MIR4 Update Patch Notes (All Updates) – November 30, 2021

MIR4 update (Nov 30, 2021) is now available to download on PC players. According to the official Mir4 patch notes, the latest update added a new class (Arbalist) to the game.

MIR4 game servers are currently down. We will update the Mir4 server status details here.

Previously, a major update added various new changes and fixes to the game. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the last major patch.

Today’s Mir 4 patch will address a few of these errors.

Mir4 Patch Notes – Nov 30, 2021

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. ‘Wayfarer Travel’ will be added.
– Wayfarer Travel is a new system that enables players to transfer their characters between Servers, Worlds, and Continents.
2. 100th Day Anniversary Event – ‘Divine Dragon Descending’ will begin.
3. “Horyong’s Monthly Attendance Event” will begin.
4. New Mission Scroll ‘Master: The Gathering’ will be added.
– This new mission scroll will boost your character’s Gathering, Mining, and Meditation.
5. 2 new spirits will be added.
6. All Guest Account game access will be restricted.
– Guest Accounts must first be linked with a Social Network account in order to regain access to the game.

◈DRACO Updates◈

1. EXCHANGE BY DRACO(EXD) service will become live through {LINK REMOVED}
※ Portal / Raids will be restricted from 30 minutes before the maintenance.
※ Maintenance can be extended or end early depending on the progress.
※ You can’t access the game during maintenance.
※ We will open the servers in order.

Mir4 Patch Notes – Nov 16, 2021

[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. New content ‘Castle Siege’ will be added.
2.’Zoetrope’ system will be added.
3. ‘Mystical Piece’ system will be added.
– Mystical Piece is a new system used to further develop your character’s growth.
4. Duel Arena will be added in Bicheon Castle.
5. Changes on Gathering/Mining/Crafting Darksteel

◈DRACO Updates◈
1. XDRACO Sealed Box will be added.

[November 16th Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. New content – ‘Bicheon Castle Siege’
■ ‘Bicheon Castle Siege’ will be added.
– To participate in the Bicheon Castle Siege, your clan is required to research level 1 ‘Defense Formation’ under the Clan Warfare subsection in Clan Tech. Once your clan completes the necessary requirement to participate in Bicheon Castle Siege, Clan Funds can be used to bid in the Bicheon Castle Siege Tender.
– Clan with the highest Tender bid will be designated as the defender during Bicheon Castle Siege, and the clan with the second-highest Tender bid will be the designated besieging clan.
– Bicheon Castle Siege will be held once every 4 weeks on Sunday, 22:00 to 23:00 (1 Hour) server time.
– Each of the defending and besieging clans can have up to 150 members (300 members in total) participate in the Bicheon Castle Siege.
– Siege Weapon Craftsman (NPC) on both the defending and besieging clans’ territory can summon special Siege Weapons through the use of Clan Funds.
– Defending and besieging clans will engage in a fierce battle for up to 60 minutes. The defending clan must protect the monolith from being destroyed for 60 minutes, while the besieging clan will be required to penetrate the defending forces and destroy the monolith before the time runs out.

■ Siege Eve
– ‘Castle Siege Eve’ will be held from Monday to Saturday of the week that the Siege Tender is being held.
– ‘Drum of Victory’ item can be obtained and used to cheer for the clans that are participating in the Bicheon Castle Siege.
– ‘Kingdom Coffer’ can be exchanged by collecting and using ‘Drums of Victory’.
– Maximum of 60 Kingdom Coffers can be acquired per character during the event period.
– ‘Kingdom Codex Badge’ can be registered in the time-limited codex after acquiring the item.

2. Zoetrope
■ Horse Emblem will be added.
– Horse Emblem is a token obtained from watching advertisements videos in game.
– Horse Emblems are character-bound and the balance can be seen in the upper side of the shop tab.

■ Watching Ads
– You can earn a Horse Emblem by watching ads in the Advertisement shop.
– Daily number of Viewable ads are limited, and Emblems cannot be obtained after the count has been exceeded. (Daily Limit : 20 Times)
– View Count will rise with each Ads watched, and a reward will be given after 10 times.

■ Zoetrope View Rewards

1 Spirit Stone Summon Ticket
1 Skill Tome Summon Ticket
1 Dragon Material Summon Ticket
2 Speed-Up Ticket (30 Minutes)
100 Ancient Coin
5 Spirit Stone Summon Ticket
5 Skill Tome Summon Ticket
5 Dragon Material Summon Ticket
1 Rare Blue Dragon Statue
5 Speed-Up Ticket (30 Minutes)
1000 Ancient Coin
10 Spirit Stone Summon Ticket
10 Skill Tome Summon Ticket
10 Dragon Material Summon Ticket
3 Epic Blue Dragon Statue
10 Speed-Up Ticket (60 Minutes)
5000 Ancient Coin

■ New Buff Items from Zoetrope

New Item
Buff Effect
Gathering Pill (30 Minutes)
Meditation, Gathering, Mining Speed 3%
Hunting Pill (30 Minutes)
EXP Gain Boost 2%
Combat Pill (30 Minutes)
All ATK DMG Boost 1%

3. Mystical Piece
■ A new key item to enhance character’s abilities
– Enhances the character’s stats, similar to the Magic Stone
– 1 fixed and 2 random ability stats, depending on the type
– You will be able to obtain Mystical Piece of higher grade by successfully combining 4 of the same grade

■ Mystical Piece Types
1) Normal Mystical Piece
– 24 types with different stat abilities, Uncommon to Rare
– Uncommon to Epic grade: 1 random option
– Legendary grade: 2 random options

2) Special Mystical Piece
– 17 types with different passive abilities for Epic and Legendary respectively.
– Epic grade: 2 random options
– Legendary: 3 random options

■ Uncommon Mystical Piece Box will be added on <Craft Treasure Shao Shao> of Arcadia Spirit Village.

Crafting Resource
Crafting Item
Craft Chance
Moonlight Stone
Uncommon Mystical Piece Box

4. Bicheon Castle Duel Arena
– Duel Arena will be added in Bicheon Castle.
– The Duel Arena is located on the bottom of the Bicheon Castle map.
– Users will be able to view duels from the audience stand.
– The Arena is a free-PK zone, while the Audience stand is safe for all spectators.
– If a character dies in the Arena, it will immediately recover and revive with full HP.

5. Changes on Gathering/Mining/Crafting Darksteel
– It will be more difficult to interrupt someone who is already gathering/mining.
※ Resistance on CCs such as Knockdown/Stun will increase, and mining won’t be canceled unless CC’d.
– You will not be able to mine Darksteel if you have an internal injury.
※ Internal injury stacks up when you die and the stacks vary depending on the PK Alignment of your character.
※ There are 3 levels of internal injuries, Minor Injury/Major Injury/CRIT injury and you won’t be able to mine Darksteel if you have a CRIT injury.
※ You will get a CRIT injury if you have 20 stacks of internal injury.
– Mining amount will decrease on negative PVP status (Bad, Evil, Outlaw).
– Smelting or exchanging DRACO, or crafting a Darksteel box will be restricted if a character has less than 500k Darksteel.

6. In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
– Translation feature will also be added in the Mail > Account tab.
– Chat copying feature will be added.
– Duration period will be displayed on buff items instead of Cool time.
– Fixed an issue of not being able to see some character’s skill effects.
– Fixed an issue of not being able to move during the quest in Spiritual Center.
– Fixed an issue of the unmatching appearance of some monsters during the quest in Viperbiest Plain.

◈DRACO Updates◈

1. XDRACO Sealed Box
■ XDRACO Box Crafting will be added.
– XDRACO Box Contains: Glittering Powder, Life Elixir, Identification Scroll, etc

■ XDRACO items will be moved to XDRACO Warehouse after sealing, and will become tradable in the XDRACO market.
– The item could be sealed by using Gold.
– The sealed item won’t be usable in the game after it’s been moved to XDRACO Warehouse, except for trading through the XDRACO market. (Can be reused after unsealing)
※ DRACO market will be added in future updates.

Mir4 Patch Notes – Nov 2, 2021

  • New Class ‘Arbalist’ will be added.
  • Arbalist’s exclusive equipment will be added.
  • New system ‘Class Change’ will be added.
  • New content ‘Solitude Training’ will be added.
  • Special boss ‘Crimson Emperor Utukan’ will be added.
  • Items with XDRACO property will be added.

Full Details

[Main Updates]

◈In-Game Updates◈

  1. New Class ‘Arbalist’ will be added.
  • Arbalist’s exclusive equipment will be added.
  1. New system ‘Class Change’ will be added.
  • Class Change is a new feature enabling players to change into a different class while maintaining the character’s growth progression and achievements.
  1. New content ‘Solitude Training’ will be added.
  2. Special boss ‘Crimson Emperor Utukan’ will be added.

◈DRACO Updates◈

  1. Items with XDRACO property will be added.
[November 2nd Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈

1. New Class – Arbalist

  • New class Arbalist will be added.Arbalist is the only ranged physical damage class in MIR4, an agile, battle-hardened assassindelivering devastating blows to opponents from afar.
  • 2 types of Arbalist codex will be added.
  1. Codex Name : Dead ShotItem : Magical Arrowhead
  2. Codex Name : Ultimate BlowItem : Deadly Arrowhead

2. Class Change

  • Class Change system enables you to switch between different classes while maintaining the original character’s Level, Constitution, Inner force, and server-based codex.
  • The Class Change system is available from Level 50, and different class types can be unlocked using copper and gold.
  • All growth progression stats and inventory items will remain even when switching classes. However, class-specific skills will not be carried over and equipment will become unusable.

3. Solitude Training

  • Solitude Training is a feature where players can further elevate their character’s efficiency in PvE and PvP environments through 4 specialized groups of vessel training. (Conception, Governing, Thoroughfare, Girdle Vessels)
  • Solitude Training is available from Level 70.
  • Each type of vessel training group is made up of 8 ability slots which enhance specific character stats. There are 32 types of stats in total, which can be enhanced up to rank 10 by using energy and resources.
  • Source to gain required items for Solitude TrainingSnow Panax and Oil(Uncommon to Epic) can be obtained from Magic Square/Secret Peak 4th floorand above.Snow Panax/Oil can drop from field monsters.

    Rare Noirsoul Herb can drop from Field/Elite/Labyrinth/Hidden Valley area types.

  • Additional stats can be gained by reaching higher levels of enhancement.
  • Solitude Training consists of 3 types of possible outcomes; Success, Fail, and Tangled Inner Force. Each time you are affected by the Tangled Inner Force, Enhancement levels can decrease by up to 3 ranks.

4. Special boss ‘Crimson Emperor Utukan’

  • Crimson Emperor Utukan: Lv. 130
  • Utukan is approximately 10 times stronger than Snake Valley’s 4th floor boss.
  • Utukan’s lair can be found in the ‘Crimson Abaddon’ located on the 4th floor of the Snake Hidden Valley.
  • Spawn Time : Every Friday 22:00※ Spawns will be based on Regional Server Times.

5. Valley Proclamation

‘Valley Proclamation’ is a new feature allowing Hidden Valley owners to set up various notices or warnings for all Hidden Valley visitors to view.

  • The leader and elders of the clan that owns Hidden Valleys can register the proclamation through the Territory menu.
  • Proclamation menu also offers translation functionality for everyone to understand the message written by the Hidden Valley owners.
  • The proclamation will be prompted as a pop-up message to all players that enter the Hidden Valley regardless of floors.

6. New NPC Shop ‘Lucky Cat Luckster’

  • Lucky Cat Luckster is an NPC in Arcadia Spirit Village, where players can craft <Lucky Potion Box>.
  • From Lucky Cat Luckster, higher tiered items can be obtained through ‘Great Success’.

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