Len’s Island Update 1.0.3 Patch Notes (Official) – December 4, 2021

    Len’s Island update 1.0.3 is now available to download on PC(Steam). According to the official Len’s Island patch notes, the latest update added various fixes and changes to the game.

    Previously, a major update added various bug fixes and gameplay changes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues since the release. Today’s Len’s Island patch 1.0.3 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Lens Island Changelog – December 4, 2021

    • Farm crops not updating consistently with the game time and sometimes missing, skipping, or pausing growth stages.

    Resources such as trees, rocks, clay etc not updating consistently with the game time and sometimes never respawning, or taking too long to respawn.

    • Enemies and vendors not updating consistently with the game time and sometimes never respawning, or taking too long to respawn.
    • Empty water towers still watering crops when placed and throughout gameplay.
    • Watermelons not harvesting properly and leaving some behind.
    • Resolution settings not saving properly and resetting during scene changes.
    • VSync and fullscreen settings not saving properly.
    • Lag while in edit mode/screenshot/build mode.
    • Dragging food items over the water bucket keeps the W ability active.
    • Wells, Windmills and Watertowers place close to foundations get destroyed when the foundation is destroyed.
    • Saving a second time while the game is attempting to quit causing save file errors.
    • Entire home sometimes gets stuck faded down to the bottom floor when standing outside.
    • Half walls not fading when placed onto farms.
    • Foundations and farms having noticeable grass clipping when they come into view of the camera.
    • Dying next to a healing source while enemies damage you keeps you stuck in an infinite death loop.
    • Ability to sleep in some beds within the caves.
    • Resource pickup items sometimes forcing the player inside terrain, most commonly with fibers and flower pickups.
    • Can use the “Plant All” button on lattice farms to incorrectly plant crops.
    • Not able to light a refinery until adding more resources into it.
    • Plant all button takes away 9 of the given seed even if it plants less than 9.

    Holding down a fuel source or input source + button until full will keep the button looping trying to add more resources until manually closed.

    • Small lag spikes when harvesting crops with the scythe.
    • Backjack system takes your money if you place it into bed and close the UI before starting a game.
    • Missing collision on wooden boat wreckage.
    • Refined sword and nature sword last attacks cutting off the combo and not able to queue next attack.
    • Added back in the doorway before the boss fight, was temporarily removed.
    • Backpack tooltips staying stuck open when tabbing thru pages.
    • Encounter forcefields not disabling their sounds when disabled.
    + New features this patch:

    Reworked encounter rooms so they now clearly indicate where they are. (Any area that locks you in a tense fight with bad dudes will now show a glowing blue effect on all entrances, to avoid accidentally walking into the fight unprepared)

    • Added encounters to every entrance to the cave, to better prepare players for the “Dungeon Crossing” encounter.
    • Improved sounds and effects for the encounters.
    • Garbage collection system improved to avoid garbage collection during combat and reduce overall stutters.
    ~ Balancing and small changes this patch:
    • Slighty buffed wooden chest loot drops.
    • Slightly lowered harvesting rates of all farming crops.
    • Increased purchasing cost of most resources.
    • Updated controls list to show new inventory commands.
    • Altered workbench upgrade costs
    • Altered Voidpack backpack cost
    • Removed player collision with pick up objects on the ground
    • Raised growing time for passionfruit and grapes from 3.5 days to 4
    * Stuff we are currently working on and will be added in the next few days/weeks:
    • Keymapping support

    Basic controller support. We just want to include a baseline of support so people can start playing it sooner rather than later, the controller support will continue to improve once it’s in.

    • Player dropping backpack containing recently gathered resources on death, along with overhauling the death system and how it works with saving.
    • Building blocking notifications and highlights, so it’s easier to understand what’s stopping you from building something.
    • Making lattices easier to plant on and not block crops planted behind them.
    • Making ladders easier to use.
    • Including the ability to plant flowers and farming items inside decoration pots.
    • Plus a million bugs and balancing changes
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