Len’s Island Update Patch Notes – February 23, 2022

    A new Len’s Island update released on PC. According to the official Len’s Island game patch notes, the latest hotfix added some minor changes to the game.

    Previously, a major update was released which added a new Pagoda building style, a new lantern, a long list of bug fixes, and gameplay changes.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Len’s Island patch will fix a few of these issues.

    What is fixed in Len’s Island February 23 Update?

    • Added keybinding for screenshot mod into the settings menu.
    • Changed default keybinding for screenshot mode from T to G, as it was incorrectly set to T which overrides the blocking key.
    • Fixed issue with player looks direction being off by 45 degrees when first attacking.
    Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson
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