Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.29 Patch Notes (1.17)

A new Minecraft Dungeons update 1.29 (1.17) is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One. According to official Minecraft Dungeons 1.29 patch notes, the update added fresh loot, improved floor presets, and some challenges (and bosses) from DLC missions. Apart from this, Minecraft Dungeons patch 1.29 (1.17.0)  also includes special gear from previous seasonal events.

Previously, an update added Luminous Night update added new challenges featuring mysterious murals, perplexing puzzles, and more. Unfortunately, some players are still experiencing issues with the game.

Today’s Minecraft Dungeons version 1.29 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

Minecraft Dungeons 1.29 Patch Notes (1.17.0) – November 30, 2022



The latest update lowered the Enchantsmith costs and scaling to be much more favorable and increased both consistent rate of gold drops from Ancient Hunt chests, along with the end of level reward to add an overall more inflated gold economy.

Enchantsmith Merchant

  • Base charge (Item level 1) from 100 > 20
  • Price increase per re-roll from 5% > 10%
  • Item power scaler from 1 > 0.65
  • Maximum re-roll price from 250 > 100

Ancient Hunts

  • Gold Chest
    • Min Gold from 2 > 4
    • Max Gold from 5 > 6
  • Rare Gold Chest
    • Min Gold from 4 > 8
    • Max Gold from 7 > 10


  • Many unique variants of weapons have been brought in line with their non-unique selves after the previous balance patch including:
    • Sun’s Grace.
    • Flail
    • Shrieking Crossbow.
    • Bone Cudgel.
  • Sponge Striker
    • Sponge Striker now correctly scales damage with difficulty.
    • Sponge Striker now deals damage as a cleave applied to the last arc of an attack combo, rather than only applying to the initially targeted enemy

Gravity Enchantment

  • Gravity affecting players now lasts for 1 second instead of 4 seconds
  • Ranged attacks with the Gravity enchantment will now trigger the Gravity FX in the correct location, making it easier to see what is being affected and from where


Performance / Stability

  • Addressed a crash that could occur when visiting the Powersmith and quickly going up to the next Tower floor
  • Addressed a soft lock that could occur when dying in the Tower after resuming a Tower run
  • The game no longer soft locks on the Floor reward screen when accessing a Settings submenu while other players move to the next floor
  • Addressed a crash that could occur on Xbox when switching profiles
  • Addressed a crash that could occur in the Tower by requiring all players to be loaded into the game before moving to the next floor


  • Addressed an issue with client power levels being sometimes read incorrectly that could lead to low level items in merchant storefronts.
    • This can still rarely occur if a new merchant was just rescued during the previous mission
  • Enchantsmith can now replace an enchantment with a stackable enchantment if it already exists on the item.
  • Addressed falling blocks not falling for players other than the host when playing online multiplayer
  • Addressed an issue that could sometimes cause the chosen Tower difficulty to not correspond with the actual difficulty during gameplay
  • Players can now progress through the door to the next Tower floor if another player is frozen in ice
  • Addressed a Tower floor issue that prevented Shulkers from respawning and blocked progression
  • Addressed missing background music in the Camp
  • The Endermite pet no longer uses Baby Pig idle sound effects


  • Exploding Crossbow and its variants no longer apply enchantments on splash damage.
  • The Ghost Kindler item description is no longer overridden by Cloaked Skull’s description.
  • Added missing descriptions for Gift Wrap and Baby Moobloom on the cosmetics screen.
  • Addressed Bonehead Hammer particle effects freezing on the inventory screen in multiplayer games


  • Completing the mini boss at the end of Treetop Tangle now counts as a “boss” for purposes like Apocalypse Plus requirements
  • Addressed semi-transparent background scenery appearing on Windswept Peaks when playing on Nintendo Switch


  • The Screen Reader option is now properly reset when restoring default settings


  • Addressed the translation on the ‘freeing villagers’ prompt in several languages.
  • Added missing localized text for the Tower floor reward timer in all supported languages
  • Addressed incorrect context of “Gift Wrapping” translation in Polish
  • Addressed the “picked up” item prompt not being fully displayed in Korean
  • Addressed End Portal “Travel” prompt not being localized in all supported languages

User Interface

  • Addressed item comparison stats showing inaccurately on the Tower reward screen
  • Players other than Player 1 can no longer open the Adventure Hub from the mission select screen
  • Addressed the selected item in the Storage Chest snapping back to the first slot when transferring items.
  • The cursor no longer snaps to the first slot of enchantments after re-rolling with the Enchantsmith
  • Addressed the cursor snapping back to the first slot of the current screen after claiming an Adventure Hub reward
  • Addressed a scrolling issue in the Storage Chest that prevented items from being visible on-screen
  • Addressed the cursor not moving correctly when using keyboard arrow keys on the Change Skin menu
  • Addressed an issue with the Tower floor cleared timer staying on the screen after opening the inventory, which prevented mouse inputs from registering
  • The name of the mission no longer appears on the voting pop up when selecting Random Mission in an online multiplayer session
  • The New Missions prompt no longer appears on the map screen while the Tower is selected
  • The Season Rank prompt on the main menu now fits properly when the language is set to Polish
  • Addressed the alignment of the ‘Threat Increased’ modifier on the HUD after picking up a raid captain banner.
  • “Left Stick” and “Right Stick” are now referred to properly on the HUD and in Settings
  • Addressed incorrect button prompts for navigation appearing after opening the inventory
  • Addressed navigation button prompts on the Storage Chest screen not fitting within screen boundaries in several languages

Download free Minecraft Dungeons update 1.29 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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