Muck Update 4 Patch Notes Details for PC(New Trader Camps, New Enemies)

Muck game update 4 released on PC. According to the official Muck patch notes, the latest update brings added new traders, new achievements, and more. Apart from this, Muck patch 4 also added an actual story ending to the game.

Previously, a minor update added an actual story ending to the game, new enemies, new items, and more.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch. Today’s Muck patch 4 will address a few of these errors.

Muck Patch 4 Notes

Big Changes
  • I’ve added 40-50 achievements to Muck.
  • 4 new original music tracks by Context Sensitive (Evan King)
  • Trader Camps
  • Now available for mac and linux, however I don’t have the time or capacity as a solo dev to properly test and develop this, so there might be issues.
Trader Camps
  • Trader Camps now spawn randomly around the map
  • Woodmen run around in camps
  • Some Woodmen have items to trade with you (buy / sell)
New Enemies
  • Chief (Boss)
  • Woodman (Traders)
  • Mobs (hopefully) don’t phase through trees and minerals anymore
  • Can free cam spectate now by pressing any of the movement keys while spectating
  • End screen now shows stats for all players
New Items
  • Chiefs Spear (Rare)
  • Spear Tip (Rare)
  • Obamium Sword
  • Obamium Armor
  • Mobs deal more damage to resources (not buildings)
  • Decresed big chunk splash damage
  • Bob is more aggressive with fireballs. Also tweaked some hitboxes for his landed attacks
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where ship engine would require more than 1 of each gem
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes animations wouldn’t play when spectating other players
  • Fixed a bug where boss shrines didn’t work in Versus mode
  • Character model has been slightly beefed up
  • Chat commands now autofill commands and names
  • Added a /kick command, so server host can kick players. Can also kick players in the lobby

Download free Muck update 4 for PC (Steam).

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