Leaf Blower Revolution Update 2.9.0 Patch Notes – Official

    Leaf Blower Revolution update 2.9.0 released on PC and Android. According to the official Leaf Blower Revolution patch notes, the latest brings various tweaks and changes.

    Since the last patch, players are experiencing problems with the game. Today’s Leaf Blower Revolution patch 2.9.0 will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Leaf Blower Revolution 2.9.0 Patch Notes – March 16, 2022

    • New leaves: [spoiler]Biotite, Malachite[/spoiler]
    • New areas: [spoiler]Biotite Forest, The Lone Tree[/spoiler]
    • New pets: [spoiler]Bearo, Panthero, Witcho[/spoiler]
    • New upgrades, notable:
    • [spoiler]- Auto-Slap[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]- Borb Pyramid Taxi[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]- Crunchy Coins in MLC shop[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]Upgradable Equipment[/spoiler]
    • Crafting Changes:
      • Reroll Crafted Leaves’ Craft%
      • Locked Crafted Leaves restrict rerolling stats/props
      • Crafted Leaves property filter added (“Overview” section)
    • Upgradable items can be upgraded multiple times at once via Ctrl/Shift/Alt
    • Stats menu changed a bit, includes some new stats like TGM, Trade Levels, or Converter Crit Chance
    • Relics damage fixed (damage calculation was invalid, resulting in a damage nerf)
    • Autobuy threshold added to the Bot Control Panel
    • [spoiler]Leafscender Autouse bot added (can be toggled in the Leafscension menu), Start all Leafscenders added[/spoiler]
    • Seeds give at least 1 leaf of the relevant type even if the relevant resource count is 0
    • Trades resources tooltips enabled
    • Potential moon/dark glade teleport fix on mobile
    • Lore spelling fix (Bob #1)
    • Pet menu shows active number of pets/max number of pets
    • Crafting probabilities return to Crafting menu when closed
    • Fisho increases slap damage (about time!)
    • [spoiler]BLC x3 gem upgrade unlocked after first prestige[/spoiler]
    • [spoiler]MLC x3 gem upgrade unlocked after first BLC[/spoiler]
    • Saved pet teams are now saved in order (teams have to be saved again)
    • Offline rewards fixed (converters actually converted when offline rewards dialog was open)
    • Sacred Leaf gain fixed from Relics
    • Lowered the max instance number of resource text rewards (from 200 to 50)
    • Trader’s crunch trade duration fixed
    • ALB prestige tool equip fixed
    • General challenge fixes (challenge restart might be required)
    • Relics Sacred Leaves bonus increased
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