How to Fix Umbral Ending Crash in Lords of the Fallen

The Umbral Ending in Lords of the Fallen for the PlayStation 5 has been a source of frustration for many players due to frequent crashes, particularly at a specific point in the game. This article provides a detailed guide on how to navigate this issue and ensure a smoother gaming experience.

Lords of the Fallen Umbral Issue Details

The issue primarily occurs when players attempt the Umbral Ending and reach a point where the game involves a moving platform and a soulflay target. As players have reported, the game tends to crash frequently when the moving platform reaches the first soulflay target. This has been a consistent problem, leading to a significant hindrance in gameplay.

How to Fix Umbral Issue in Lords of the Fallen

To overcome this challenge, players need to follow a specific set of actions. These steps have been tested extensively and have shown to be effective in preventing the game from crashing at this critical juncture.

Step 1: Soulflay the First Target

As you find yourself on the moving platform, your first action should be to soulflay the first target. This action is crucial as it sets the platform in motion, moving it forward. It’s the initiation step that prepares you for the subsequent, more crucial actions.

Step 2: Camera Positioning

Immediately after soulflaying the first target, the next critical step involves the positioning of your camera. Point your camera directly at the first target.

This action is not just a casual glance; it requires precision. You need to ensure that the soulflay target is in the dead center of your screen. This positioning should be maintained throughout the entire duration until the moving platform comes to a complete stop.

Step 3: Maintain Focus

Maintaining the camera focus on the soulflay target is not a momentary requirement. It is essential to keep the target centered on your screen for the entire duration until the moving platform halts completely. This step is crucial and requires patience and concentration.

Step 4: Proceed Normally

Once the platform has come to a complete stop, you can then proceed with the game as usual. This method has been repeated numerous times and has been found to be effective in preventing crashes at this point in the game.

Game Version

It’s important to note that these observations and solutions are based on version 1.1.339 of Lords of the Fallen. As with any game, subsequent updates or versions may address this issue, so it’s always a good idea to keep your game updated.

In Summary – November 18, 2023

The Umbral Ending crash in Lords of the Fallen for PS5 can be a significant barrier to enjoying the game. However, by following the detailed steps outlined in this guide, players can effectively navigate this issue.

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