Lost Ark May 21 Update Patch Notes (Official)


A new Lost Ark May 21 update is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Lost Ark patch notes, the latest update resolves issues related to missing Ellyn and Sasha’s affection rapport tiers as well as other bugs.

Previously, a major update added new advanced lass (Glaivier), a new continent (South Vern), new Ark Skins as well as quality of life updates, and a batch of bug fixes. Recently, the May update was also released with new changes and tweaks.

Unfortunately, players are still experiencing issues with the game. Today’s Lost Ark patch will address a few of these issues.


Lost Ark Patch Notes (May 21 Update) – Official

  • Addressed a bug where Ealyn and Sasha’s affection rapport tiers were missing
  • Fixed an issue causing the “/Dance” command to not work when sent in chat.
  • Addressed a bug allowing the Destroyer to open the Platinum Complimentary Skin Chest, granting no items.
  • Fixed an issue where the counter effect line wasn’t shown for the Sorceress’ Ice Shower skill
  • Fixed an issue causing the Absolute Strength tripod on the Destroyer’s Perfect Swing skill to not deal any bonus damage
  • Addressed a bug blocking players from honing gear past +15 with a character currently participating in the Super Express event.
  • Reverted the cooldown changes to the Radiant Golden Cloud mount

Currently, Lost Ark servers are down for maintenance. Read Lost Ark downtime details here.

Download free the latest Lost Ark May 21 patch on PC (Steam).