MIR4 Update Patch Notes (New Changes & Fixes) – August 9, 2022

    A new MIR4 update is now rolling out on PC, Android, and iOS players. According to the official Mir4 patch notes, the latest update added a new stage, a new boss raid, a new spirit and more.

    MIR4 game servers are currently down. We will update the Mir4 server status details here.

    Previously, a major update added World Boss ‘Black Flame Arch Demon Nerkan’ to the game. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Mir 4 patch will address a few of these errors.

    Mir4 Patch Notes – August 9, 2022

    ◈In-game Updates◈

    1. Altar of Darkness Renewal
    2. New Stage: Secret Peak 8F, Magic Square 8F
    3. New Boss Raid: Ghostly Bogey
    4. New Spirit: Alluring Spirit Cat Lulu

    Altar of Darkness will be renewed.

    ※ Bicheon Castle Ruling Clan must request an alliance with the Valley Owner Clan to participate as Defense. If not allied, they will be defined as enemies and can attack the Altar of Darkness.
    ※ The penalty on the Tax rate will be maintained until the regeneration of the next Altar of Darkness. (It will last until the regeneration of the next Altar regardless of the change in Valley Owner Clan.)
    ※ Please refer to [[{LINK REMOVED}]Game Encyclopedia – War – Altar of Darkness[/url]] for further details.
    ■ Portal
    ● 8F will be added in the Portal.
    -Secret Peak and Magic Square 8F (Expedition Available) will be added.

    ● Magic Square 8F
    -Power Score required: 112,400
    -Monster Level: 130~145

    ● Secret Peak 8F
    -Power Score required: 118,000
    -Monster Level: 135~145

    ● Expedition Missions for the 8F will be added.
    -1 Expedition Mission in Magic Square
    -7 Expedition Missions in Secret Peak

    ■ Boss Raid
    ● New Boss Raid ‘Ghostly Bogey’ will be added.
    -Boss Level: 150
    -Power Score Required: 113,000

    ■ Spirit
    ● Legendary Forest Spirit ‘Alluring Spirit Cat Lulu’ will be added.

    – Passive bonus once summoned: 40 Spell DEF

    ■ Clan Shop
    ● Mystic Stones and Darkened Stones will become purchasable in Clan Shop upon occupying the Hidden Valley.
    -Previous: Mystic Stones can be registered and purchased upon occupying Bicheon or Redmoon Valley. Darkened Stones can be registered and purchased upon occupying Snake Pit Valley
    -After: Both Mystic and Stones Darkened Stones can be registered and purchased upon occupying any Hidden Valley

    ■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements
    1. Amount of Darksteel acquisition on the 6F/7F in Portal will be adjusted.
    2. Fix on Conquest tutorial being unavailable.
    3. Adjustments on the drop chance of Rare Snow Panaxes and Oils in Mystery ‘Wedding Vow’.
    4. Fix on irregular exposure of name for NPC Raid Token Trader.
    5. Fix on the progression of certain Requests being unavailable.
    6. Maximum Enchant Repeat Number in Auto Enchant will be changed from 100 to 999.

    Download free MIR4 update for PC (Steam).

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