Mortal Online 2 Update Patch Notes – March 16, 2022

A new Mortal Online 2 update is now available to download. According to the official Mortal Online 2 game patch notes, the latest update added various gameplay changes and bug fixes.

Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Mortal Online 2 patch will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Mortal Online 2 March 16 Update Patch Notes


  • You may now turn criminal for pushing innocent players too much, and you will receive a warning before turning criminal.
  • Aggressive Stance no longer gives you a damage bonus while attacking buildables if you are unarmed.
  • Guild invites are now listed in the social menu instead of appearing as pop-ups.
  • You will now burn Murdercounts while offline, but 6 times slower than being online.
  • Changed Bet Huergar priests to Tindremene.
  • Time needed when getting kicked/leaving a guild reduced from 1h to 1min.
  • Updated localization.
  • Updated server netcode to increase the number of players who can be in a single area and on a single server.


  • Fixed bug that would cause the player velocity to continuously increase while sliding and being stuck. This would give the player a lot of fall damage after getting unstuck.
  • Fixed clade gift XP not being distributed relative to the damage done by each player.
  • Casting corrupt on yourself no longer sends spell message twice.
  • Fixed bug where alvarin sight could be used while mounted.
  • Fixed bug where buff icons could become misplaced.
  • Fixed bug where crosshair was set to wrong position after aiming with archery and swapping weapons.
  • Slightly increased silent stun timer after mounting/dismounting.
  • Fixed UI bug where the ‘drag items here’ widget would be highlighted when not dragging any items.
  • Fixed some Troll spawn locations that could get the Troll stuck.
  • Fixed Steppe Rush gathering.
  • You will no longer be considered AFK when fishing.
  • Fixed a lot of landscape issues.
  • Fixed a lot of reported stuck locations.
  • Leaving a guild now wipes guild member entries.
  • Fixed rivers with misaligned swimming volumes.
  • Updated NavMesh in White Bear Cave.
  • Return button in mail is now only visible when the mail does not belong to you.
  • Polished Alchemy and Cooking UI a bit.
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