Last Epoch Update 0.8.4e Patch Notes (Official) – Dec. 22, 2021

    Last Epoch update 0.8.4e is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official Last Epoch patch notes, the latest update added a long list fixes, changes and improvements.

    Since the last patch, players were facing a number of problems with the game. Today’s Last Epoch patch 0.8.4e will fix a few of these issues.

    Check out more details below.

    Last Epoch Patch Notes – December 22, 2021

    Temporal Sanctum

    • Chronomancer Julra now drops one of four new uniques specific to her.
    • Each dungeon tier introduces a new unique to the pool of uniques she may drop.
    • The unique always has at least 1 legendary potential.
    • The unique is always accompanied by a matching exalted item with four affixes.
    • For slots with class specific items, the matching exalted item is always compatible with your class.

    New Affixes

    • Added a new body armour prefix: Level of Swarmblade Form and increased damage while transformed.
    • Added a new body armour prefix: Armour Shred Chance for Locusts.
    • Added a new body armour prefix: Level of Upheaval and increased melee damage.
    • Added a new body armour prefix: Chance to create a Shockwave on hit with Upheaval.
    • Added a new body armour prefix: Critical Strike Chance with Rampage.
    • Added a new helmet prefix: Increased Attack and Cast Speed for Summoned Vines.
    • Added a new adorned (2×2) idol prefix: Melee Physical Damage For Swarm Strike and Locusts.
    • Added a new relic prefix: Level of Umbral Blades and increased throwing damage.
    • Added a new ornate (4×1) idol prefix: Increased Damage with Umbral Blades per stack of Dusk Shroud.


    • Roots of Vithrasil’s spirit thorns projectile bonus now only applies while immobilized to prevent snapshotting abuse. It can now drop again.
    • Primal Squirrels now have a unique minion icon at the top left of the screen.
    • Added lore text for Herald of the Scurry.


    Swarmblade Form
    • Dive now scales with movement speed, but is 5% slower by default. This makes it much quicker to use.
    • Swarm Strike now has 300% added damage effectiveness (from 200%) but only has 2 base damage (from 20). The new base damage is in line with other melee skills.
    • Increased the cast speed of manually summoning Locusts by 33%.
    Summon Spriggan
    • Added a downed animation for the Summon Spriggan companion.


    • Force of Nature now properly states that it grants added melee and spell physical damage, instead of adaptive spell damage. This is only a tooltip change.
    • Force of Nature node now also adds 25% armor shred chance for Locusts as an 8 point bonus.


    • Updated the sound of Roar for Primal Bear companions.
    • Updated sounds for the Summon Bear skill.
    • Updated the sound for purchasing a stash tab.
    • Changed the sound effect for Fire Nova.
    • Removed placeholder sounds from Entangling Roots seeds.
    • Fixed a missing sound for the Voidfused Forge’s magma pool attack.
    • Improved mixing for casting sound effects.


    • Improved the performance and reduced the visual noise of Ice Bite, which is used by Primal Wolf companions and Frozen Wolf enemies.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug which caused the monster mod restrictions to be ignored. For example, Rare Void Horrors could have the Summons Ethereal Reflections mod in 0.8.4, which was not intended.
    • Fixed a bug where dying right as you changed from one Druid form to another would break your character’s visuals and gameplay until you relogged.
    • Likely fixed a bug where Elder Erza would sometimes not spawn at the end of Last Refuge Outskirts.
    • Fixed Locusts not targeting Lagon.
    • Fixed Locusts getting stuck after spawning in certain situations.
    • Fixed a bug where Fury Leap’s Rise and Poisonous Thicket nodes gave less chance to summon vines than intended.
    • Fixed a bug where Upheaval Totems with Rejuvenating Splinters could not shatter other totems.
    • Fixed a bug where Crowstorm cast via Swarmblade Form’s Inspiring Swarm would cast in front of the crows instead of at the targeted location.
    • Fixed a bug where Abyssal Echoes’s Rippling Corrosion only applied its armor shred if you also had the Potent Corruption node.
    • Fixed a bug where refreshing Ravaging Aura’s duration did not work (it would end as if you hadn’t triggered it again).
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the Primalist idol affix which granted mana back upon transforming back into human form from working.
    • Fixed a bug where Swipe’s Way of the Hunt node granted ten times more leech than intended.
    • Fixed a bug where Thorn Shield with the Glacial Grove node could cast Maelstrom on allies without needing Maelstrom’s Storm’s Aid node.
    • Fixed a bug where Ice Thorns’ Barbed Thorns node granted 30% bleed chance and 5% more damage per point, instead of the stated 20% bleed chance.
    • Fixed a bug where the damage bonus from Serpent Strike’s Septic Wounds applied twice to targets afflicted by both blind and blinding poison, and clarified its tooltip to reflect this.
    • Fixed a somewhat rare bug that could cause the player to move in the wrong direction when trying to pick up items from the ground.
    • Fixed a bug that caused Formosus, Argentus and Rahyeh to not say their voice lines in the Monolith of Fate.
    • Fixed a minor audio bug that could occur when the player turned around very quickly.
    • Fixed a bug where Entangling Roots’s wrap VFX on enemies did not match its duration if you had the Entrapped node.
    • Fixed a bug where Storm Crawlers did not lose their lightning VFX upon death.
    • Fixed the Acolyte holding spears in an incorrect position.
    • Clarified that Werebear’s Bringer of Storms node only works for Maul and Rampage.
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