Hyper Scape Update 1.26 (v3.0) Patch Notes for Season 3

    Hyper Scape update 1.26 is now rolling out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. According to Hyper Scape 1.26 patch notes, the new Season 3 update introduces multiple new content & improvements to the game. Apart from this, Hyper Scape version 1.26 also includes a new hack called Firewall, further nerfs to aim assist and balance for weapons, a redesigned menu flow between matches, improvements to existing game modes, a new 100-tier Battle Pass, new customization items, and more

    Previously, a big update 2.0 added a new ranking system, a new weapon, an auto sprint option, an instant Melee Controller option, and more.

    Unfortunately, players are still facing problems with the game. Today’s Hyper Scape patch 1.26 will fix a few of these issues.

    Hyper Scape 1.26 Patch Notes


    neo arcadia 2.0

    Season 3 introduces Neo Arcadia 2.0, a bigger, fully redesigned map with new key landmarks, more diversified terrain and more identifiable zones for players to traverse. Each area has its own personality and story to tell. Neo Arcadia 2.0 will challenge our veteran players to keep up the pace with newcomers jumping into it for the first time.

    Main features:

    • More open spaces and variety in the combat encounters with other players.
    • More variety across the world and zones. Each zone feels different and offer a different gameplay style.
    • Chests now spawn 100% of the time and loot can now also be found outside of buildings to adjust to the bigger open areas that you’ll find in the map.
    • Loot and zone closing are adapted for all game modes. Overall loot density has been increased compared to the previous patch, to return to the usual density experienced before.

    new hack: firewall

    The Firewall is a new deployable Hack with strong offensive and defensive capacities. Activating your Firewall hack creates a barrier that will block incoming enemy fire until destroyed, while still allowing you and your allies (squad & team) to shoot through.

    This Hack will be available in all game modes.

    new end of match menu

    Season 3 introduces a new 2D Hub Flow in the main menu accessible after completing a match and should offer a faster and more interactive experience. The new menu uses a tab structure to quickly access several key areas of the game while waiting for the next match or for your squad and friends to join.

    The following tabs can be accessed from this new menu between matches, without having to return to the Hyper Scape HUB:

    • Play — Change your selected game mode, view Challenges, invite a friend and view profile & stats.
    • Battle Pass — View your progress, inspect items and buy the Battle Pass or tiers.
    • Rank — View your current ranking, top 10 ranked matches and seasonal ranking stats.
    • Shop — Claim the Daily Gift, visit the Daily & Weekly Shop and buy Bitcrowns.
    • Locker — You can now access your Locker to check newly unlocked content, and customize the look of your Champion, weapons and more in between matches!
    • Memories — Read the lore and backstory of the Champions of Hyper Scape via the Memory Shards.

    In addition, players will now be able to stay in the Post-Match results pages for as long as they would like. Browse your Scoring Cards from your last match, check in on your Challenges progressed or completed, and view changes made to your Ranking. The following tabs will now appear in the Post-Match results:

    • Scoring
    • Challenges
    • Ranking

    new 100-tier battle pass & customization category — weapon charms

    Season 3 is introducing a brand new 100-tier Battle Pass and a new customization category called Charms that you can attach to your weapon. These can be obtained from the Daily Shop and the new Battle Pass and can be equipped from the Locker.

    infinite battle pass levelling

    You can now Level Up past Level 100 by continuing to earn Battle Points from Scoring Cards, Completed Challenges, Twitch Crown Cast and opening Daily Gifts. Levels beyond 100 will not unlock content and are for personal fame only. Your Level will appear on your nameplates, kill card and profile so you can brag about it!



    Based on multiple feedback from the community we decided to adjust some of the most polarizing weapons that were too dominant or generated some recurring frustration.

    We also brought some reductions in term of aim-assist mechanics: Alongside per weapon changes, we’ve reduced the size of the “head” volume used by our bullet magnet system to remove confusion between body and headshots. The controller adhesion has been further reduced to promote a fairer experience when Controller and Keyboard & Mouse players are playing together. Controller players still get adhesion to help their crosshair stay on a target while they’re aiming with a controller


    • Decreased Explosion Area of Effect to 4.5R (previously 5.5R)


    • Decreased Damage across Fusion to 8/8/8/8/10 (previously 10/10/10/10/12)


    • Decreased Bullet Magnet range


    • Decreased Damage across Fusion to 29/29/29/29/34 (previously 32/32/32/32/37)
    • Decreased Explosion Area of Effect to 3.5R (previously 4R)

    mammoth mark i

    • Decreased Damage across Fusion to 4/4/4/4/5 (previously 5/5/5/5/6)


    • Decreased Bullet Magnet range


    game modes playlist

    Starting with Season 3, Hyper Scape’s Game Modes will be restructured to feature the 3 fan-favorite Game Mode Tiles at all time:

    • Crown Rush Squad — 60 players, Ranked
    • Crown Rush Solo — 60 players, Unranked
    • Team Deathmatch — 6v6, Unranked

    team deathmatch updates

    • All loot will now be fully fused from the start of the match. This change also applies to the weapon and Hack you start with.
    • We’ve improved the level design and art for the three TDM maps:
      • Foundry
      • Hillside
      • Bus Depot
    • Improved respawn randomness (you will be less likely to respawn in the same place twice in a row)
    • Barks were added to specify the time remaining in a match
    • Unified and changed the UI colors and behaviors of the Match Feed widget, the TDM Scoreboard and squadmate colors:
      • Your team will always be the Blue team
      • You will always be fighting against the Red Team

    arcadium updates

    Arcadium, our free roam game mode, is receiving another batch of improvements and updates:

    • Explore the new Neo Arcadia map with more than 200+ patrolling drones and bots across the map
      • These drones will have red trails to make them more visible
    • Elimination sequence was changed to pod re-deployment instead of instant respawn
    • Navigation pickups have been removed
    • Squad text and voice chat is now supported
    • Weapons and Hacks loot will now quickly respawn at the Red Tiger landmark, for easier gearing up.


    shooters on compass

    Nearby enemy contenders will now be briefly displayed on the compass when shooting (up to 130m from you).

    Developer NotesThis should make it easier to identify threats during heated fights or spot hidden shooters.

    improved damage and hit feedback

    • We have improved both VFX and sound feedbacks while engaging enemies in combat.

    improved legibility of enemy health bars

    • Enemy health bars are now more differentiable between allies and enemies

    dynamic ui opacity

    We’ve added a new behavior to reduce the opacity of certain UI elements near the reticle of the players in order to declutter their view, both in Hip-Fire and ADS (including squadmate nameplates like in the screenshot above, ping markers and more).

    improved color blindness filter logic

    • Modified the behavior of the colorblindness modes through a “contrast change” logic instead of trying to translate what color blinded people could see compared to non-color blinded people



    reduced lobby waiting time

    • We have significantly reduced much of the wait time previously spent waiting in the Lobby so matches will now start much faster once a match has been found
    • A 10-second countdown will appear as soon as all players are loaded into the game.

    loaded player count in lobby

    • A widget which displays the total number of players found for the upcoming match will appear with the following information:
      • Number of players currently loaded
      • Total number of players found for match
    • As soon as all players found have successfully loaded into the Lobby, the 10-second countdown to match start will begin

    improved manual data center matchmaking

    • Overriding a Data Center will now only search within the specified data center
      • As a result, the Activity Levels and Estimated Matchmaking Times will be more consistent.

    new “memory shards” challenge section

    New Challenges have been added that will run until the end of the season. Memory Shards will only be obtainable via these challenges now.

    Developer NotesThis addition was done to allow players to unlock weekly memories in Team Deathmatch modes, and prevent issues with pre-closing of zones hiding collectibles.

    daily gift

    • The following have been added to the Daily Gift:
      • 3 new items added to the Regular Daily Gift
      • 10 new items added to the Special Daily Gift



    invitational squad blacklisting feature

    • You will now be able to blacklist specific viewers from joining your matches. These viewers will receive a notification telling them they’ve been blacklisted.



    browse hub portals while matchmaking

    • If you are in the Play portal and select a game mode, you will now be able to return to the Hyper Scape HUB while waiting for the matchmaking to progress. This will allow players to visit portals, check their progress, read through the lore and browse the current offers while they wait for their loading to start.

      Here are some examples of what will now be possible while you wait for the matchmaking to progress:

    • Read the lore and backstory of the Hyper Scape Champions in the Hall of Champions.
    • View Profile, Stats and Ranking.
    • Read the latest News on all things Hyper Scape
    • Claim your Daily Gift
    • Browse, inspect and buy items in the Shop
    • View Battle Pass progression or buy the Battle Pass

    improved marketplace experience

    • The Bundles tab was polished in many areas to improve the user experience
    • A celebration was added when purchasing a bundle
    • Original prices on tiles are now more visible



    • Fixed an issue where some matches would take a very long time to start in Lobbies.
    • Fixed an issue where the “Find another match” option would lead to the Data Center option being set to “Automatic” again.
    • Fixed an issue where the estimated time displayed in the “Matchmaking widget” was inaccurate when looking for a match.


    • Fixed an issue where the reticle of the Skybreaker was absent if players shot multiple times while aiming-down sights the entire time or entered ADS during or right after the reload animation.


    • Fixed multiple crashes and improved the general stability of the game.
    • Fixed an issue on PS4 where the game would crash if no user was found with the controller port 0 when pressing a button on the game start screen.

    Download free Hyper Scape update 1.26 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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