Marvel Avengers Update 1.79 Patch Notes (v2.8.2)

Marvel’s Avengers update 1.79 (v2.8.2) is rolling out on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official Avengers 1.79 patch notes, the latest update addresses the issue preventing founders – any player who has earned an Achievement/Trophy prior to April 1 – from receiving Iron Man’s ‘Variable Threat Response Battle Suit.’ Apart from this, today’s Marvel Avengers version 1.79 also includes stability fixes.

Previously, the last major Avengers update 1.77 unlocks nearly all Marketplace items for free, in addition to adding final buffs that will make Heroes feel more powerful. Recently, a hotfix was also released. Unfortunately, players are still facing problems with the game. Today’s Avengers PS4 update 1.79 will fix a few of these issues.

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Marvel Avengers 1.79 Patch Notes – April 7, 2023

  • Some players aren’t able to receive this Founders’ Gift if they migrated from PS4 to PS5 and didn’t earn any Trophies before April 1. Update 2.8.2 offers this workaround: Load the PS4 version of Marvel’s Avengers, and equip the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit. Then, migrate your PS4 save to PS5. If you do this, the next time you log in on the PS5 version, the Outfit will be unlocked.
  • On other platforms, the Founders’ Gift may appear as locked for players who deleted their original save file and are playing on a new save file. Restarting the game will unlock the Founders’ Gift for these players.

Download free Marvel Avengers version 1.79 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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