aura. While in this state she recovers a set amount of armor at regular intervals and is able to resist all physical attacks, lasting for 3 sec.
  2. [Arctic Wraith·Frostwind]
    Justina Gu calls upon the icy energies deep within her soul and fires the icy sword energy in the aiming direction. The area of the sword energy will generate the icy fog that can [Freeze] enemies, lasting for 8 sec.

II. Koi of Fortune
Event Time: 04/14/2022 update, until April 27th, 20:00 (UTC).
Event Info:

  1. Gain Koi Scales and event points by completing quests during the event.
  2. During any mode’s preparation phase (except Bloodsport), players must gather their efforts to collect 8 Koi Tokens within the time limit. If this is achieved, each player will receive 3 Koi Scales during that match’s settlement stage and up to 6 Koi Scales per day.
  3. Gain event points by blessing koi. Each blessing costs 1 Koi Scale and grants 10 points.
  4. Gain 1 Gold Koi Gift by completing 10 blessings per day.
  5. Players will receive rewards when enough event points are gained. Each player may gain up to 1,600 points as they will receive all the rewards then.

III. Wuxia Crossover Event

  1. Limited-time Daily Check Event
    Event Time 04/14/2022 update – 04/27/2022 20:00 (UTC).
    Event Info: Players who sign in a total of 7 days while the event is running can receive limited-edition avatars, limited-edition bubbles, Echelon Treasures, and other Event Rewards:
    1st Day Sign-in: Avatar – Sis Ling-er
    2nd Day Sign-in: 500 Spectral Silk
    3rd Day Sign-in: Bubble – Xiaoyao
    4th Day Sign-in: Accessory – Calabash
    5th Day Sign-in: Bubble – Ling’er
    6th Day Sign-in: 1 Echelon Treasure
    7th Day Sign-in: 3 Echelon Coins

Hero Adjustments
I. Justina Gu

  1. Optimized the rules of [Arctic Wraith·Blizzard]:
  1. Combined the descriptions and logics of Frostbite and Freeze into [Freeze];
  2. Combined the descriptions and logics of Frostbite Immunity and Freeze Immunity into [Freeze Immunity];
  1. [Ice Core] and [Ice Core·Blink] can now be interrupted: Justina Gu may dodge and jump to break the ice earlier (1.5 sec after casting her skill).

II. Tarka Ji
Optimized the overall hit feel of [Inner Fire: Gigaflame]. Tarka Ji now hangs in the air if he casts [Inner Fire: Gigaflame] while dropping down in the air.

III. Wuchen
Optimized the performance of Wuchen’s ultimate [Tai Chi Rift] and [Tai Chi Rift·Switch] when teleporting multiple Cairns. The teleported Cairns will not be stacked together now.

Souljade Adjustments
I. Buffs

  1. Added [Starfall]: Players will teleport to their target upon activating Grappling Hook again whilst grappling.
  2. Added [Poison Splash]: Players will release poisonous gas around them 0.5 sec after death. Enemies affected will take damage over time.

II. Longsword
Removed [Assault·Longsword] and combined its effects into the new Souljade [Assault•Smolder].

III. Melee
Added [Assault·Smolder]: Burns enemies you hit with melee Grappling Strike, causing damage continuously.

IV. Bow
Added [Switch·Bow]: Players will pull away and shoot upon switching to Bow during a melee combo.

V. Cannon
Added [Switch·Cannon]: ▪Players will fire a projectile upon switching to Cannon during a melee combo and knock themselves airborne.
Match Adjustments
I. Omni’s Nightmare Adjustments

  1. Added the Ballista that needs to be unlocked with Dark Tide Coins, which will be usable after unlocking.
  2. Added the new Soul Lantern gameplay: A certain number of Rattans are set surrounding each Soul Lantern. Evil-Ents can use Axes to destroy the Soul Lantern and the surrounding related Rattans. After Heroes have repaired the Soul Lantern, those Rattans will appear again and will be updated once all of them are picked up. The status of Soul Lanterns can be distinguished by icon colors on the map: purple ones are broken Soul Lanterns.
  3. Adjusted the positions of some Soul Lanterns.
  4. Optimized the move of Evil-Ents’ combo. Now they can throw Axes continuously through vertical strikes.
  5. Expanded the default bag capacity to 12 slots. Removed the Bag Upgrades for items at Rift Dealer and Morus’ Blessing.
  6. The armor will be restored to full after heroes are revived.

II. Controller Adjustments

  1. Radial Menu Optimization: Added Weaponry Chests to the item Radial Menu. Changed the weapon Radial Menu from 8 slots to 4 in The Survival modes to keep it consistent with the Weapon Bag.

III. Hero Selection
Added the feature ‘Swap Hero with Ally’: In The Herald’s Trial, players can request to ‘Swap Hero with Ally’ on the hero selection page after both have selected their heroes.

IV. In-Game Optimization

  1. Optimized the size of the special icon above protected targets during Bodyguard quests.
  2. Optimized the performance of dead characters’ Cairns and the looting time.
  3. Optimized the pick-up and purchase: when the bag is full, Souljades III & IV will automatically replace their I & II counterparts.

V. Turned off the Team Info checking feature in the preparation phase
In The Herald’s Trial, the Team Info checking feature in the preparation phase is turned off. However, players can still check it through the shortcut during the match.

Out-Game Adjustments
I. Cultivation Quests

  1. Adjusted all the quests “Attain victory in The Survival modes 3 times” to “Attain TOP 5 in The Survival modes 3 times” at [Yin Yang Mastery] stage.
  2. Adjusted Justina Gu’s Cultivation quest “Freeze 3 enemies with a single Arctic Wraith” to “Achieve a Victory Blow” at [Deific Presence] stage.
  3. Adjusted Justina Gu’s quest of Heroic Tales Chapter 2, from “Freeze yourself with Ice Core100 times” to “Use Ice Core 100 times”.

II. Omni’s Nightmare Custom Lobby
Added the Omni’s Nightmare mode to Custom Lobbies, with more adjustable settings coming soon.

III. Omni’s Nightmare Season Stats
Added the display of season stats of Omni’s Nightmare.

IV. Voice Info on Hero Menu
Added the name of the voice actor/actress under the hero name.

V. Ref Spectate
Controller is now supported in Ref Spectate.

VI. Narakapedia
Added the descriptions of Counterstrikes and Focus Strikes.

VII. Collection Interface Adjustments

  1. Adjusted [Gesture—Gesture] and [Gesture—Emote] to [Emotes—Gesture] and [Emotes—Bubble].
  2. Adjusted [Card—Gesture] to [Card—Pose].
  3. Improved the icon of [Card—Pose].

VIII. Out-Game Optimization
Optimized the Customization system: When saving the new set data on the face-editing page, the new face data will be applied to the current selected set automatically.

Store Updates
I. Added New Packs

  1. Added the Justina Gu exclusive pack [Pearl Deity]. Contains the legendary Justina Gu outfit [Sword and Fairy·Zhao Ling’er] and legendary Justina Gu hairstyle [Ling’er]. Original price: 2,600 Gold. Current price: 1,850 Gold.
  2. Added the Wuchen exclusive pack [Vigorous Youth]. Contains the legendary Wuchen outfit [Sword and Fairy·Li Xiaoyao] and legendary Wuchen hairstyle [Xiaoyao]. Original price: 2,600 Gold. Current price: 1,850 Gold.
    II. Discount Update
  3. Greatsword legendary skin [Dragonforce Koi·Scorch] has returned to its original price of 1,500 Gold.
  4. Katana legendary skin [Dragonforce Koi·Blossoms] has returned to its original price of 1,500 Gold.
  5. Greatsword legendary skin [Evil Bane] has returned to its original price of 1,500 Gold.
  6. Repeating Crossbow legendary skin [Shuriken Spitter] has returned to its original price of 1,800 Gold.
  7. Tarka Ji’s legendary outfit [Ill Omen] has returned to its original price of 1,800 Gold.
    III. New Items
  8. Added [Surmount Card·Echelon] to the store. Only 1 may be purchased per player for just 1,800 Gold, raising your Echelon Hidden Treasure by 30 levels when used.
  9. Added the 2021 Koi Cup champion legendary Katana skin [Dragonforce Koi·Chrysanthemum]. Original price: 1,500 Gold. Current price: 1,250 Gold.
  10. Added the 2021 Koi Cup champion legendary Spear skin [Dragonforce Koi·Skywards]. Original price: 1,500 Gold. Current price: 1,250 Gold.
  11. Added the 2021 Koi Cup champion legendary Longsword skin [Dragonforce Koi·Green Bamboo]. Original price: 1,500 Gold. Current price: 1,250 Gold.

Bug Fixes
I. Hero-related Bugs

  1. Fixed an issue with the freezing effects of Justina Gu’s [Arctic Wraith] on Yueshan and Tianhai while in their ultimate forms.
  2. Fixed an issue where the scene would sometimes disappear when Wuchen hit his target with [Spirit Blades·Blast].
  3. Fixed an issue where Tarka Ji in his ultimate form would not be affected by Wuchen’s ultimate and stagger.
  4. Fixed an issue where Wuchen’s ultimate would sometimes mistakenly teleport him to the previous registered teleport point.
  5. Fixed an issue where the Cairns would be trapped in the terrain and cannot be rescued when Wuchen teleports the them.

II. Weapon-related Bugs

  1. Fixed an issue where vertical strikes launched in the air would sometime not deal the second stage damage.

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