MIR4 Update Patch Notes Details – February 6, 2023

MIR4 update is rolling out on PC, Android, and iOS players. According to the official Mir4 patch notes, the latest update adds a new boss raid, new raid, bug fixes and much more.

Previously, a major update added World Boss ‘Black Flame Arch Demon Nerkan’ to the game. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues with the game. Today’s Mir 4 patch will address a few of these errors.

Read more details below.

MIR4 game servers are currently down. We will update the Mir4 server status details here.

Mir4 Patch Notes – February 7, 2023

◈In-Game Updates◈

  1. New Boss Raid: ‘Heavenly Asura’
  • Defeat the new boss and obtain rewards.
  1. New Raid: ‘Forgotten Arena’
  • Prove your might by completing the new raid.
  1. Solitude Training: Inner Force Loci added
  • Strengthen your ability throughout Solitude Training.
  1. New Event: Sweet Flutter of Love.
  • Sweet 14-Day Check in added.
  • Cupid Bihoyo’s Red Bean Jelly Exchange Shop will be opened.
  • Sweet Summon Ticket Discount Event added.
  1. New Epic Spirit: Redhorn Komet
  • Check out MIR4’s new Earth spirit.
  1. Favorites to Raid, Expedition, and Portal will be added.
  • You can use those playable contents more conveniently.
  1. Level restriction on Chats to all channels will be changed.


[February 7th Patch Note Details]

◈In-Game Updates◈
■ Raid
● New Boss Raid ‘Heavenly Asura’ will be added.

  • Boss Name: Heavenly Asura
  • Boss Level: 170
  • Entry Power Score: 134,000

● New Raid ‘Forgotten Arena’ will be added.

  • Boss Name: Warswine King
  • Boss Level: 175
  • Entry Power Score: 154,000

■ Solitude Training
● New Inner Force Veins for Solitude Training will be added.

  • New Blood vessels added: Yang Heel Vessel, Yin Heel Vessel, Yank Link Vessel, Yin Link Vessel
  • The Max stage for Overall Tier will be the same as the previous. (God Realm Lv.10)
  • Minimum Level Requirement : 130

■ Event
● New Event ‘Sweet Flutter of Love’ will be added.
♥ 1st Event : Sweet 14-Day Check in

  • You can obtain Check-in rewards by logging in daily during the event period.
  • Event Period: After February 7th Update, 2023-March 6th, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)
    Day 1 : Epic Mystic Enhancement Stone x1
    Day 2 : Rare Ice Crystal x50
    Day 3 : Epic Blue Dragon Statue x10
    Day 4 : Epic Darkened Enhancement Stone x1
    Day 5 : Rare Divine Dragon’s Dragon Artifact Enhancement Stone x1
    Day 6 : Rare Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone x2
    Day 7 : Legendary Blue Dragon Statue x1
    Day 8 : Epic Mystic Enhancement Stone x2
    Day 9 : Rare Dragonsteel Box x5
    Day 10 : Epic Blue Dragon Statue x10
    Day 11 : Epic Darkened Enhancement Stone x2
    Day 12 : Rare Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone x2
    Day 13 : Epic Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone x1
    Day 14 : Legendary Blue Dragon Statue x1

♥ 2nd Event : Cupid Bihoyo’s Red Bean Jelly Exchange Shop

  • You can obtain ‘Red Bean Jelly’ in all in-game content other than in Portal and Raid during the event period. Visit the event NPC to exchange this item with various items.
  • Item Drop Period: After February 7th Update-February 20th, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)
    -Item Exchange Period: After February 7th Update-February 27th, 2023, 23:59:59 (UTC+8)
  • Up to 1,000 ‘Red Bean Jelly’ can be obtained every day.
  • The ‘Red Bean Jelly’ item will be deleted after the exchange period mentioned above.

● Exchange NPC: <Cupid> Bihoyo

  • Location: Bicheon Castle/Snake Pit/Spiritual Center/Phantasia Desert/Sabuk Castle/Nine Dragons’ Ice Field

♥ 3rd Event : Sweet Summon Ticket Discount Event

  • Event Period: After Update Maintenance on February 21st, 2023-Before March 7th Update Maintenance
  • 9 shop products purchasable by copper will be discounted to 214 copper during the event period.
  • Chance to obtain Rare and Epic items from the 9 normal summons will be doubled during the event.

■ Spirit
● New Epic Earth Spirit ‘Redhorn Komet’ will be added.

  • Passive bonus once summoned: PHYS ATK +20

    1)Surge of Power! : Increases Max HP by 3000, PHYS ATK by 90, and Spell ATK by 90.
    2)Shiny Horn : Increases Antidemon Power by 15%, Skill ATK DMG Boost by 15%, and Hunting EXP Gain by 18%.
    3)Resolute Will : Upon taking CRIT DMG, increases CRIT EVA by 100 for 15 sec and increases EVA by 300 for 5 sec. Cooldown 60 sec.

■ Domination Server
● Improvement to the amount of EXP by hunting monsters in the Tower of Black Dragon.

  • Hunting EXP obtained from monsters will be increased.
  • Number of spawned monsters will be increased.
  • Reduction in the spawn time of monsters will be applied.

■ Shop
● 3 types of Outfit Exchange Tickets will be sold again.

  • Target on sale: Hat Exchange Ticket Season 1/Back Ornament Exchange Ticket Season 1/Outfit Exchange Ticket Season 1

■ War
● Difficulty of Clan War will be changed.

  • Contents changed: Hidden Valley Capture, Castle Siege, Sanctuary, Tower of Black Dragon
  • Hidden Valley Capture: Destroying Monolith will be more difficult than before.
    Castle Siege: Defeating or destroying all monsters, Castle Gate, Castle Gate Controller, Monolith, Castle Siege Tower, and Catapult will be more difficult than before.
    Sanctuary: Destroying Sanctuary will be more difficult than before.
    Tower of Black Dragon: Defeating Giant Rock Fiend will be more difficult than before.

■ Convenience
● Favorites feature will be added to Portal and Raid.

  • Upon activation of the Favorites menu left of the Portal and Raid contents list, it will be fixed to the top of the list.

■ Chat
● Level restriction on Chat to All will be changed.

  • Chat to all channels will be available after character Level 40.
  • No changes applied to Party Chat, Clan Chat and that of Allied Clans.

● Notification colors will be separately displayed with the following category of Chats.
-Type/Notification Color
Clan : Green
Allied Clans : Blue
Party : Light Blue
Whisper : Pink

■ Unseal
● Speed-Up All feature will be added upon unsealing.

  • You can immediately finish all unsealings with Gold or Speed-Ups.

■ Storage
● ‘Move All’ feature will be added to storage.

  • Upon moving items to storage after activating the Move All, you do not need to set the quantities of item.

■ In-game bug fixes & gameplay improvements

  1. Improvement to display the amount of increased EXP gain on the vigor notifications to the second decimal place.
  2. Fix of the issue to prevent un-equipping Dragon Artifact and Mystical piece when using Class Change.
  3. Improvements in the sorting of Enhancement Stone items in bag upon enhancing items.
  4. Fix of issue that cooperation missions can be completed in Domination Server.
  5. Fix of issue of item information not being displayed from the 31st item when there are 31 or more items registered in the Favorites list in Market.

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