Last Epoch Update 0.8.5 Patch Notes (New Changes) – April 13, 2022

Last Epoch update 0.8.5 is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Last Epoch patch notes, the latest update added new unique, changes for enemy aggro, and various other fixes.

Since the last patch, players were facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Last Epoch patch 0.8.5 will fix a few of these issues.

Check out more details below.

Last Epoch Patch 0.8.5 Notes – April 13, 2022


  • Added 3 new uniques that are exclusive to the Soul Gambler.
  • Added 3 new uniques and a set item that can be dropped by Cremorus, Immolator of Souls.
  • Added 4 new uniques that can be dropped by The Mountain Beneath.
  • Added 3 new uniques that can be dropped by the Arena Champions.
  • Added a new set item that can be dropped by Formosus.
  • Added 2 new uniques that can randomly drop.

Enemy Aggro

  • In campaign, dungeons, and the monolith, most enemies now de-aggro if they go too far from their original position unless they are particularly close to their target or currently using an ability.
  • Bosses, minibosses, rare enemies, and enemies with high base health are excluded.
  • This has no effect in the arena or in arena echoes.

Monolith of Fate

Aims: Further incentivize killing enemies in echoes rather than ignoring them on the way to the objective, but avoid making it optimal to bring a large ball of enemies to the objective and kill all of them at the same time.

Stability changes

(reduced base stability and increased bonus stability)

  • Reduced base stability scaling from distance from origin – now gains an average of 1.25 stability per tier (from 1.5).
  • Reduced base stability scaling from corruption below 50 – now gains 1 stability per 8 corruption up to a total of 6 (from 1 stability per 5 corruption up to a total of 10).
  • Increased stability scaling from corruption above 100 – now gains 0.3333% increased stability per corruption up to 100% at corruption 400 (from 0.32% increased stability per corruption up to 80% at corruption 350).
  • Increased bonus stability from regular echoes from around 106% of base stability to around 204% of base stability.
  • Increased bonus stability from arena echoes from around 60% of base stability to around 114% of base stability.
  • Maximum bonus stability from regular echoes now requires around 5% more kills to attain unless the echo is particularly small.
  • Shade Echoes now grant around 320% of a regular echo’s base stability (from 250%).
  • Bonus stability from arena echoes now starts when wave 2 spawns (from wave 1) and the maximum amount is reached once all waves are defeated (from when the last wave spawns).
Implications of Stability changes
  • Regular echoes at a moderate distance from the center of the echo web grant around 25% less base stability at 0 corruption, 29% less at 100 corruption, and 21% less at 400 corruption.
  • Regular echoes at a moderate distance from the center of the echo web grant around 11% more total stability at 0 corruption, 5% more at 100 corruption, and 16% more at 400 corruption.
  • On average, if you now kill enough enemies to have obtained around 60% of the maximum bonus stability according to 0.8.5c numbers, you will gain more total stability than in 0.8.5c.
  • This threshold is higher around 100 corruption, lower around 400, higher when far from the centre of the echo web, and lower when close to it.
UI Changes
  • Bonus stability is now displayed on the stability bar at the top of the panel when you select an echo that grants bonus stability.
  • Improved the spawn locations in Solarum Ascent.


  • Right clicking a dungeon key while the appropriate slot is open now always moves the key to the slot (this was already implemented for arena keys).
  • Right clicking a dungeon key while the appropriate slot is not open now opens the map at the location of the dungeon.
  • Right clicking an arena key while the appropriate slot is not open now opens the map at the location of Champion’s Gate.
  • This same functionality can be achieved on a controller by pressing Y while using D-PAD selection.
  • The drop rate of individual dungeon keys before level 55 is now equal to their drop rate at level 55.
  • Keys can still not drop before their minimum drop level (25, 47, and 54).
  • The effect of this is a 75% increase in key drop rate at level 25, linearly scaling to no difference at level 55 or higher.
  • Very slightly increased how many dungeon keys drop outside of dungeons (this is multiplicative with the change above).


Lightless Arbor
  • Tier 1 modifiers now grant much less increased damage and health, but grant rare items instead of exalted items.
  • The number of bonus rare items from these mods is higher than the number of bonus exalted items from the previous mods.
Soulfire Bastion
  • Modifiers offered at the exit of the first zone in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Soulfire Bastion give 10% increased damage and health (from 30%).
  • Modifiers offered at the start of Tier 2 Soulfire Bastion give 50% increased damage and health (from 30%).
  • Compared to 0.8.5c, Tier 1 Soulfire Bastion is slightly easier after the first zone, and Tier 2 Soulfire Bastion is slightly harder in the first zone.
Temporal Sanctum
  • Tier 1 Julra deals 7% less damage and has 5% less health.

Ability Buffering

  • Improved buffering when rapidly clicking to attack. If you rapidly press ability A while using ability A, and also press ability B at least once, ability B will be buffered instead of ability A, regardless of which ability’s press was latest.
  • Improved buffering when holding down the move key. Holding down the movement key no longer prevents buffered abilities that cannot interrupt low priority settle from going off. They now go off when the ability would have ended had it not been interrupted by movement.
  • For example, if you are holding down the movement key while using Lightning Blast and then press the Static Orb key, the Static Orb key press would have previously been ignored as you’d start moving before being able to cast another ability. Now it’ll go off at that point when you can cast another ability even if you’ve already started moving.
  • Fixed cases of reactive skills that were not able to interrupt the portion of an ability that could be interrupted by movement. This affected Werebear Roar and all form changing skills, and they should now feel more responsive to use.

Other Changes

  • Dragon Fire from Dragon Song now has its visuals pooled, improving performance.
  • Immortal Eyes now have “Immune to Stun and Freeze” in their description. This is only a display change.
  • Updated the attribute scaling displayed on Northern Winds, Lightning Bolt, and Earth Spikes to accurately reflect the scaling they use (Tempest Strike’s 4% increased damage per point of Strength and Attunement). This is only a display change.
  • Area modifiers for Dread and Infernal Shade now visually scale just the ring’s radius, not the height of the ring or the size of the shade.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Avalanche was receiving 4% increased damage per point of Intelligence instead of its intended 4% increased damage and 4% freeze rate multiplier per point of Attunement.
  • Fixed a bug where Earthquake’s Shatterquake node did not apply its benefits to Earthquake’s Aftershocks.
  • Fixed a bug where Fury Leap’s Regain Stamina could only trigger while in Werebear Form.
  • Fixed a bug where the damage increase from the Blaze Shade node on the Infernal Shade tree did not affect Ailments applied by Blaze Shade.
  • Fixed Shadow Daggers and other abilities procced by ailments failing to deal damage when procced in certain circumstances (e.g. from a distance with bow puncture).
  • Fixed a bug that caused 2H Axes to drop from the Rare Maces Monolith rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where Aura of Decay’s VFX was not affected by increased area. This was only a visual bug.
  • Fixed a bug where the area increase from Blaze Shades did not affect their visuals.
  • Fixed visual bugs with Unseeing and similar enemy types.
  • Clarified that Devouring Orb’s Hollow Orb node causes Devouring Orb’s Void Rifts to no longer increase in size or damage for each successive Void Rift.
  • Clarified the alt tooltip of the “chance to receive a glancing blow when hit” property to state that glancing blows deal 35% less damage (previously said half damage).
  • Fixed the shock ailment tooltip saying that it reduces elemental resistance instead of lightning resistance.

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