Legends of Idleon Update 1.73 Patch Notes

    Legends of Idleon update 1.73 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Legends of Idleon patch notes, the latest update adds random events, 7 new items, and much more. Apart from this, today’s Legends of Idleon patch 1.73 also includes a long list of bug fixes and balancing changes.

    Recently, a big update added quality of life changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues. Today’s Legends of Idleon MMO patch 1.73 will fix a few of these issues.

    Read more details below.

    Legends of Idleon Update 1.73 Patch Notes – January 20, 2023

    New Content

    Added RANDOM EVENTS to the world of IdleOn! Every hour, theres a roughly 1-in-4 chance a random event will occur, and you’ll be able to teleport to it from a popup like for Happy Hours!

    Added 7 new items — including Hats, Obols, and a super rare special meteorite chat ring — that drop only from random events! These random events also regularly drop consumables, like statues, monster materials, EXP pearls, loot dice and more.

    Quality of life Changes

    Vial Tab within Alchemy now shows you the Resource you need to unlock the next available Vial! No longer do you need to look it up or guess what resources to drop!

    Changed Max Threshold in Atom Collider to 1050M instead of 1000M, so that when you do certain things that cost 1000M you dont use up the entire stack and still maintain a 10M+ greenstack.

    In the 3d printer, having both 3x and 2x universal bonuses (from Divinity and Lab) will display the printing amount in Purple, to differentiate it from Yellow if you just had 3x.


    Neutered some early maps in World 1, you’ll see what I mean. RIP

    Adjusted Ghosts to drop from Moonman 10x more frequently, but also increased costs associated with Ghost rare drop by x5~x10. This is so that the world 2 Djonnut quest to collect a ghost is easier to complete.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed an unintended method wherein you could fragment your sailing ships AFK progress and get a few more chests. Apologies for those who enjoyed doing this, but long-term this is not something I want to be a part of the game. Considering the exponential scaling of sailing, this should have almost no impact on things long-term either, although short term this is frustrating. Thank you for understanding, hopefully you see why this needed to change long-term.

    Dungeon Happy Hour popup notification will expire once Happy Hour is over. Before, the popup would just stay on your screen until you Close it, leading to people thinking there was a happy hour when it already ended!

    Fixed an issue where the Sizzling Skull attack for Shamans could result in a crash if used for hours over and over.

    Clicking on the “Low Survivability” Warning triangle in the top-left will no longer exit out of menus if you have them open. Basically, you can’t accidentally click on that yellow triangle anymore!

    Fixed an issue where, if you had a certain Atom that grants a Trimmed Construction Slot, that slot wouldn’t give the normal 3x Trimmed Multi to speed if you didn’t also have the Trimmed Slot Jewel active in Lab. Now the slot from the Atom gives the 3x speed regardless of Lab Jewel status, as you’d expect it to.

    Fixed a crash on Mobile where, in rare scenarios involving unlocking Atoms in the Collider, you may be unable to play.

    Removed all 14 items from The Slab in world 5 that are no longer obtainable and never will be again.

    Fixed an issue with The Slab where you couldn’t possibly add dungeon weapons onto The Slab that you can no longer acquire due to having a higher minimum starting dungeon weapon. These have been retroactively given, go see for yourself!

    Fixed a small but annoying bug where you couldn’t invite people to party/guild/friendlist if you had ATTACKS bar open

    Adjusted HP bar height of Frog bosses in dungeon so its above his head not over it. This will probably quadrouple your dungeon efficinecy, maybe even sextuple it if u know what im sayin’

    Download free Legends of Idleon patch 1.73 on PC(Steam).

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