How to Fix Helldivers 2 Server Request Failed Error

Encountering a “Server Request Failed” error in Helldivers 2? This means the game client is struggling to communicate properly with the game servers. We’ve got your back with solutions to resolve this online connection problem.

Why Helldivers 2 Server Request Failures Occur

A server request failure can happen for several reasons – server maintenance, unexpected downtime, unstable internet, blocked ports, software conflicts, or game file corruption are common culprits.

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How to Fix Helldivers 2 Server Request Failed Error

Before diving into deeper fixes, quickly check Helldivers 2 server status on their website or social platforms for any announced maintenance windows.

How to Fix Helldivers 2 Server Request Failed Error

Update Helldivers 2 to the Latest Version

Running an outdated game version can cause conflicts with server communication. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Steam client and go to your Games Library.
  2. Right-click Helldivers 2 and select Properties.
  3. Click the Updates tab and make sure ‘Always keep this game updated’ is selected.
  4. Close and relaunch Helldivers 2 to apply any available updates.

Clear Your Game’s Download Cache

Corrupted or incomplete game files may prevent a successful connection. Clearing the cache re-downloads fresh data:

  1. Exit Helldivers 2 and Steam fully.
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\downloading
  3. Delete all files and folders in the downloading folder.
  4. Relaunch Steam and validate/repair your game files:
    • Right-click Helldivers 2 and select Properties
    • Click the Local Files tab and choose ‘Verify integrity of game files’

This forces Steam to re-download any corrupted or missing game files from scratch.

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Reset In-Game Options to Defaults

  1. From Helldivers 2’s main menu, select Options and navigate to Gameplay.
  2. Click the ‘Reset to Default’ button at the bottom.
  3. Confirm to reset all gameplay settings back to their original values.

This reverts any custom tweaks which could have inadvertently caused connection conflicts.

Disable Third Party Software

Background programs like firewalls, antivirus, and overlay apps can sometimes interfere with games.

  1. Check your System Tray icons and Task Manager processes.
  2. Disable or exit any suspicious programs one-by-one.
  3. Test the game after closing each program.
  4. If disabling a certain program fixes the issue, configure its firewall/settings to allow Helldivers 2.

Reinstall Helldivers 2

As a final resort, you may need to remove and reinstall the game client for a fresh install:

  1. Exit Helldivers 2 and Steam fully.
  2. Use the Win Key + R shortcut, enter ‘appwiz.cpl’, and click OK to open Programs and Features.
  3. Uninstall Helldivers 2 and any related programs (like Steam) that you want to reinstall.
  4. Restart your PC for a clean slate.
  5. Download and install the latest versions of Steam and Helldivers 2.
  6. Verify the game’s local files and test your connection.

Still Not Working? Contact Support – February 8, 2024

If issues persist after extensive troubleshooting, visit the official Helldivers 2 support page. Hopefully these steps help resolve any server connection errors you encounter in Helldivers 2. Wishing you luck, soldier!

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