Madden 22 Update 2.06 Patch Notes (1.012) – New Superstar X-Factor Players

Madden 22 update 2.06 (1.012.000) released on PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X. According to the official Madden 22 2.06 patch notes, the latest February 3 Title update added new Superstar X-Factor Players to the game. Apart from this, today’s Madden 22 update 2.06 (1.012) also includes some minor fixes.

Previously, a major update added new X-Factor Superstar Players and improvements to defending RPO plays.

Unfortunately, players are still facing some connection issues with the game. Madden 22 version 1.012 will fix a few of these issues. Read more details below.

What is new in Madden 22 2.06? – March 10, 2022

Key Highlights: 

  • New Scenarios for Franchise
  • Coach Adjustments added to Practice mode
  • NFL Live Playbooks update

Gameplay Updates:

  • Coach Adjustments and Coverage Depths have returned to Practice mode! You will now be able to use Coach Adjustments and Zone Coverage Adjustments in Practice Mode via RS/R3 click from the Play-Call Menu.
    • DEV NOTE: When the play-call menu was re-designed in Madden 21 for the launch of Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, some of the functionality from the previous console generation was left behind. As you have told us, you’ve found these options very useful in practice, so the controls to use Coaching Adjustments in Practice have been brought over. Players can click the RS/R3 at any level in play-call to enter the Coach Adjustment menu. Once you back out of the menu, you will be returned to their previous spot in the play-call menu.
  • Fixed an issue with the Gun Wing Slot Wk: RPO Power Alert Glance play allowing the QB to break-out of the handoff and scramble instead of handing off or passing.
  • Fixed an issue allowing a ‘Playmaker Flip’ on the RPO Stretch play out of the Singleback Bunch TE formation.
  • Removed the temporary modifier previously used on RPO Zone Peek plays that was allowing defenders to shed their blocks quicker. Block-sheds on this play are now back to using solely the ratings match-up, as the exploits leading to this modifier have been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue with the handoff animation on the Gun Split Slot Open: Triple Option LT play, so that it will function the same as other Triple Option handoffs.

Franchise Updates:

  • Fixed an issue with the fifth-year option scenario that was causing it not to trigger in the offseason
  • Fixed an issue with a ‘Crisis in Confidence’ scenario goal that would cause it not award Staff Points upon completion
  • Added new Franchise Scenarios:
    • DEV NOTE: This update will apply to both new and existing Franchise files, so no need to restart your Franchise.
    • Trench Boost: The new Trench Boost scenario gives you a chance to help improve your entire offensive line by building off either a strong rushing or passing performance. The tier-based rewards will compensate you based on your success in the following game and give you the opportunity to immediately beef up your offensive front to either clear lanes for your running backs or keep your franchise quarterback’s jersey clean.
    • QB Duel: The QB Duel scenario starts during the regular season when two of the league’s best signal-callers face off. As a coach, you’ll be faced with the choice of calling on your own elite quarterback to have a huge game that leads you to victory or challenging your defense to step up to the plate and shut down one of the league’s best signal-callers.
    • Immovable Object: A mid-to-late season scenario where your match-up includes facing one of the league’s staunchest defenses also known as the ominous “Immovable Object.” Do you attack them and try to run right through the wall? Do you take to the skies and try to throw it over the wall? Or do you enter the arena with the attitude to win by any means necessary?
    • Under Siege: After dealing with a barrage of sacks in the middle of the season, you’ll be forced as a coach to place blame on either your offensive line for not holding up or your quarterback for not getting the ball out quick enough. Following that decision, you’ll be tasked with how to approach the following game which can include staying the course, shifting to the run, or extra preparation heading into the game. Depending on your choice and success in the next game, your offense and offensive line can receive the boost they need to bounce back and right the ship.
    • QB Breakouts: We’ve updated the QB breakouts with modular cinematics and similar to our other breakout scenarios, in the week following a standout performance by your quarterback, he’ll be given a set of goals that he must accomplish to increase his DEV trait. These goals will scale by DEV trait meaning upgrading a player from Normal to Star will be easier than upgrading from Star to Superstar or Superstar to X-Factor. Already have an X-Factor QB and feel left out? Don’t worry as you’ll also have the potential to put up a huge day but rather than receiving a DEV trait upgrade, you’ll be vying for the chance at a huge chunk of XP.

NFL Live Playbooks:

  • 49ers
    • Updated Singleback Deuce Close and Gun Split Close Pro to Deebo Package.
  • Bears
    • Added I-Form Z Close, I-Form Slot, Strong Close, and Gun Split Close Pro
  • Bengals
    • Added Singleback Wing Pair, Singleback Wing TIght Z, Singleback Y Deep Trips, Gun Split slot, Gun Spread Y-Flex
  • Bills
    • Added Deuce Close, Doubles Off Close, and Weak Pro,
  • Cowboys
    • Added Full House Normal Wide
  • Giants
    • Added Singleback Doubles Off Close, Singleback Y-Trips, I-Form Pro, I-Form Z Close, I-Form Slot, I-Form Tight, Strong Z Close, Weak Pro, Gun Split Slot, Gun Normal Y Off, Gun Normal Y Off Wk, Gun Y Off X CLose, and Gun Trips TE
  • Lions
    • Added Singleback Wing TIght U, Strong Z Close, Gun Bunch TE, and Gun Trey Open
  • Packers
    • Added I-Form Slot, Weak Z Close, Gun Split Close Pro, Doubles, Spread Y-Flex
  • Rams
    • Added Gun Trips HB Wk

The following changes were added previously.

Key Highlights: 

  • New Superstar X-Factor Players

New X-Factor Players:

  • Jonathan Taylor, Colts RB
    • Freight Train
    • Armbar
    • Juke Box
    • Matchup Nightmare
    • Closer
  • Micah Parsons, Cowboys LB
    • Unstoppable Force
    • Out My Way
    • Edge Threat
    • Secure Tackler
  • Justin Jefferson, Vikings WR
    • Double Me
    • Outside Apprentice
    • Route Technician
    • Deep Out Elite
    • Short In Elite

Players Upgraded to Superstar:

  • JC Jackson, Patriots DB
    • Acrobat
    • Pick Artist
  • Diontae Johnson, Steelers WR
    • Short In Elite
    • Short Out Elite
  • Jordan Poyer, Bills DB
    • Deep Out Zone KO
    • Mid Zone KO
  • Cordarrelle Patterson, Falcons WR/RB
    • Backfield Master
    • Recuperation
  • Kenny Clark, Packers DL
    • Inside Stuff
    • Unpredictable
  • Jeffery Simmons, Titans DL
    • El Toro
    • Run Stopper

Demoted X-Factors:

  • Fletcher Cox, Eagles DL
  • Amari Cooper, Cowboys WR
  • Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys RB

Demoted Superstars:

  • Grady Jarrett, Falcons DL
  • Andrew Whitworth, Rams OL
  • James Bradberry IV, Giants DB
  • Aaron Jones, Packers RB

Download free Madden 22 version 2.06 on PlayStation 5, and Xbox One.

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