How to Fix Unable To Aim Left and Right Issue in Battlefield 2042? [Solved]

    Battlefield 2042 players on PC are reporting an issue where they are unable to aim left/right after the update in BF2042. We have posted some workarounds to fix Battlefield 2042 broken mouse input

    Battlefield 2042 error code 1302P:1300P:1004G

    What is BF2022 horizontal mouse input issue?

    Battlefield 2042 players are unable to use horizontal mouse input in the game. Players are facing these issues since update 3.

    How to fix Battlefield 2042 unable to aim left/right issue?

    If you are experiencing mouse issues where it is not possible to aim left/right after the update, try the following: Reset your keybindings or delete the Battlefield 2042 folder in your Documents.

    Workaround 1

    Restore default settings by removing “PROFSAVE” files in My Documents > Battlefield 2042 > Settings to keep playing Be aware this resets all your in-game settings

    Workaround 2

    1. Open “PROFSAVE_profile” (Documents\Battlefield 2042\settings folder) with notepad.

    2. Find GstKeyBinding.infantry.ConceptYaw.

    3. Delete all of the lines & save file.

    Workaround 3

    Potentially less “drastic” way to fix it is to reset the following sections of in-game options:

    Mouse & Keyboard > OnFoot

    Mouse & Keyboard > OnFoot > KeyBindings > Movement

    Also, check Battlefield 2042 server status here

    Check BF2042 known bugs and issues list here.

    If nothing is working, then contact EA for further support via their website.

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