Legends of Idleon Update 1.58 Patch Notes (Killroy & 10th Char Slot)


Legends of Idleon update 1.58 released on PC (Steam). According to the official Legends of Idleon patch notes, the latest update added Killroy’s Slaughterhouse and 10 character slot. Apart from this, today’s Legends of Idleon patch 1.58 auto-loot now activates 15 seconds after an item drops, instead of 120 seconds.

Recently, a big update added quality of life changes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing several issues. Today’s Legends of Idleon MMO patch 1.58 will fix a few of these issues.

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Legends of Idleon Update 1.58 Patch Notes – May 30, 2022

• Killroy’s Slaughterhouse! Enter a randomly-selected room each week and defeat as many monsters as you can! It’s like the colosseum but you don’t need to worry about points, or waves, or keeping track of spawn locations — just get in there, and wreck 100s of mobs!

• Killroy’s SKULL SHOP – spend you earn from the Slaughterhouse rooms on 10 different rewards, from EXP pearls to Library Checkouts!

• 10th Character Slot NOW AVAILABLE


• Auto-loot now triggers just 15 seconds after an item drops! It used to be 120 seconds. This will feel a LOT more looty-ish!

• Blood Berserker’s Inflame mechanic is WAY better. You still need to attack to keep it alive, but it no longer goes away if you move. Instead, you just move super slowly!

• Blood Berserker’s Serrated Swipe no longer triggers infinitely. Instead, it will re-trigger at an 80% rate (it can re-trigger infinitely, if you infinitely hit the 80% though!)


• The Eldritch Frog drops that other people put in the cauldron now correctly work for all players in the party.

Download free Legends of Idleon patch 1.58 on PC(Steam).